In a heated showdown on the undercard of the Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou bout. Nick Ball faced off against Rey Vargas in a featherweight clash that ended in controversy. Ball, often likened to ‘Mini Mike Tyson expressed frustration with the judging system after the fight resulted in a contentious draw.

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Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou Tickets
Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou Tickets

Initially slow off the mark, Ball gradually found his rhythm as the bout progressed. In a display of resilience and skill, he managed to score knockdowns in both the ninth and eleventh rounds, appearing poised to secure a decisive victory.

However, his Mexican opponent, Vargas, proved equally resilient, weathering Ball’s assaults and lasting the full distance of the fight. Despite Ball’s late surge, the judges delivered a surprising verdict, with one scoring the contest at 114-112 in favor of Vargas, resulting in a draw.

The outcome left Ball and his camp disillusioned, questioning the integrity of the judging process. Amidst the excitement of Joshua’s emphatic KO victory over Ngannou, the controversial draw between Ball and Vargas sparked debate and disappointment among fans and pundits alike.

Ball’s frustration highlights the ongoing scrutiny surrounding boxing’s judging standards, with calls for greater transparency and consistency in scoring. As the sport continues to grapple with controversies like these, the need for reform remains a pressing issue for stakeholders and enthusiasts alike.

In the aftermath of the bout, Ball’s criticism serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of boxing and the importance of fair and accurate judging in high-stakes matchups like those witnessed on the Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou undercard.

Controversial Draw Mars Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou Undercard- Nick Ball Speaks Out

The excitement of the Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou undercard was overshadowed by controversy as Nick Ball’s bout with Rey Vargas ended in a contentious draw. Despite a valiant effort from Ball, frustrations mounted over the judging decisions, prompting audible boos from the crowd in Saudi Arabia.

The judges’ scores varied widely, with one official scoring the bout 114-112 in favor of Vargas, while the remaining officials scored it 113-113 and 116-112 in Ball’s favor, resulting in a draw. This decision incited outrage not only from the live audience but also from fans online.

Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou Tickets
Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou

In a post-fight interview, Ball’s promoter, Frank Warren, expressed his displeasure with the outcome, joining a chorus of voices condemning the judging system. Even Ball himself voiced criticism, albeit with a resignation to the situation.

Appearing on the White and Jordan show, Ball acknowledged the frustration but emphasized the need to move forward. You can’t sit around sulking about it, he remarked, highlighting the inherent unpredictability of boxing’s judging process. Despite his disappointment, Ball acknowledged that dwelling on the decision would be counterproductive.

Reflecting on the bout, Ball admitted feeling a mix of emotions. I didn’t know how to feel, it was a mad situation, I was just gutted, he recounted. He expressed doubts about the fairness of the judging system, echoing sentiments shared by many within the boxing community.

Despite the setback, Ball remained pragmatic, recognizing that dwelling on the decision would only hinder his progress. As a boxer, you can’t think too much into that, he remarked.

The controversy surrounding Ball’s bout serves as a stark reminder of the challenges facing the sport, even amidst high-profile matchups like Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou.

Nick Ball Eyes WBC No.1 Spot Despite Controversial Draw on Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou Undercard

Following the controversial draw with Rey Vargas on the Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou undercard, Nick Ball remains determined to maintain his WBC No.1 spot and mandatory position. Despite the contentious judging decision, Ball received unofficial support from WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman, who expressed dissatisfaction with the outcome and pledged to investigate further.

Ball’s resilience shone through on the night, as he overcame a significant height disadvantage to knock Vargas down twice during the bout. Despite the draw, Ball’s impressive performance has kept him in contention for future opportunities within the WBC rankings.

While a rematch with Vargas remains a possibility, Ball could potentially face Raymond Ford in a summer showdown. This bout may be part of a larger 5v5 tournament organized by promoters Frank Warren and Eddie Hearn in the Middle East. Despite the short turnaround, Ball remains open to the challenge, eager to continue his ascent in the featherweight division.

Amid uncertainty surrounding the judging system, Ball’s focus remains on maintaining his position within the WBC rankings and seizing opportunities for future success. With support from Sulaiman and the potential for exciting matchups on the horizon, Ball’s journey in professional boxing continues with determination and resolve.

Anthony Joshua’s Devastating Win Sends Francis Ngannou Out of WBC’s Top 10 Heavyweight Rankings

Francis Ngannou’s hopes of maintaining a top spot in the WBC’s heavyweight rankings have been dashed following his crushing defeat to Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia. The 37-year-old Ngannou suffered a brutal knockout in the second round of their highly anticipated clash.

Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou Tickets
Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou

Expectations were high for Ngannou, especially after his impressive debut against Tyson Fury last October, where he narrowly lost via split decision. Many fans argued that Ngannou deserved the win for his knockdown of the WBC champion and his overall performance. In response, the WBC included Ngannou in their top 10 heavyweight rankings, recognizing his talent and potential.

However, Ngannou’s ranking was short-lived as Joshua’s dominant victory led to a retraction of his spot in the rankings. Joshua, a former two-time world champion, displayed his prowess by flooring Ngannou twice before delivering the final blow. With this win, Joshua has now secured four consecutive victories and is once again a serious contender for a world title shot.

The outcome of the Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou bout has reshaped the landscape of the heavyweight division, with Ngannou facing the consequences of his defeat. As Joshua continues his ascent back into contention, Ngannou must regroup and reassess his path forward in the aftermath of this setback.

WBC President Confirms Francis Ngannou’s Drop from Top 10 Heavyweight Rankings After Anthony Joshua’s Defeat

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman has announced Francis Ngannou’s removal from the top 10 heavyweight rankings following his knockout loss to Anthony Joshua. Sulaiman confirmed the decision, emphasizing Ngannou’s knockout defeat in just two rounds.

Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou Tickets
Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou Tickets

Despite the setback, Sulaiman admired Ngannou’s past performances, particularly his impressive showing against Tyson Fury. He cited Joshua’s exceptional performance in the recent bout, acknowledging Ngannou’s surprise and inability to recover from the early knockdowns.

Drawing a historical parallel, Sulaiman referenced Joe Frazier’s defeat to George Foreman following his victory over Muhammad Ali, highlighting the complexities of assessing fighters’ performances across different bouts.

Regarding Ngannou’s future ranking, Sulaiman deferred to the ratings committee, refraining from confirming whether Ngannou would remain in the top 40. However, he expressed personal support for Ngannou’s continued presence in the rankings, citing his potential and past accomplishments.

As Ngannou’s aspirations of becoming a dual world champion in UFC and boxing face a temporary setback, the decision to remove him from the top 10 underscores the impact of his defeat to Joshua. Nevertheless, Sulaiman’s remarks suggest a desire to keep Ngannou within the mix of heavyweight contenders, hinting at potential opportunities for redemption in the future. is the best website to buy Anthony vs Francis Tickets. Fans can buy AJ vs Ngannou Tickets from our website.