In a friendly World Cup warm-up match played here on Thursday. The China women’s national football team and Switzerland drew 0-0 to begin their pre-World Cup 2023 journeys. Women Football World Cup fans can buy Philippines vs Switzerland Tickets from our website.

Wang Shuang (Racing Louisville, United States), Tang Jiali, Wang Shanshan, and Zhang Linyan (Zurich Grasshopper) were among the players. From China’s 2022 Asian Cup title roster they were called up. But the Swiss team had the upper hand in the first period.

Before Geraldine Reuteler’s forceful shot was stopped by Chinese custodian Xu Huan in the 43rd minute. Fabienne Humm received the ball inside the box and turned to shoot to the right post. Zhang Linyan’s long-range volley was saved by Swiss custodian Gaelle Thalmann in the 62nd minute. Signalling the start of China’s second-half offensive surge.

Chinese player Wang Shuang in action during the Swissporarena international women's friendly game between Switzerland and China.
Chinese player Wang Shuang in action during the Swissporarena international women’s friendly game between Switzerland and China.

A second shot from Zhang four minutes later and one from Tang Jiali in the 82nd minute was both blocked once more.

UEFA Playmakers are establishing the future of women’s football in Switzerland.

With programmes like UEFA Playmakers encourage girls to develop a passion for the game. Women’s football is becoming more and more popular in Switzerland.

Switzerland was chosen earlier this month to host the forthcoming UEFA Women’s EURO in 2025. Where 16 of the best teams and athletes from throughout Europe will fight for the coveted title of European Champions.

Increasing female participation beginning at an early age

Despite the fact that the UEFA Women’s EURO will kick off a month-long celebration of football and serve as an inspiration for women and girls across Switzerland. Incredible work has already been done to advance the women’s game locally. The UEFA Playmakers programme, one of these initiatives, has been running effectively in Switzerland since April 2021 and is making history by inspiring young females to fall in love with football.

Playmakers are available in 44 National Associations around Europe, and more than 55,000 girls between the ages of five and eight have participated in the initiative.

Women’s football at UEFA managing director Nadine Kessler

“We must make certain that every level of the football pyramid is buoyed by our funds and projects. Our Playmakers programme has achieved great success on a local level. It’s astonishing how many females have reacted to a little Disney magic.

Over 700 girls have taken part in Playmakers sessions in Switzerland so far. Over 93% of parents strongly agree that they would recommend the programme to friends and family, demonstrating how well-liked it is. Parents said that 96% of their daughters appreciated the lessons.

A local UEFA Playmakers workshop was held in Nyon, Switzerland.
A local UEFA Playmakers workshop was held in Nyon, Switzerland

Parents and girls aren’t the only ones who enjoy Playmakers; coaches also enjoy the show and it frequently piques their interest in coaching and women’s sports in general.  Over 20 clubs and centres in both the German-speaking and French-speaking regions of Switzerland have participated in the Playmakers sessions that have been conducted thus far by 114 coaches.

Project Manager for Playmakers at the Swiss Football Association, Galle Thalmann

“At the Switzerland Football Association, our goal is to use Playmakers to lift women’s contribution in football, mostly the number of educated women coaches, in addition to growing girls’ participation. After 2 years of project administration, we can already report that, as a result of the initiative, more than 35% of all coaches (including those who completed the Playmakers coach education and volunteers), the majority of whom are women, attended another coaching course provided by our FA.  We think it is fantastic and demonstrates that Playmakers addresses not only the requirements of girls but also those of their coaches, that some used the project to take their first steps in the coaching profession.”

In Switzerland, coaches, parents, and girls have all spoken about their Playmakers sessions and the beneficial effects the initiative has had on their lives. Women Football World Cup fans can buy Switzerland vs Norway Tickets from our website.

“The girls really gained enthusiasm for football through the UEFA Playmakers as the programme is very flexible and can be adjusted to suit the needs of the participants, says Monika, the Playmakers coach. Over time, they came to understand that because they were in a secure setting with others who shared their interests, it did not matter whether they had ever played the sport before.”

Thomas is a parent who lives in Fully, Switzerland’s southwest. Leonor, his 5-year-old daughter, cherished the Playmakers programme experience.

Leonor is a 5-year-old.

“I loved UEFA Playmakers, principally the matches and the weird, kind, and organized instructors. I would like to retain playing football.

A local UEFA Playmakers workshop was held in Nyon, Switzerland for Young girls
A local UEFA Playmakers workshop was held in Nyon, Switzerland for Young Girls

Thomas, her father, is equally overjoyed:

“My daughter is more self-assured and fit as a result of participating in the UEFA Playmakers project. After EURO 2020, but especially after the programme was over, she grew to love football. The Disney tales served as an effective teaching tool. I would suggest UEFA Playmakers because it is wonderful to have a programme that is exclusively for females and since it is a committed basic introduction to the game of football. The female instructors were really impressive and motivating.”

To find out more about open roles and forthcoming training sessions, prospective Playmakers coaches can get in touch with their nation’s football organisation.

Switzerland won the bid to host the 2025 Women’s Euros.

In order to host the Women’s Euro 2025, Switzerland outbid France, Poland, and the Nordic nations of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Following a meeting of Uefa’s executive committee in Lisbon, the decision was made public.

Following a review at the UEFA Executive Committee meeting in Lisbon. It was decided to make the Swiss Football Association (SFV) the hosting organisation of an elite European Cup competition for the second time in the nation’s history, hosting the men’s EURO 2008.

Dominique Blanc, the SFV’s president, declared that “today was historic for women’s football, the SFV, and Switzerland. The development of women’s football at all levels will be shaped by this significant milestone. I want to express my gratitude to everyone who helped make this initiative possible, especially the federal government officials and the event cities who have supported us from the start.”

The event is less than two years away, so planning will start right now. A detailed action plan will be developed once UEFA visits the sites that will be used. According to a group established especially to oversee the process. UEFA visits are scheduled for April and May.

“The SFV has defined the promotion of women’s football as an important part of its strategy for the future and is extremely pleased that we are allowed to hold a tournament with high visibility in our country to support our strategy,” said UEFA Director of Women’s Football Marion Daube.

During the Uefa Women's Euro 2022, Romana Bachmann of Switzerland celebrates her goal against Sweden.
During the Uefa Women’s Euro 2022, Romana Bachmann of Switzerland celebrates her goal against Sweden.

Switzerland Football Federation:

“We are happy that our application persuaded and want to demonstrate that football is available to everyone. Due to our country’s central location in Europe, our tournament will be a four-week festival for the entire country of Switzerland.”

There are currently no plans to develop any extra venues, therefore the UEFA Women’s EURO 2025 will take place between June and July in a variety of stadiums in Basel, Bern, Geneva, Zurich, St. Gallen, Sion, Lucerne, and Thun. These stadiums all have a combined capacity of more than 750,000 spectators.

Daube stated, “We want to make sure that the environment is preserved and that we carry out all components of the competition as sustainably as possible.”

“This is yet another justification for our complete reliance on our current infrastructure. We’ll persuade our visitors that we’re the best in every way. starting with the stadiums and moving on to the teams’ and fans’ lodging. We want to make sure that the competition will live on for a long time.” is the best website to buy Women Football World Cup 2023 Tickets. Football World Cup 2023 fans can buy Women Football World Cup Round of 16 Tickets  from our website.