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MF of Panama Aldrith Quintero is nowadays enjoying playing football in Spanish clubs

Panama World Cup Qualification as they defeat Paraguay to claim the final slot in the Women Football World Cup

Group F includes Panama, France, Jamaica, and Brazil. In the final playoffs, Portugal and Haiti secure further spots. After defeating Paraguay 1-0 in the final playoff match of the Panama World Cup Qualification process on Thursday in New Zealand. Panama became the 32nd and last side to secure a spot in the 2023 Women’s World Cup. Women Football World Cup fans can buy Brazil vs Panama Tickets from our website.

For the first time, Panama will compete in the championship competition. Will be placed in Group F with France, Jamaica, and Brazil, The 32-team World Cup, which kicks off on July 20 and is co-hosted by New Zealand and Australia, will be a first.

At Waikato Stadium in Hamilton, substitute Lineth Cedeno scored the winning goal for Panama in the 75th minute by heading in a free kick that captain Marta Cox had delivered into the area.

Panama Women Football players are celebrating after securing world cup qualification
Panama Women Football players are celebrating after securing world cup qualification

During the goal celebration, Cedeno, who came off the bench in the second half, received a yellow card for pulling her shirt off. The other two teams that qualified from the final qualifying playoffs held in Auckland and Hamilton were Portugal and Haiti. On Wednesday, Haiti defeated Chile 2-1 in a historic encounter that it thought would bring happiness and “a breath of fresh air” to a country ravaged by civil war.

Melchie Dumornay, a recent addition to Lyon, scored twice to secure the 55th-ranked country’s place in Group D alongside European champions England, China, and Denmark.

Women Football World Cup Groups

Portugal, meanwhile, will play in their first finals after defeating Cameroon 2-1 on Wednesday. Cameroon has been to the round of 16 at the last two World Cups.

They will face formidable competition in Group E in July from the Netherlands, the United States, and the reigning champions. Riley Tanner, a first-year midfielder for the Washington Spirit, was selected for the Panama national team. In preparation for its first-ever FIFA Women’s World Cup appearance, Panama will participate in an international friendly.  

Riley Tanner is a first-year member of the Washington Spirit and a midfielder. This has been selected for the Panama Women’s National Football Team, the Panamanian Football Federation announced

Tanner, the 30th overall pick in the 2023 NWSL Draught, earlier this year agreed to a two-year deal with the Spirit. Her third call-up to the Panama National Team has just occurred. On April 6, Tanner and Panama will compete in an international exhibition game against the Dominican Republic.

On July 24, against Brazil, the group’s debut at the FIFA Women’s World Cup will take place. They will compete in Group F alongside Brazil, France, and Jamaica.  After defeating Paraguay 1-0 to advance out of the first World Cup. Panama is one of three teams scheduled to participate for the first time FIFA Play-Off Tournament.

Riley Tanner is included into Panama Women Football World Cup 2023 Squad
Riley Tanner is included in Panama Women’s Football World Cup 2023 Squad

Ten teams competed in this competition, divided into three groups. With the champion of each group gaining a spot in the World Cup. Tanner’s first goal for her country came against Papua New Guinea in the Play-Off Tournament semifinal.

Tanner played for the University of South Carolina before moving to the University of Alabama, where he later signed with the Spirit.

Midfielder Riley Tanner Panama

She made NCAA Tournament history in 2019 by becoming the first Gamecock to score in three straight games.

Tanner, who played collegiate football for Alabama, was selected to the Second Team All-SEC in her final year. She ended her career there with the third-most single-season game-winning goals (3) and the fourth-most single-season assists (eight) in history. Women football world cup 2023 fans can buy Women Football World Cup Semi Final Tickets from our website.

Your preferred Washington Spirit athletes will play every home game at Audi Field starting this season. A season membership entitles supporters to access tickets for all home games played by the Spirit in 2023. The season membership, which is available here, gives customers access to special events throughout the season as well as preferred seating and an exclusive Spirit gift.

The Spirit’s following home game is against the Houston Dash on Saturday, April 22 at 7 p.m. EST. Tickets for the home debut are currently on sale.

The Washington Spirit’s premise

At Audi Field in Washington, D.C., there is a professional women’s football team called the Washington Spirit. The National Women’s Soccer League, the top women’s soccer league in North America, saw the Spirit’s launch in 2012.

Women in Panama don’t play football because of sexism, the coach claims

Female athletes who pursue that sport in their native country must be strong-willed. According to a former national team player and assistant coach of the Panamanian football team that will compete in this year’s Women’s World Cup. This is because cultural prejudices deter girls from participating.

“There’s still a machismo in Panama that says football is only for guys. Raiza Gutierrez also serves as the head coach of Panama’s U-20 women’s football team. Stated in an interview with Efe that it is unfortunate that we still reside in a nation where being a female football player always equates to being a lesbian.

She continued by saying that because of these stereotypes, many parents discourage their girls from participating in the most popular sport in the world.

“Women’s football in Panama is expanding, so I just advise the parents to support their daughters if they are passionate about playing the game,”  Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez pointed out that participants in the Panamanian women’s football league still cannot support themselves with the sport despite increased participation and a higher standard of play.

“Panama women’s football is not a viable source of income. There are some girls who get nothing. And even when organizations try to do something for their athletes, they still don’t pay them a living salary,” according to Gutierrez.

She was a skilled goal scorer in her playing days and, like other athletes from Panama. Got her start in the sport by playing pick-up games on the street.

I got started young… “She mentioned a field they dubbed Tivoli” that was situated in a now-vacant space where a supermarket formerly stood.

Raiza Gutierrez Head Coach

Gutierrez claimed that her brother was her first football hero and that she went to all of his matches with him. Growing fond of the game in the process.

“My brother first opposed my participation because, well, you know, what people often say about female athletes. Later, (her family) came to see that was my passion and they rallied around me,” she added.

Gutierrez is now allowed to participate in the Women’s World Cup Which will be held in Australia and New Zealand from July 20 to August 20, a dream she was never able to realize as a player.

“Since I was a very young child, I’ve desired to have that lovely experience. I believe that ever since I started playing, competing in a World Cup has been a dream of mine. Sadly, that didn’t happen for us when I was a player, but it has now that I’m a coach and trust me, I’m still having fun with it.”

Women in Panama don't play football because of sexism, the Assiatant coach claims
Women in Panama don’t play football because of sexism, the Assistant coach claims

Despite being placed in a challenging group with France, Jamaica, and Brazil. Gutierrez assured the team that they will make the most of the situation. Women Football World Cup fans can buy Women Football World Cup Tickets from our website.

“Anyone, or any player, would like to participate in soccer’s biggest celebration; all that’s left to do is enjoy it.” EFE

Quintero from Panama had a life-altering encounter in Spain

Since several years ago, MF Aldrith Quintero has been a trailblazer on the pitch in Spain. Most recently with her new squad Alhama. No matter where they play, players try to be game-changers in every match, and MF Aldrith Quintero of Panama has been a revolution on the field in Spain for a while, most notably with her new squad Alhama of the Liga F.

The 21-year-old was playing in Europe for the first time with second-tier team UDG Tenerife. Joined her new club during the winter transfer window this past December. Quintero also had a significant role in a Panama-based club. She was a member of the Tauro FC team when they won their third championship. And she helped the team win by winning her first domestic championship.

She flew back to Europe with this prize in hand in order to influence the course of women’s football in Spain’s top division. Quintero was acquired by Alhama CF in 2022 with the intention of strengthening their team and competing against some of the top clubs in the nation. The Panamanian hasn’t let them down, both in the league and in the Copa de la Reina.

Alhama FC will participate in the Copa Final Four thanks to a goal from Quintero in the 20th minute of the quarterfinal, giving Alhama the chance to compete for their largest title yet. This won’t be a simple feat because the four clubs left, including Alhama FC, will fight tooth and nail to advance to the Final.

MF Aldrith Quintero Panama

Quintero, a member of the Panamanian National Women’s Team, is one of the many international stars on each squad. Since she was very little, she has been a Canalera, and she has always displayed her talent. She participated in five games of the Concacaf Women’s Championship in 2018.

Aldrith Quintero struggling to get control over the ball
Aldrith Quintero struggling to get control over the ball

But this wouldn’t be her National Team appearance that was most significant. She was also a member of the group that earned a position in the Intercontinental Playoffs to compete for one of the three remaining spots in the Australia/New Zealand 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

She and the rest of the Panama team traveled to New Zealand in February of this year to demonstrate why they are a rising force in Concacaf, and they succeeded. Las Canaleras, who were assigned to Group C, met Papua New Guinea first. After defeating them 2-0, they had 90 minutes left to once again make history, this time against Paraguay.

They triumphed 1-0, earning their first-ever spot in the largest women’s football competition. The supporters from Alhama and Spain will be watching Quintero closely in the coming months to see whether she can once again transform the game and advance to the Copa de la Reina Final, as well as the opportunity to play for Panama in the World Cup later this summer. is the best website to buy Women Football World Cup 2023 Tickets. Women Football World Cup fans can buy Women Football World Cup Quarter Finals Tickets from our website.

Brazilian Goal Keeper Lorena stopping the ball at Brazil vs United States- She Believes Cup match

Women Football World Cup – The Evolution of the Brazilian women team goalkeepers

The Brazilian women team goalkeepers performed well at the Euro Cup the previous year. Are the shot-stoppers for Tupiniquin doing the same? Football goalkeepers lead challenging lives. Even if you simply made one or two mistakes while being the hero and idol of the audience previously. You are suddenly being referred to as a villain and a “chicken.” Women Football World Cup fans can buy Jamaica vs Brazil Tickets from our website.

Shirt 1’s quality is already under question, despite the proprietors’ conviction that they can never fail. And this doesn’t just happen in men’s football. Goalkeepers in women, who are much shorter than men, were frequently seen taking high or long-distance kicks. But is this story developing with the athletes’ technical advancements?

Germany’s goalkeeper, Merle Frohms is famous because some of the saves she made against Spain were excellent
Germany’s goalkeeper, Merle Frohms is famous because some of the saves she made against Spain were excellent

Goalkeeper development in football

According to a recent article by the American website “The Athletic,” which also covers the United Kingdom, goalkeepers in women’s football championships have never performed so well before Euro 2022.

The tournament, which began on July 6 in England, is scheduled to end on July 31. Even though the goalkeepers have not yet advanced to the finals, former participants who have competed in the competition in the past are happy with the goalkeepers’ current performance.

Impressive is an ex-England custodian.

“Goalkeepers today are at their highest level ever. Look at Merle Frohms, the custodian for Germany. We’re at the pinnacle of quality at the position’, said Rachel Brown-Finnis, a former England custodian, in a recent interview with ESPN. “Some of the saves she made against Spain were outstanding.

The Brazilian team, too?

Lorena, a native of Grêmio, is the custodian for the Brazilian women’s team at the moment. After being owned by Barbara for many years, she was given the chance to compete in the 2022 Copa America, which is still debatable.

However, prior to Barbara, we had other outstanding athletes who were crucial goalkeepers for the Brazilian national team. Look at who they are and some of their statistics to see if Brazilian ladies are warming up to us.


The 1.72-meter-tall goalie began games for the national team during the 1990s. In 1999, at the World Cup, she last participated in a competition while playing the role.

Brazil lost to the United States in the semifinals and defeated Norway in the tiebreaker to keep its podium spot after finishing third overall in the competition. She participated in six games and gave up seven goals, averaging 1.16 goals per game.


Andreia participated in at least three World Cups and three Olympics with the Brazilian team, starting all four. She last competed in the Olympic Games in 2012 and is revered as the face of women’s football in this country.

Andreia participated in three Women Football World Cups and 3 Olympics with the Brazilian Women Football World Cup team
Andreia participated in three Women Football World Cups and 3 Olympics with the Brazilian Women Football World Cup team

Brazil was eliminated from the competition after losing to Japan in the competition’s quarterfinals. Even though Andrea played in four games, she only let up three goals (or 0.75 goals per game). She stands 1.76 metres tall.

Brazilian women team goalkeeper Barbara

After a while, Andreia gave Barbara the go-ahead to begin. At the 2020 Olympic Games, the national team’s then-new goalkeeper took part in her last significant game.

In the competition’s quarterfinals, Canada defeated Brazil. Barbara participated in four games during the competition, giving up three goals (an average of 0.75 goals per game). She has a height of 1.71 meters. Women Football World Cup fans can buy Brazil vs Panama Tickets from our website.


At least for the Copa América 2022 that is in question, the new starting goaltender for the team. Lorena, is 1.83 meters tall, which makes her taller than every previous holder of the aforementioned position. Barbara, who was not chosen for the South American tournament, is just 25 years old and 34 years old. Therefore she is in good health and equipped to handle the role.

When this article was published on July 27th, the Copa América tournament was already underway, And the final between Brazil and Colombia was already scheduled for July 30th. It’s important to remember that the competition is far lower than it is in the Olympics and World Cup, even though Lorena hasn’t allowed any goals thus far in the competition.

Regarding the data

The amount of goals conceded in key games has increased since goaltender Maravilha gave up her slot to Andreia, Barbara, and as of today, Lorena, even though the proportions have remained the same.

The other players, with the exception of Lorena, were all very comparable in height, but even so, the average goals allowed ranged from 1.16 to 0.75, and it is significant.


Who are the football industry’s pioneers? Who are the women who stepped over the line into prejudice? We use this platform to highlight the contributions made by women who have fought for the love of the game as athletes, officials, coaches, supporters, and journalists. Knowing those women’s identities reveals a little-known history that needs to be acknowledged.

The first female referee in FIFA

Léa Campos, a Minas Gerais native, was the first female official in history. When the female world championship was held in Mexico in 1971 Léa was forced to confront the Brazilian military government. As a result and request President General Médici’s authorization to represent Brazil in the official referee.

She battled her own family and had 15 arrests in order to work in football. She was the first female FIFA referee and paved the door for numerous additional female referees and assistant referees to appear in the years that followed.

Newspapers in Rio de Janeiro published an article in 1922 about a lady who was purportedly a referee for a football game. The cartoonist Waldo’s artwork parodied the peculiar incident with the following subtitle:

“If it became popular, men’s football games would turn into courtship contests.”

After fifty years

“Refereeing a football game is not a career for a woman.” –

So Paulo’s Revista Placar, August 20, 1971. In the middle of the image is Léa Campos.

Club Atlético Araguari

On February 28, 1959, a picture of the Araguari Atlético Clube team from Araguari, a city 585 km from Belo Horizonte (MG), appeared in the renowned O Cruzeiro magazine. The ‘GLAMOUR’ WEAR CLEATS story caught the nation’s attention because it exposed one of the few female-only football teams. That had publicly presented itself during a time when it was ill-advised if not outright prohibited, for women to play the sport.

When the board of the Grupo Escolar Visconde de Ouro Preto proposed to the club that they play a charity game against the players of their biggest rival, the Fluminense Futebol Clube, in order to raise money for the school, Araguari was born.
“Women’s bodies are larger and thus less resistant, have a lower center of gravity, fewer red blood cells, smaller hearts, less delicate bones, less muscle mass, broader pelvic girdle, less breathing capacity for intense sports, poorer nervous resistance, and less organic adaptation. – July 16, 1961, Folha de So Paulo. Eleuza, an Araguari custodian.”

The Araguari players and board want to professionalize the modality, perhaps as a result of their ignorance. They had organized unofficial, but press-covered, friendly games between several teams.

The team’s history was prematurely ended as a result of those women’s audacity. Some claim that the local church put pressure on them, while others attribute it to a suggestion made by the Brazilian Sports Confederation.

Lorena is one of the tallest Brazilian Women Football World Cup Team Goal Keeper
Lorena is one of the tallest Brazilian Women Football World Cup Team Goal Keeper

(Radio for women) Radio Mulher

Radio Mulher made history during its six-year run, from its founding in 1970 to its closing in 1976, with its innovations and pioneers. Roberto Montoro, a businessman, purchased the radio station in 1969 under the moniker Santo Amaro AM. The following year, the station underwent a makeover and evolved into what it is now.

The majority of the 930AM staff, from the driver to the sound engineer, were female. The program, which was developed by and for women, featured weekend coverage of football. Field reporting credentials for Germana Garilli, alias Gegê, working for Radio Mulher.

The presence of women in football coverage

The first female sportscaster’s initial broadcast was done in 1972 on one of such shows. Zuleide Ranieri served as the primary analyst of the match between the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia. is the best website to buy Women Football World Cup 2023 Tickets. Women Football World Cup fans can buy Women Football World Cup Quarter Finals Tickets from our website.

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