The Royal Spanish Football Alliance has long established that Spain boss Luis de la Fuente has had his agreement lengthy from 2024 to 2026. Surrounding the 2026 World Cup in Mexico, FIFA World Cup 2026, Canada, and the USA.

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Spain FIFA World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets
Spain FIFA World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup Tickets

De la Fuente removed over from Luis Enrique subsequently the last did not have his agreement rehabilitated as the result of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Notwithstanding a harmful conquest of Scotland at Hampden Park. De la Fuente was healthier to lead Spain to the Nations League counter to Croatia and Italy. Before coating their succeeding group. Euro 2024 will be his first main contest.

We are pleased. We knew it would occur at the right time. Happy that it occurred today. Tomorrow we start rival and we trust it is the right time to reinforce the location of the trainer and the training staff. I method it with accountability from the first day, de la Fuente said Marca, as Spain made to take on Andorra in a welcoming.

Leader Laporta, I’m hopeful by nature, we are employed to get to the 1:1 law and be able to have more amenities to list new players. We also hope to reappearance to the Spotify Camp Nou this spell. We will reappearance at the end of this year.

He also had words of reassurance on Barcelona star Pedri, who has been in query for much of the season due to his continuous appropriateness matters. FIFA World Cup 2026, I’m going to tell you somewhat friendly.

Football World Cup 2026: De la Fuente’s Contract Extension

I have to give you decent news Pedri is backbone. I’ve seen him with eagerness, work, a wish to show it, vigor. But Pedri doesn’t have to show me whatever. Our work plan is to attain in good shape on the 15th or the 20th. Pedri must last waged the same and find himself. It is good news for the general team.

Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup 2026 Tickets
Football World Cup Tickets | FIFA World Cup 2026 Tickets

The Royal Spanish Football Federation’s choice to spread Luis de la Fuente’s agreement until 2026. Underlines their sureness in his management following a period of important activities. De la Fuente, who took the wheels after Luis Enrique, has established his competence by supervisory Spain to victories in the Nations League and safeguarding their requirement for Euro 2024.

This contract postponement is in line with the alliance’s planned vision as they look forward to the 2026 World Cup. Premier Laporta’s hopefulness about the team’s future and his kind remarks about important player Pedri additional highpoint the positive atmosphere near Spanish football. As Spain gears up for future rivalries.

The lengthy tenancy of de la Fuente goals to bring constancy and sustained success to the national team. Temporarily he also professed that Alvaro Morata had slight to prove to him, after scoring just three times meanwhile January. Alvaro is an absolute player.

If I’m not wrong he is the national Pichichi with Borja Mayoral. He is a player of total assurance. The players have had a very difficult few months. It’s about in receipt of the footballer’s back. Alvaro needs very modified training.

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FIFA 2026: Luis de la Fuente Steering Spain Through a Crucial Period

With Alvaro’s zero misgivings. The line of footballers starts and ends no one knows when. He is a player who slashes a lot of goals and he has always exposed it. With just 11 days to go before Spain’s Euro Cup opener counter to Croatia. The RFEF proclaimed on Tuesday afternoon the regeneration of Luis de la Fuente and his training staff.

Who will continue at the wheel of the national team till the FIFA World Cup 2026? The RFEF knows the national trainer of the final endorsement of the regeneration of his contract. As proclaimed in February, as well as the regeneration of his education staff, the main body said. It should have reminisced that last February.

Football World Cup 2026 Tickets | FIFA 2026 Tickets
Football World Cup 2026 Tickets | FIFA 2026 Tickets

The RFEF linked the delay of Riojan’s contract to the approval of the Organization Commission.  Nonetheless, it has not been pending now that it has been established 100%. The news also comes in the approach to the first pre-Euro test counter to Andorra. Luis de la Fuente’s path in La Roja lasts after captivating the wheels of the national team.

The instructor, in a matter of 18 months, has run the national team in 13 matches. He has won 9, drawn 2 lost 2, and won the Nations League 2023. Spanish Football Alliance chief Luis Rubiales, overwhelmed in disgrace over claims he gave an unwelcome kiss to a player on the Women’s World Cup team last month, says he will leave his position as leader.

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Spanish Football Federation Faces New Leadership as Rubiales Resigns

Rubiales proclaimed his notice in a declaration on Sunday in which he said his position had become indefensible. With the Spanish Football Federation later settling he had sent a notice letter to acting leader Pedro Rocha.

A Spanish DA filed a grievance with the High Court counter to Rubiales last week for sexual assault and pressure over his kiss on the lips of Jenni Hermoso. Rubiales had also been postponed for three months from all football doings by FIFA. Undecided a study by football’s world-leading body into his movements after Spain settled their World Cup conquest in Sydney on August 20.

Football World Cup Final Tickets | FIFA World Cup 2026 Final Tickets
Football World Cup Final Tickets | FIFA World Cup 2026 Final Tickets

After the fast postponement approved by FIFA, plus the rest of the minutes opened counter to me. I will not be able to reappearance to my position, Rubiales said in his declaration. Insisting on coming and being clingy is not going to donate whatever positive, neither to the Federation nor to Spanish football.

Among other things, since there are de facto controls that will stop my return, he added. Rubiales, 46, is a former player and cranium of Spain’s main players union, having run the coalition since 2018. He said he had also walked down.

As vice leader of the European football body UEFA. Rubiales has maintained the kiss was consensual but the case has flickered barbarity among players and many in broader Spanish society. He seemed to continue to protect his variety of events.

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