At Toulouse Sevens, the second-to-last leg of the competition, Shujaa will take on the Uruguay RWC 2023 Squad at 2:07 p.m. East African Time, kicking off Kenya Sevens’ battle to stay in the World Rugby Sevens Series. Shujaa, who are in Group A with the league’s top two teams, Canada and New Zealand, must earn at least 12 points to have a chance of escaping relegation. Rugby World Cup fans can buy New Zealand Vs Uruguay Tickets from our website.

With 37 points and 12 points behind the Uruguay RWC 2023 Squad going into the final two legs in Toulouse and London, Kenya is now ranked 13th in the rankings. The 15th-ranked core teams and lower, based on total series points after the tenth round in Toulouse, will be demoted, according to Rugby World Cup.

Against the Uruguay RWC team, Shujaa starts their relegation campaign in Toulouse.
Against the Uruguay RWC 2023 Squad, Shujaa starts their relegation campaign in Toulouse.

At the eleventh and last round of the series in London, the teams that finished 12th, 13th, and 14th at the end of the Toulouse’s leg will compete against the Challenger Series 2023 champions in a four-team relegation play-off.

While the other three teams compete in their respective Regional Sevens Championships to earn a spot in the 2024 World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series, the winning team will join the Series as the 12th core team.

In advance of the last two legs of the World Rugby Sevens Series, which will be contested in Toulouse and London, Kenya Sevens captain Nelson Oyoo vowed that his team will not allow Shujaa to lose.

Oyoo, who was selected for the traveling group by head coach Damian McGrath, feels they have the ability to emerge from the muck. Oyoo will captain the national sevens team once more.

They believe in themselves and will not let Kenyans down.

Everyone on the team is aware of the current circumstance we are in and the need to succeed in the next two legs. We have had a very hard and competitive season both on and off the pitch, but we will do our best.

We cannot yet allow the squad to falter. The team has some of the top players and upcoming future stars, and if we follow our game plan and carry out our set plays, I think we can remain afloat, according to Oyoo.

According to Shujaa coach Damian McGrath, all of the players have shown an amazing attitude towards training and everyone is aware of the gravity of the situation. The key to it all is if we can overcome our own mistakes, which have been our weak points.

We’re going to attempt to carry out a straightforward approach that, hopefully, works for what we have, he added. Kenya will play their last pool match tomorrow at 1:21 p.m. against Canada after facing Uruguay RWC 2023 Squad, who are now 11th in the group with 49 points. Kenya will then play leaders New Zealand at 7:16 p.m.

Spain and Uruguay vie for Series safety

For 11th place in the rankings and entry into the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series 2024, Spain and Uruguay RWC 2023 Squad are competing. Toulouse will make all decisions. This weekend, two teams will compete for 11th place in the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series 2023, securing a spot in the competition’s redesigned following season.

The stakes are high at the top and bottom of the Toulouse rankings with nine of the series’ 11 tournaments having completed. While Argentina is certain they can join New Zealand and the hosts France at the Olympic Games in Toulouse, Uruguay, and Spain also have a lot on the line. Rugby World Cup fans can buy Uruguay Vs Namibia Tickets from our website.

For the three Spanish-speaking teams,

Toulouse will be very significant. The top 11 teams after this weekend will be guaranteed a spot in the 2024 World Rugby Sevens Challenge Series, which will feature a reduced field of 12 teams. The teams that finish 12th through 14th will meet a week later in London, where Tonga will join them as the 2023 World Rugby Sevens Challenge Series champions.

Playing with a lot of confidence and security
Playing with a lot of confidence and security

The winning team in that play-off competition at Twickenham will earn a spot in the 2024 Series as the last and twelfth team. We compete with hopes of continuing in the Series and making it to the final 11. Ivo Dugonjic, an Uruguayan Rugby World Cup 2023 coach, claims that there is just one more game to win or perish. His squad has a one-point advantage over Spain in the standings.

Playing with a lot of confidence and security

We’re going to put all into it. In their first year as a key team in the Series, the Uruguay RWC team has had some outstanding moments, defeating Ireland, South Africa, and Fiji, and making it to the Cup quarterfinals twice.

The squad coached by Manuel Ardao finished 17–31 in matches over nine competitions. We needed to find our position and entered the circuit unsure of what to expect. According to Dugonjic, we always sought to be competitive by assessing our performance and all aspects of our game.

We found ourselves in this situation when we entered this event as things were happening and we were competing with more and more teams. Due to the nature of our character, we will continue to protect it to the very end.


Spain has participated in the Series for a long time. Between 2013 and 2021, coach Paco Hernández participated in 26 competitions, becoming captain in 2017. The Los Leones Sevens have improved since his January replacement of his former teammate Pablo Feijoó. They played their finest two competitions in Hong Kong and Singapore, scoring 18 much-needed points.

In the lead-up to Toulouse, Hernández declares, “We are looking at ourselves. Since January, we have developed, becoming better with each tour, and our dynamics in the previous two competitions were strong. The goal is to perform well in competition, keep getting better, and have a chance to place in the top eight.

Los Leones Sevens defeated the All Blacks Sevens in Cape Town and the South African Sevens in Singapore during a season in which they won 18, drew 2, and lost 30 games. Although neither Spain nor Uruguay Rugby World Cup 2023 will lose sleep over what the other team accomplishes to claim the 11th spot, they will both strive hard to control the variables that they can.

We can control our game
We can control our game

We can control our game

What Uruguay RWC 2023 Squad does, Hernández continues. Both coaches concur that their current attention is mostly on their pool games. On Friday, May 12, Spain will face off against Great Britain before facing Argentina, a squad that has been instrumental in helping Uruguay adjust to the Series.

The last opponent in Pool B and the invited team, Germany, presents Hernández’s squad with the chance to secure their place in the quarterfinals on Saturday. Argentina has been playing well, and it won’t be easy against Great Britain. Germany was the next team that failed to [win] the Challenger Series.

It’s crucial to win the opening game so that you have a higher chance of making it into the top eight. The voyage for Uruguay RWC 2023 Squad Match will start on Friday against Kenya and Canada, and it will end the following day with a match against the All Blacks Sevens. We need them prepared for the opening kickoff on Friday.

Series of quarterfinals

Dugonjic continues, “The objective is to be solid on the first day, without going into specifics about each opponent. Since there are no simple teams for us, it will be difficult. We shall attempt to accomplish the goal whether we succeed or fail. Spain recently placed in the top eight in Hong Kong, whilst Uruguay twice advanced to the quarterfinals of the Series.

It would be their fourth meeting this year if their paths did cross. Spain triumphed 19-14 in Hong Kong in November. Uruguay Rugby World Cup player won the following two games, 24-12 in Cape Town and 26-5 in Sydney. Their season stats, which are nearly completely equal, support this.

The goal is to compete, capitalize on our advantages, have a fantastic tournament, and ideally place in the top four. We are a squad that may be difficult to play against, adds Hernández, and in Hong Kong, where our ticket to the semifinals evaded us in overtime.


Spain planned their strategy for the game in Toulouse while preparing in Madrid to refine the specifics. The Spanish coach is known for having a light workload and high standards.

Playing near helps after so much traveling. Toulouse is close to the border, so we anticipate seeing a lot of our supporters there. After continuing their work in Montevideo, Los Teros Sevens moved several days earlier to Cap Breton, close to Biarritz, a location France Sevens frequently visit for practice.

While the other three teams compete in their respective Regional Sevens Championships
While the other three teams compete in their respective Regional Sevens Championships

Uruguay’s Rugby World Cup Squad will depend on its players, who are a ready and motivated regular team. The guys appear good, at ease, and assured. The rest will come on its own, says former international Dugonjic; you only need to search for security and firmness. is the best website to buy Rugby World Cup Tickets. RWC 2023 fans can buy RWC 2023 Tickets from our website.