Atlanta Falcons vs Jacksonville Jaguars is a regular-season game in NFL London 2023. On Sunday, October 1 at Wembley Stadium, the Falcons will take on the Jacksonville Jaguars. It will be a Jacksonville home game, and ESPN+ will broadcast it at 9:30 a.m. ET. NFL London fans can buy NFL London Tickets from our website.

The 2023 NFL International Games will feature five international matches, including this one. As part of the multi-year agreement for the Jaguars to play in the UK, Jacksonville will be based at Wembley Stadium. The Jaguars are playing their tenth regular-season game in London against the Falcons this Sunday.

In the meanwhile, games between the Tennessee Titans and the Buffalo Bills will take place at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London. The Jaguars will remain in London for a week after playing the Falcons on October 1 before taking on the Bills on October 8. An NFL club has never played two games outside of the US before.

Atlanta Falcons vs Jacksonville Jaguars - Atlanta Falcons Players looking motivated in Gym Session
Atlanta Falcons vs Jacksonville Jaguars -Atlanta Falcons Players looking motivated in Gym Session

Additionally, regular season games between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots will be played in Frankfurt, Germany for the first time. The Falcons have played in London three times; the first was in 2014, and the most recent was in Week 5 of the 2021 season when the Falcons defeated the Jets. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium hosted that match.

In that game, a rookie named Kyle Pitts scored his first NFL touchdown. It’s important to remember that teams are no longer required to take their bye week immediately after a trip abroad. So it’s feasible that the Falcons’ bye week will occur later in the campaign.

Atlanta Falcons NFL London 2023 Schedule

The complete Falcons schedule will be made available on along with the rest of the league.

NFL London’s 2023 lineup is completed by the Jacksonville Jaguars, Atlanta Falcons, and Baltimore Ravens.

The NFL has revealed that the Jacksonville Jaguars will play two games in London in 2023. The NFL club will play two regular season games outside of the US in the same season for the first time. In 2023, five regular season games will be played for the first time in Europe, including two in Germany.

The series’ “home” teams were already known, The Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons have now been revealed as the other teams traveling to London in October.

On Sunday, October 1, Atlanta will play Jacksonville at Wembley, and on Sunday, October 8. The Jaguars will play the Buffalo Bills at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. On October 15, Baltimore plays the Tennessee Titans in Tottenham before the NFL hosts two games at Frankfurt’s 48,00-seat Deutsche Bank Park.

Before the Indianapolis Colts take on the New England Patriots on November 12. The Miami Dolphins play the Super Bowl champions from the previous year, the Kansas City Chiefs, on November 5. Only last season did the NFL play its first regular-season game in Germany. Kicking off a four-year agreement with Munich and Frankfurt as host cities.

Jacksonville-Jaguars players are hoping to perform well in NFL London 2023
Jacksonville-Jaguars players are hoping to perform well in NFL London 2023

Five international matches were played last season, one of which was in Mexico, But this year, an additional match will be played in Germany due to Azteca Stadium in Mexico City’s renovations, Lawrence is ‘pumped’ about the return of London to the NFL.

While quarterback Lamar Jackson has become the highest-paid player in NFL history. Baltimore has added star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. In an exciting game at Tottenham in 2021. Jacksonville’s first-round lottery selection in 2021 quarterback Trevor Lawrence earned his first NFL victory. Last season, Lawrence helped the Jags win their first playoff game in five years.

Atlanta Falcons vs Jacksonville Jaguars:

We are thrilled to participate in the NFL’s overseas games once more, according to Lawrence. NFL London fans can buy Atlanta Falcons vs Jacksonville Jaguars Tickets from our website.

“I’m pumped for the experience and know Duval [Jags fans] will be loud at both games,” the fan said.

Atlanta returns quickly after winning London’s other game in 2021. And the Jaguars’ game against Atlanta will mark their 10th regular-season home game in London. Since 2013, the Jags have participated in every international series. And they have renewed their multi-year agreement to continue playing one game per season in London through the 2024 season.

“The Jacksonville Jaguars’ decision to remain longer in the UK and play two regular-season games here this year demonstrates their dedication to steadily expanding their local fan base.” said Henry Hodgson, general manager of NFL UK.

2023 NFL London International Series

  • Atlanta Falcons v Jacksonville Jaguars (1 October, Wembley Stadium)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars vs Buffalo Bills (8 October, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium)
  • Baltimore Ravens vs Tennessee Titans (15 October, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium)
  • Miami Dolphins vs Kansas City Chiefs (5 November, Frankfurt Stadium)
  • Indianapolis Colts vs New England Patriots (12 November, Frankfurt Stadium)

NFL International Games

This includes a squad participating twice in London, have been announced for 2023

Along with the Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans, and Atlanta Falcons, the Jacksonville Jaguars will play two consecutive games in London. The International Series games. This will make up the initial portion of the NFL’s 2023 schedule, have been confirmed.

Atlanta Falcons vs Jacksonville Jaguars - Atlanta Falcons Players doing ahrd work Training Session
Atlanta Falcons Players doing hard work Training Session

The five games taking place outside of the United States have already been made public But the whole schedule of regular season games is scheduled to be revealed on Thursday. The Jacksonville Jaguars will also set a record by playing two games in a single season in the UK.

Since 2013, the Jaguars have hosted an annual regular-season game in London. On October 1, the Jaguars will host the Atlanta Falcons. Before the Buffalo Bills host the second game against the Jaguars at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on October 8, they will remain in the nation’s capital.

On October 15, at Tottenham, the Tennessee Titans will welcome the Baltimore Ravens. Who will be led by Lamar Jackson, who recently signed a new contract? This means that over the course of three weeks, Trevor Lawrence, Lamar Jackson, and Josh Allen will all be able to perform for British fans.

Trevor Lawrence said, “We are eager to take part in the NFL International Games once more and compete against the Falcons and Bills in London.”

NFL London Wembley Stadium:

“It will be fantastic to host the Falcons at Wembley Stadium, but it will be immediately followed by a road game versus the Bills at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. I’m excited about the experience and am confident that Duval will back me strongly during both games.”

Henry Hodgson, GM of NFL UK, said,

“We can’t wait to welcome teams to London for three fantastic weekends of football in October.”

“The Jacksonville Jaguars’ decision to remain longer in the UK and play two regular-season games here this year demonstrates their dedication to long-term fan growth in the UK.

“We have had games in London since 2007, and we look forward to providing fans with the best NFL experience ever in 2023 as interest and momentum in the sport continue to grow in the UK.”

On November 5, a matchup between the Miami Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs will take place at Frankfurt Stadium in Germany. On November 12, the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots will play each other at the same location.

Atlanta Falcons vs Jacksonville Jaguars - Atlanta Falcons Players preparations are on rise for the upcoming NFL London 2023
Atlanta Falcons Players’ preparations are on the rise for the upcoming NFL London 2023

“In what promises to be a great football spectacle for our global fans, we are thrilled to announce the five games to be played internationally in 2023, a record number of regular-season games in Europe in a season,”

said Peter O’Reilly, NFL Executive Vice President, Club Business, Major Events & International.

“We are thrilled to bring three games to London once more. The capital city has a big affinity for the sport, as does the entire UK. We are also happy to announce that Frankfurt, a city rich in NFL history, will host the two games taking place in Germany. Building on the amazing atmosphere during the game in Munich last season, we are excited to stage both matches at Eintracht Frankfurt’s Stadium.” is the best website to buy NFL London 2023 Tickets. NFL London fans can buy Baltimore Ravens vs Tennessee Titans Tickets for coming matches from our website.