As the most fruitful team Brazil FIFA World Cup history. Brazil is careful amongst the most influential footballing states crosswise the globe. At the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Brazil was sloped for more achievement but fell small in the rounds against Croatia. Brazil has won the greatest World Cup cups of any nation, one more than European giants Germany and Italy.

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Brazil won the Football World Cup Selecao history and record at the FIFA tournament | Brazil FIFA World Cup Tickets

Brazil has won five FIFA World Cup titles in the country’s well-known footballing history, additional than any other nation. This is denoted by five stars above the nationwide team crest on their sweaters. The Selecao won their first World Cup in 1958, overcoming hosts Sweden in the final 5-2 behindhand support from Pele. While the initial days of the World Cup remained not kind to Brazil. The South American nation grew to fame by attaining the final in 1950, only to fall far short.

They would not be deprived of it eight years later. A brace by Pele in the final saw Brazil hoist the prize for the original time in Sweden. The Selecao won five of their six struggles in the challenge. Only held to a scoreless draw in their group stage matchup beside England. At just 17 years old, Pele would publicize himself to the world in the sensation stage. Scoring the only goal in a 1-0 round win over Wales, a hat-trick in the semifinal conquest over France, and a brace in the final in contradiction of Sweden.

Five World Cups have Brazil won before FIFA 2026

After Italy became the first nation to positively defend the World Cup title in 1938. Brazil would be the second republic to do it as they lifted the 1962 trophy. No team has attained this feat since. Pele was hurt early in the group stage and might not compete for the rest of the contest. But his country would combatant on deprived of him.

Garrincha and Vava would take over. Counting a mutual eight goals in the sensation stage to push Brazil to a second victory. Topping Czechoslovakia in the last by a 3-1 scoreline. Due to a lack of planting measures, Brazil was drawn into a collection with defensive winners England. The two met early in the contest. And the match contained a save by Gordon Banks that Pele deliberates the greatest against him of his career.

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Five World Cups have Brazil won before FIFA 2026 |Brazil FIFA World Cup Tickets

But Brazil won 1-0 to top the group. They would depress Peru and Uruguay en route to the final, anywhere they would face Italy. Pele would open the counting in the final at Estadio Azteca. And he would get three additional from colleagues to rout Italy 4-1 and win the state’s third World Cup. Observing for their fourth title. Brazil originated life problematic in the United States but would prove victorious by slim limitations several times.

A 1-1 draw with Sweden was the only mark of an otherwise faultless group stage showing against Russia and Cameroon. And a path to the wow stage was set. Dunga recorded the third disadvantage for Brazil before Italian tale Roberto. Baggio skied his spot-kick finished the bar to cover the result. In the first-ever-together hosted World Cup, top candidates France. Argentina were both eliminated in the collection stage, allowing Brazil to make a switch after winning Group C atop Turkey, Costa Rica, and China.

1958 FIFA World Cup

Brazil has beaten the U.S. hosts 1-0 in the Round of 16 before putting down the Netherlands. And Sweden each by a one-goal boundary. The final compared to Italy at the Rose Bowl was the first. And to this point only, World Cup final to end scoreless, and Brazil would victory on disadvantages 3-2 to lift the trophy.

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Brazil’s history at the World Cup | Brazil FIFA World Cup Tickets

The Selecao put down Belgium and England in the knockout round before charming a replay with Turkey in the semifinals. They met Germany in the last, and after a scoreless first semi, Ronaldo struck a double, and Palmeiras legend Marcos erected tall in a box to give Brazil a 2-0 conquest in Yokohama, Japan. It is, to this date, the last Biosphere Cup won not just by Brazil, but then by a South American state.

Before charming their first World Cup title, Brazil recognized defeat after the fourth-ever tournament. Frequent from a 12-year gap cheers to World War II, Brazil’s best-preceding finish at a World Cup was third, achieved at the 1938 contest. Brazil played crowds in the only World Cup not strictly decided by a final competition, but in its place using a four-team table to control the winner.

Brazil’s history at the World Cup

Still, the contest over on a de-facto final as the last match between Uruguay and Brazil strong-minded the winner. Brazil simply wanted a draw to lift the trophy, but afterward, the crowds went ahead 1-0 early in the additional half, goals after Pepe Schiaffino and Alcides Ghiggia put Uruguay finished to conquest. Brazil would delay eight more years before exiting the cup themselves, spurred on by the finals defeat just two contests earlier.

After charming the 1994 World Cup, Brazil looked to protect their title for the additional time in the past. A loss to Norway in the group phase was a harbinger of belongings to come, but still saw Brazil finish atop Group A. They won their first title in 1958, and are the only South American side with more than two World Cup finals, with more than double the titles of Uruguay and Argentina.

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Brazilian Futebol and the 1958 World Cup | Brazil FIFA World Cup Tickets

The progressive passed Denmark in the rounds by a one-goal margin and squealed by the Netherlands in the semifinals on consequences to match up compared to France in the final. It would all originate apart there as Zinedine Zidane would cement his fabled status through a World Cup final brace in a 3-0 conquest for France. A not fully fit Ronaldo was immobilized to stop it, despite ultimately earning the contest’s Golden Ball as best actor.

Since making his nationwide team debut in 2010, Neymar has not ever won a FIFA World Cup. The last World Cup that Brazil earned was eight years before the jump of his senior global career. Neymar was just 10 years old the latter time Brazil won the World Cup in 2002. Brazil has also held the World Cup twice, first in 1950 and 2014. They did not win the title in either of those years, dwindling a goal short in 1950 and bashed out in the semifinals in 2014.

Brazilian Futebol and the 1958 World Cup

His first World Cup was in 2014 when he counted four goals to help Brazil into the semifinals, but he was involuntary out of action with a broken vertebra after existence kneed in the spine by Colombia protector Juan Camilo Zuniga. He returned to football’s main stage in 2018, he scored two goalmouths and aided two more to help Brazil into the rounds.

but the Selecao would lose here to Belgium’s ‘Golden Generation’ group 2-1 with Neymar held off the scoresheet. He came close to leveling in slowdown time but was turned away by an enormous exception from Thibaut Courtois. Backed by their seven finals arrivals and five Biosphere Cup titles, Brazil is the most fruitful nation in FIFA World Cup history, fast of Germany and Italy, who both lifted the cup four times.

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