Olympic paris: That is the subject being argued as the countdown to the Olympic Games in Paris, France next year begins and the horrific war in Ukraine continues, nearly a year after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an unjustified invasion of a neighboring country.

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Olympic athletics from Russia and Belarus, which has offered military and political backing to Moscow, have no right to compete, according to Ukraine and its allies, given the death and destruction wreaked by Putin’s invasion. Russia’s military began targeting Ukraine’s energy and other infrastructure in October 2022, putting millions of Ukrainians in the dark and freezing. Russian bombing has reduced towns and cities to ruins, with the most recent victims being Bakhmut and Vuhledar in eastern Ukraine.

Torture, rape, summary killings, and children being forcibly relocated to Russia, in some cases to be “reeducated” at special camps recorded by Ukrainians affected by the invasion. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has stated that having Russian Olympic athletics March as a delegation is impossible when.

“Bombs are still pouring down on Ukraine.”

Olympic Paris participation politics are not only emotionally charged, but also complex, with numerous competing national and diplomatic interests and historic legislation emphasizing participation as a human right. While there have been Olympic bans and boycotts before, the issue continues to split both athletic officials and spectators, posing challenging concerns about the responsibility Olympic athletics carry for the conduct of their governments. Learn the Olympic athletics history.

Ukraine Supports Russian Ban in Olympic Paris 2024

The Ukraine Advocates Russian Ban Kyiv has started a public relations campaign to garner support for either a boycott of the games or a ban on the Russian and Belarusian Olympic teams, including all of its Olympic athletics. While there has been talking of boycotting the Paris Olympics, only Latvia and Estonia have publicly stated that they will not attend if Russia and Belarus participate.

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Russian participation in the Olympics in Paris, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, would be a “manifestation of violence.”

“You know which national team would occupy first place if Olympic sports were killings and missile strikes,” Zelenskiy remarked.

On February 10, he was speaking at a virtual gathering of 35 sports ministers, including those from the US, Germany, and Australia, who all declared their readiness to support an Olympic boycott of Russia and Belarus, the strongest such backing to date.

Dominik Hasek, a legend in Czech ice hockey, is a steadfast and outspoken supporter of a total Russian ban. He told RFE/Tatar-Bashkir RL’s Service that

“Unfortunately, at the moment, any Russian athlete partaking in ‘our’ games is a fantastic billboard for the Russian war and Russian atrocities, and it costs a lot of Ukrainian lives.”

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They as Neutral Competitors for Olympic Paris Summer Games

After a suggestion by the International Olympic Committee four days after Russia’s full-scale invasion began on February 24, 2022, Russian and Belarusian Olympic athletics barred from numerous international competitions. However, the IOC declared in January that it was looking into “a road” that would permit Russian and Belarusian Olympic athletics engage in international sporting competitions as neutral participants, making what appeared to be a significant U-turn.

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The IOC has previously taken a position on this. Between 2018 through 2022, Russian Olympic athletics competed at three consecutive winter and summer Olympics without their national anthem or flag due to systemic doping and state-sponsored cover-ups.

The IOC ignored calls then for Russian Olympic athletics to be banned outright. Today, the Olympic organisation is asserting that no decisions on Olympic athletics’ participation not least in Paris next year made, and none of its earlier pronouncements have addressed the subject.

According to the IOC Media Department’s statement to RFE/RL.

“The issue at hand is the upcoming summer sports season and the participation of [Russian and Belarusian Olympic athletics] in international tournaments in Asia. There is no mention of the Olympic Games in Paris 2024 for Olympic athletics with Russian or Belarusian passports in any of the IOC publications.”

A Previous History of Bans and Boycotts in Olympic

The IOC has stated that any potential boycott of the tournament would be in violation of the Olympic Charter even though there has been no decision regarding the entry of Russian or Belarusian athletes in Olympic athletics.

Other analysts, however, contest these assertions and point out previous Olympic boycotts and bans. According to Edward Hunter Christie, a former NATO official with experience in interpreting international sanctions, “the proposed prohibition is not against Olympic athletics of Russian heritage, of which there are many in other nations, not least Ukraine.”

In his comments to RFE/RL, Christie said, “The ban is on a specific national team that is made up of people of that nation, and it has legal precedent, for example, limitations on South Africa’s participation in international sports in the apartheid era.”

Olympic athletics have occasionally prohibited from competing at the Olympics, however, this is extremely uncommon and its application is inconsistent. As Christie said, after the apartheid system fell, South Africa and all of its Olympic athletics banned before the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and not re-admitted until just before the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

More recently, the Taliban, which overthrown in October 2001 after the U.S.-led invasion of the nation following the 9/11 attacks a month earlier in the United States, banned female Olympic athletics, preventing Afghanistan and all of its Olympic athletics from competing in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Central Powers

Today’s Ukraine should take note of the fact that many nations responsible for starting wars not invited to the Olympics. The Central Powers that had lost the war—Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Hungary—did not participate in the Antwerp Olympics in 1920, which took place two years after the end of World War I. The first Winter Olympics held in Chamonix, France, in 1924, and those same nations not permitted to participate. Three years after the end of World War II, Germany, and Japan were once more excluded from the London Olympics.

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At times, however, the IOC has not taken strong action against aggressors, and nations have varied in their boycott policies, frequently following their political allegiances. Only three nations boycotted the 1956 Melbourne Olympics: Spain, Switzerland, and the Netherlands after Soviet forces put down an anti-Communist revolt in Hungary that year. The Blood in the Water match a water polo match between the Soviets and Hungarians that marred by violence. In retaliation for Britain, France, and Israel invading their nation during the Suez Crisis, Egypt and its allies boycotted the 1956 Olympics.

There was no boycott of the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City when Soviet-led forces invaded the country in August to put an end to the reformist Prague Spring. To protest the invasion, gymnast Vera Caslavska, Czechoslovakia’s most decorated Olympic athlete and a vocal critic of communism who imprisoned for her opposition, held a silent protest during a medal ceremony, looking down and away when the national anthem of the Soviet Union sung.

Olympics in Moscow in 1980

Notwithstanding its invasion of Afghanistan, the Soviet Union hosted the Olympics in Moscow in 1980 and participated in them as well. Around 60 countries participated in the largest-ever Olympic boycott, which was led by the United States. Several nations, notably Britain, participated in the competition but flew Olympic flags. In retaliation, the Soviet Union and 14 other Eastern Bloc nations abstained from the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

Although Yugoslavia embroiled in the civil war and subject to UN sanctions in 1992, the IOC allowed its athletes to compete in Olympic athletics as Independent Olympic Participants wearing neutral uniforms at the Barcelona Games. The IOC has indicated that this might serve as a model for Russian Olympic athletics to use in Paris the following year.

The International Olympic Committee which is based in Switzerland does not appear inclined to entertain suggestions of a boycott as it considers a compromise to allow Russian and Belarusian Olympic athletics to compete. Not Russia, but Ukraine accused of violating the Olympic Charter for calling on other National Olympic Committees to boycott the Paris Games, according to IOC president Thomas Bach.

Gold-medal fencer Bach, a German lawyer, unsuccessfully opposed West Germany’s participation in the boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics. It led Bach to believe that “a sports boycott serves nothing,” as he would later claim.

In a letter to Ukraine’s National Olympic Committee President Vadym Huttsayt, seen by Reuters, Bach said claims that allowing Russian and Belarusian Olympic athletics back into the Olympics would promote the invasion were “defamatory.”

“Therefore, your letter…to your fellow NOCs, to the International Federations, IOC Members, and to future Olympic hosts, pressuring them in an attempt to publicly influence their decision making, has been perceived by the vast majority of them as, at the very least, extremely regrettable,” Bach reportedly wrote.

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