This month marks the start of the FIFA Women World Cup Trophy Tour, which will travel to 32 countries, a record-breaking number. The tour’s theme is “Going Beyond,” which aims to enthuse spectators of all ages about the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023. Women Football World Cup 2023 fans can buy Women Football World Cup Tickets from our website.

The trip’s abilities Drills will inspire females and girls everywhere to participate in the celebration by exhibiting their talent for football and creativity. This month, the largest-ever FIFA Women’s World Cup Trophy Tour will set out on a revolutionary worldwide adventure.

Kindling global expectancy for the FIFA Women Football World Cup 2023 Australia & New Zealand 2023. The tour will inspire people of all ages by “Going Beyond” to honour the exploding popularity of the women’s game. It will bring the famous Trophy to all 32 of the tournament’s participating countries, which is more countries than have previously participated.

FIFA Women's World Cup Trophy Tour the official trophy will travel to 32 countries
FIFA Women Football World Cup Trophy Tour the official trophy will travel to 32 countries

A special chance for the general people to get creative and demonstrate their footballing prowess to a large audience will be at the centre of our objective. Using Skills Drills, willing people from all over the world will be able to try out entertaining football tasks that get harder over time and then post their creative efforts on TikTok.

Selected women and girls who participated in Skills Drills will accompany FIFA Legends as the Trophy moves from stop to stop. To highlight the game’s up-and-coming potential and raise awareness of the Women’s World Cup, local national team stars and other well-known figures were included.

Women World Cup Trophy Tour

Lia Lewis, the world champion in female football freestyle, will issue the challenges to her more than 3.9 million followers on TikTok, as well as those who follow her on FIFA’s social media channels and FIFA+. Before the tour’s first official stop in Japan on February 25–26, she will also share her advice with young people at a Send-Off event on February 18 in Melbourne/Naarm, Australia.

The crown will travel across the world, ending in Asia, Africa, South America, North America, and Europe before external in each of the 9 towns hosting the Women Football World Cup 2023 in the last weeks before the event that promises to go Beyond GreatnessTM on July 20. Important dates on the tour itinerary include stops in China PR on March 9–11, South Africa on March 22–23, Brazil on March 29–30, the United States on April 10–14, Canada on April 19–20, Germany on May 1-2, England on May 13–14, and France on May 20–21.

Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Morocco, the Philippines, the Republic of Ireland, Switzerland, Vietnam, and Zambia will all take part in the tour for the first time ever.

According to FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura, “The FIFA Women’s World Cup Trophy Tour is a stunning global celebration of the women’s game, providing fans, families, and future football aficionados an opportunity to be inspired and become a part of a really exceptional trip.”

Lise Klaveness a former Norway Player is also candidate for women congress elections
Lise Klaveness a former Norway Player is also a candidate for women congress elections

“This is a great chance to learn from the game’s legends and experience the most sought award in women’s football firsthand. The trip will motivate people all over the world by highlighting the talents and ingenuity that show why women’s football has such a promising future.”

Women World Cup Trophy Tour Schedule

MonthDatesMember Association
Feb27Korea Republic
Mar9-11China PR
Mar22-23South Africa
Apr7Costa Rica
May10Republic of Ireland
June2-4Auckland, NZ
June7-12Sydney, AUS
June14-16Melbourne, AUS
June17-20Hamilton, NZ
June22-25Dunedin, NZ
Jun/Jul28-1Brisbane, AUS
July2-4Adelaide, AUS
July7-10Perth, AUS
July12-14Wellington, NZ

*schedule subject to change

Following their confirmation, the dates of the stops in the final three nations to qualify via the Play-off tournament will be merged. Women Football World Cup 2023 fans can buy Women Football World Cup Round of 16 Tickets from our website.

Women’s football leaders want to make progress this Women Football World Cup 2023 season

The European elections taking place next month will have a global audience for a potential breakthrough in gender parity in a World Cup year expected to accelerate development in women’s soccer.

Women soccer executives are eagerly anticipating the outcome of votes on April 5 for seats on the governing committees at both soccer bodies while they participate in an annual joint FIFA-UEFA leadership school for them in Switzerland this month.

Lise Klaveness is the President of Norway Football Association
Lise Klaveness is the President of the Norway Football Association

Women have received one protected quota seat at each of FIFA and the six continental authorities’ decision-making tables for the past ten years. Women haven’t, however, yet defeated males in head-to-head international football politics elections. Instead of being viewed as a door opening, quota seats have been treated as a closed limit.

When the 55 UEFA member federations gather soon in Lisbon with two choices to declare women the victors, that may change. Lise Klaveness, the president of the Norwegian federation, is one of 11 candidates vying for seven places on the UEFA executive council; the other 10 are men.

The FIFA vice presidency is only available to the four British football nations, and Debbie Hewitt, the president of England’s Football Association, is challenging incumbent David Martin of Northern Ireland for the position. The success of Klaveness’ campaign and his progressive viewpoints, which are uncommon in soccer circles, has been hailed as women executives.

“Australia’s representative at the women’s leadership training, Amy Duggan, told the Associated Press that it was “quite gutsy of Lise to come into the electoral process.”

“I send her my best wishes. I would hope that everyone voting is aware of the importance of diversity and inclusiveness in growing and improving our game.”

FIFA Congress Members:

Among FIFA’s 211 members, Klaveness and Hewitt are two of the few female presidents, and most of the federations led by women will participate in the Women’s World Cup, including Norway, England, co-host New Zealand, the reigning champion United States, and Canada.

Lise Klaveness is an Ex Norway Women Football World Cup Team Player
Lise Klaveness is an Ex Norway Women Football World Cup Team Player

However, Charmaine Crooks was appointed as Canada Soccer’s acting president last month, while Cindy Parlow Cone was picked to lead the U.S. Soccer Association after female players challenged the previous administration on matters including equal pay and lack of respect.

Significant figures have spoken out about the unrest in France and Spain as well. Ada Hegerberg, the Ballon d’Or-winning forward from Norway, spent years away from the national team before coming back last year, around the time that Klaveness, a former member of the team, was elected president.

“It’s always discouraging to consider that some of our finest players around the world might not be competing on the international stage during a World Cup year, according to Duggan.

“I really hope everything works out.”

During the week-long seminar at a business management school in Lausanne, participants worked towards the common objective of advancing more women into executive roles as women’s soccer quickly became a professional sport. Almost 100 students have taken the FIFA-UEFA course over the past four years.

Aisha Falode, a member of the federation board of Nigeria, observed the surprised response to the men’s national team’s exclusion from the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

She told the Press that “Heaven was going to tumble.”

“When the World Cup began (in 1991), we, the ladies, have qualified for every single tournament, and it’s like nothing. Awareness is essentially nonexistent.”

Nigerian Women’s Football League

Former journalist Falode, who is now the president of the Nigerian Women’s League, said that she would eventually run for president of the federation.

“Is it fair? No, the maths still doesn’t make sense”, she said.

Lise Klaveness in Norway vs Italy match
Lise Klaveness in Norway vs Italy match

“Are women having it harder than men? Yeah, it is; let’s not act otherwise. Let’s ensure that the football leadership is fair.”

The programme also aims to assist in educating the subsequent generation of female football players.

Andrea Johnson of Guyana stated, “We need to be able to mentor our young girls coming up and say, ‘Hey, you can do this.”

Despite the outcome of the UEFA elections, women will take centre stage during the main football competition in July and August in excited host nations.

“Duggan claimed that Australia was prospering “

 because “we are progressive.”

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