Wimbledon will have another timetable from 2022 onwards, however previous world number one Andy Murray accepts there are a few changes that can be made to work on the opposition. Wimbledon, which will commend its 135th version one year from now, will occur more than 14 days and will run from June 27 to July 10. Tennis fans can buy Wimbeldon Tickets from our website.

Andy Murray has approached Wimbledon managers to modify their recently declared timetable for the 2022 competition. Competition coordinators have chosen to have a round of 16 matches played on the center Sunday and into Monday, just as prior blended pairs last.

Wimbeldon Tickets - Andy Murray Suggests Pushing Back Mixed Doubles Final As New Wimbledon Schedule For 2022 Is Announced
Andy Murray Suggests Pushing Back Mixed Doubles Final As New Wimbledon Schedule For 2022 Is Announced

The blended pairs draw has diminished in size with the last moved from the Sunday to the last Thursday; that very day as the women’s singles semi-finals. Murray has asked authorities to push back the blended pairs last.

“I concur with the progressions to blended copies making it a more modest draw yet not moving last significantly sooner,” the Scot composed on Twitter because of the temporary new timetable for 2022 onwards.

“I think on the off chance that it began later because of the more limited draw you could make the sign-in on Friday evening and it completed on Saturday/Sunday it would urge more top players to play. “Top players who have lost right off the bat In singles would be more disposed to play blended in this situation I accept.

“At present, the sign-in for blended is on Wednesday morning I think..so just top singles players who have lost in the first round may choose to play.

Murray vs Diego Schwartzman

“If you change that to Friday/Saturday sign in you increment that pool of players fundamentally. More top pairs players would play in this situation too I think?”

Murray will play Diego Schwartzman in the round of 16 of the European Open in Antwerp, Belgium on Thursday evening. The three-time Grand Slam champion beat Frances Tiafoe 7-6, 6-7, 7-6 in the first round in what was the longest three-set match of 2021

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