Many supporters believe Anthony Joshua’s fight against Jermaine Franklin on April 1 will define Anthony Joshua’s Career Highlights. After the 2022 rematch against Oleksandr Usyk, the undisputed heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua finds himself in a circumstance he has never encountered before. AJ vs Jermaine fans can buy Anthony Joshua vs Jermaine Franklin Tickets from our website.

Joshua must make a comeback after consecutive defeats for the first time in his professional boxing career. Joshua lost to Usyk convincingly in their first encounter in September 2021, and while being more aggressive in the rematch, he still lost.

The 33-year-old will now have the opportunity to resume his winning ways when he faces Jermaine Franklin on April 1. Below, DAZN provides a career profile for the Olympic gold medallist from London 2012.

AJ entered a rematch with Andy Ruiz in Saudi Arabia after losing his IBF, WBO, and WBA heavyweight titles
AJ entered a rematch with Andy Ruiz in Saudi Arabia after losing his IBF, WBO, and WBA heavyweight titles

Anthony Joshua Career Highlights : Results Of Fights

With a 24-3 record in his professional career, Anthony Joshua has 22 knockout victories.

Aug. 20 2022Oleksandr UsykL-SDIBF, WBA, and WBO world heavyweight titles
Sep. 25, 2021Oleksandr UsykL-UDIBF, WBA, and WBO world heavyweight titles
Dec. 12, 2020Kubrat Pulev W-KO 9/12IBF, WBA, and WBO world heavyweight titles
Dec. 7, 2019Andy RuizW-UDIBF, WBA, and WBO world heavyweight titles
Jun. 1, 2019Andy RuizL-TKO 7/12IBF, WBA, and WBO world heavyweight titles
Sep. 22, 2018Alexander PovetkinW-TKO 7/12IBF, WBA, and WBO world heavyweight titles 
Mar. 31, 2018Joseph ParkerW-UDIBF, WBA, and WBO world heavyweight titles
Oct. 28, 2017Carlos TakamW-TKO 10/12IBF and WBA world heavyweight titles
Apr. 29, 2017Wladimir KlitschkoW-TKO 11/12IBF and WBA world heavyweight titles
Dec. 10, 2016Eric Molina W-TKO 3/12IBF world heavyweight title
Jun. 6, 2016Dominic BrezealeW-TKO 7/12IBF world heavyweight title
Apr. 9, 2016Charles Martin W-KO 2/12IBF world heavyweight title
Dec. 12, 2015Dillian WhyteW-TKO 7/12British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles
Sep. 12, 2015Gary Cornish W-TKO 1/12Commonwealth heavyweight title
May. 30 2015Kevin Johnson W-TKO 2/10N/A
May. 9 2015Raphael ZumbanoW-TKO 2/8N/A
Apr. 4, 2015Jason GavernW-KO 3/8N/A
Nov. 22, 2014Michael SprottW-TKO 1/10N/A
Oct. 11, 2014Denis BakhtovW-TKO 2/10N/A
Sep. 13, 2014Konstantin AirichW-TKO 3/8N/A
Jul. 12, 2014Matt Skelton W-TKO 2/6N/A
May. 31 2014Matt LeggW-KO 1/6N/A
Mar. 1, 2014Hector Alfredo Avila W-KO 1/6N/A
Feb. 1, 2014Dorian DarchW-TKO 2/6N/A
Nov. 14, 2013Hrvoje KisicekW-TKO 2/6N/A
Oct. 26, 2013Paul Butlin W-TKO 2/6N/A
Oct. 5, 2013Emanuele LeoW-TKO 1/6N/A


2019 December 12: Anthony Joshua becomes a two-time champion.

Anthony Joshua immediately entered a rematch with Andy Ruiz in Saudi Arabia after losing his IBF, WBO, and WBA heavyweight titles to the Mexican six months earlier. Anthony Joshua fans can buy Aj vs Jermaine Franklin Tickets from our website.

By taking advantage of an overweight Ruiz, Joshua’s superior movement exhausted his opponent, who somehow managed to last the entire 12 rounds. The result was a dominant performance that saw the Briton awarded the victory on points.

Aj defeats Charles Martin London's O2 Arena
Aj defeats Charles Martin at London’s O2 Arena


A heavyweight division passing of the baton occurred during the contest between Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko for the IBF and WBA world heavyweight crowns.

Although Joshua sought to establish himself as the dominant force in the sport’s most prestigious division, Klitschko hoped to make one final run as the heavyweight champion. What happened in front of a sold-out crowd at Wembley Stadium was nothing short of a classic.

After dominating his opponent in the fifth round, Joshua appeared to be on the verge of suffering his first professional loss when Klitschko knocked him to the ground in the sixth. But, Joshua was able to get back up and launch a relentless attack.

In the 12th and final round of this fight, Joshua landed a left uppercut that knocked Klitschko to the canvas once more. Despite responding to the referee’s questions, Klitschko was unable to get up on count, the British star launched a barrage at the Ukrainian, sending him tumbling back into the ring and forcing referee David Fields to stop the fight.


Although Charles Martin entered this bout with Anthony Joshua at London’s O2 Arena as the defending IBF world heavyweight champion, the difference in class and skill was evident on fight night. Joshua had Martin on the back foot from the first bell and was having success with his right hand. In the first 60 seconds of the second round, Joshua landed and knocked his opponent to the ground.

Martin nearly managed to answer the referee’s count, but he was soon back on the ground following another devastating right hand from Joshua that ended the fight and allowed him to fulfill his destiny

Anthony Joshua assaulted a boxing referee, and the Misfits show marked a new low for his career.

In the dazzling new tag-team performance by Misfits Boxing, boxing referee Ian John-Lewis, who was demoted as a judge for his contentious scoring last year, made an appearance. In an odd Misfits Boxing tag-team match, a referee who was once hit by Anthony Joshua made an appearance.

Fans were in awe of the spectacle at the Misfits event on Saturday night, which featured the first-ever bout of its sort. But that wasn’t all; astute watchers soon realized that former British boxing referee Ian John-Lewis was presiding over the contest.

By his colleagues, John-Lewis was chosen as the finest boxing referee in the world in 2018. Yet because of his contentious scorecard for Josh Taylor vs. Jack Catterall in February 2022, he had a dramatic fall from grace.

He gave Taylor a score of 111 to 114, and Taylor went on to win in what was at the time considered the largest robbery of the year. John-Lewis’ status as a result was lowered. judge by the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC).

“After an internal examination of the scoring of the Josh Taylor vs. Jack Catterall contest by all three appointed judges, the Stewards of the Board decided to ask Mr Ian John-Lewis to appear before them to explain his returned card,” the Board’s statement after the probe said. The Stewards of the Board downgraded Mr. John-Lewis from an A-Star Class to an A-Class Official after taking Mr. Ian John-explanation Lewis into account. 

Ian John Lewis

“Whilst the Board were satisfied that Mr John-scorecard Lewis’s did not affect the overall result of the contest, the Stewards of the Board did have an issue with his margin.”

Joshua is hitting the punch to the Refree
Joshua is hitting a punch to the Referee

Following his resignation from the BBBofC, John-Lewis went on to join the lesser-known British & Irish Boxing Authority (BIBA), which prepared him for the Misfit’s appearance. Yet even before his questionable scoring, he was at the center of everything.

The Gillingham referee made history during Anthony Joshua’s professional debut when, while attempting to remove the British boxer from his opponent, he was “bang on the button” by the eventual unified heavyweight champion. Back in 2013, AJ took down the Italian Emanuele Leo in two minutes and 47 seconds, but not before nearly sending John-Lewis into space.

The official recalled at the moment, “I was thinking, ‘He just hit me!’ It all happened in a split second. I was proud of the fact that in all my years as a referee, I had never been punched. Anthony apologised to the referee and afterwards said he had automatically tried to move in front of the Italian because he believed he was about to strike him. No offence intended to the other officials, but some would have been removed.”

“I can take a punch because I’m a big, powerful person, but that was a bang-on-the-button, flat-in-my-face cuff.” is the best website to buy all Joshua vs Franklin Tickets. Joshua vs Franklin fans can buy Anthony Joshua Tickets from our website.