Olympic Paris: Psarra is in command of a record-breaking seventh Olympic Paris Games. But to get there she will have to out-shoot a rapidly-improving tenderfoot for her daughter. Psarra, 48, was the first Greek archer to contest at a Games back in 2000. And will become archery’s most knowledgeable Olympian if she makes it to Paris. But there are no guarantees Greece will win individual or team quota places, and even then the question is over. Who the alliance will send could quickly become a taboo topic. At the dinner table with her daughter Maria Nasoula also opposes a place.

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And despite the sport-dominating discussion at their home in Thessaloniki. With husband and father Alekos Nasoulas their joint coach. Psarra insists that Maria is falsifying a path to Olympic Paris of her own volition. I never pushed her said Psarra. For both of my children, every day in our house from the instant. They were born they were surrounded by bows and missiles everywhere. They tried a lot of sports and my daughter ended up with archery. She used to do it as a hobby at first but then mechanically it turned into somewhat more ‘professional’.

At 17 years old, Maria won Greece’s under-21 national championships in February. And has adored steady perfection on the international stage too. At a European Grand Prix in Plovdiv last May, Maria finished bottommost of the pile in qualification for Olympic Paris 324 points behind her mother in 26th before exiting in the second round. Two months later, Maria matched her mother in continuing to the third round of the European Championships in Munich, which was sufficient to earn Greece a spot at this year’s European Games.

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Olympic Archery Mete makes the final in Umag and himself dominant for France Olympic

Olympic Champion Mete Gazoz captions a recurve finals line-up at the European Grand Prix in Umag, where the Turkish recurve men will also shoot for gold and appreciated world ranking points. The 23-year-old qualified top on Tuesday but with a remarkably low 72-arrow score of 658 points. He shot the round on the same target as another Olympic Paris Champion, Beijing 2008 winner Viktor Ruban. It was not my best but it was too windy here he said. Rugged and windy, all the time altering. In my first arrow, I shot the wrong board. But I finally finished top seed.

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Paris 2024 Tickets |Olympic Archery Tickets | Olympic Paris Tickets | Olympic Tickets | France Olympic Tickets|

In such challenging circumstances, Gazoz said he chose to be braver. That attitude sustained served him well in today’s match play when the wind was perhaps less destructive. Mete shot back-to-back four-set winners in the last-16 and quarterfinals in which. Through 12 shots, he only released one arrow out of the central. Through today’s four matches, his 9.72 average points per arrow. Far outstrip the best scoring rate of his career 9.56 in 2020.

He’ll face French Olympian Thomas Chirault in Saturday’s onscreen individual final. While the winner at this year’s Hyundai Archery World Cup period opener in Antalya. Dan Olaru takes on Den Habjan for third place. Arguably more significant for Türkiye, however, is the untelevised team final on Friday. Two teams will succeed in the next Olympic Paris 2024 Games on the world ranking alone. And coaches of the world’s top teams have made no clandestine of their pursuit for world ranking points. At events like this week’s competition in Umag.

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Olympic Archery Dielen hopes the World Archery experience helps Chengdu Paris Olympic 2024 Games preparation

New International World Games Association vice-president Tom Dielen is converted that his experience with World Archery will help with the organization of Chengdu 2024. Dielen recently took on the position while he is still portion alongside his role as secretary general at World Archery. He has helped on Olympic Paris the IWGA Executive Committee before and is obviously to run again with a view to the next World Games in China in two years.

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Paris 2024 Tickets |Olympic Archery Tickets | Olympic Paris Tickets | Olympic Tickets | France Olympic Tickets|

This is accompanied by the fact that the next Games are in China, and I can bring something in relationships of experience to the Board Dielen said. Consolidating three World Championships and 13 World Cup stages in this unbelievable country gives me some experience, and I had the desire to work with the present NOC President and Minister of Sports, Mr. Gao Zhidan when he was a member of the World Archery Policymaking Board. I met him last week, and we of course deliberated the World Games. The second and very important reason is that the President asked me to reflect on it.

And lastly, the detail that I will step down from two other locations at the end of next year that take up a lot of my time, which will release enough time to give full courtesy to IWGA matters. Chengdu 2024 is due to be the 12th version of the Games and the first to take place in China. Dielen substitutes Max Bishop as vice president and will work with present IWGA President José Perurena in the term which ends in 2026. Excited, and cognizant of the challenges ahead Dielen said in his new character. 

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