Andy Leslie, a twin New Zealand global, remains as fervent about sport nowadays as he prepared once he originally sported the grey fern 57 years ago. Finest known as the All-Blacks Captain Andy Leslie held from 1974 to 1976, Leslie remained an outfielder. Rugby World Cup fans can buy New Zealand Vs Uruguay Tickets from our website.

The Travellers – the New Zealand men’s softball squad that played at the primary world finals in 1966. He manipulated both sports until the periods met too much and he obviously to emphasis the All-Blacks Captain Andy Leslie at the Rugby world cup.

All Blacks captain Andy Leslie reflects on his youth and fears for the future
All Blacks captain Andy Leslie reflects on his youth and fears for the future

Four memberships of the lengthy Leslie domestic have played worldwide sports. At 78, Andy’s leftovers actively complicated the diversion. He remained the unique of five living Pilgrims privileged.

An on-diamond rite at December’s Softball Rugby world cup. In Auckland jerry can immobile be understood scheduled. The sidelines at his cherished Petone Rugby world cup Club on wintertime Saturdays.

What are your memories of that tournament?

I disrupted playing rugby and had to permit a qualification test to brand the trip. The doc put a twosome of gunshots into my bear, and I remained attractive and reassured. Once I got a sphere in the outfield and remained able to toss it to primary All-Blacks Captain Andy Leslie.

Or additional dishonourable, no worry at all together. The trip was a countless knowledge, we stationary rotten in Hawaii and waited at Pearl Port and sightsaw about America. It remained a stage in the unidentified then no one distinguished abundant around us.

At Mexico City, they elevated the Australian standard, not the New Zealand one. We needed a new team.

When you got back home from Mexico wasn’t there an unexpected bonus?

People beings the only Government personnel who become salaried. For on behalf of New Zealand remained the All Blacks, cricketers. For reason the spray lifeguards.

I was employed at the Woburn Shops then as an electrical righter. So I needed to take permission deprived of pay. Nonetheless Walter Nash said beforehand we left-hand. If you do healthy, you’ll be paid. So I became spinal wage once I got home-based.

Who was the original in the Leslie domestic to denote New Zealand?

Dad Andy Sr emanated ready from Linthligow in Scotland at 18 and played soccer now. Then he departed vertebral to Edinburgh and played expert ball. For Hibernian for twosome years – strength has remained single of the first Protestants.

To production for Hibs! He originated spinal to Wellington. Then gained a twosome of Chatham Dishes with Petone in 1928 and then 1930. And taught them. He too played four games for New Zealand in 1936 and then in 1937. All my friends played RWC, so I played too.

New Zealand punish pedestrian Ireland to secure Rugby World Cup semi final
New Zealand punish pedestrian Ireland to secure Rugby World Cup semi-final

But doubt every game was annulled I’d go and get disposed of soccer if I might. I might head a ball, trap a sphere and boost with together bases. Dad didn’t aware I’m sorry sport I played as extended as I remained to play a diversion. And I still reason that’s significant for children nowadays.

So fixed you support Scotland touching the All Blacks for a while?

At the 1999 Rugby world cup, Chris and Trish Cullen were Christian’s parentage. Were inactive by us in the attitudes at Edinburgh for the Scotland v NZ semifinal. Martin had completed a breakdown besides I was calming him.

Chris said in what way canister you be soothing for Scotland. I alleged my lad – blood’s denser than water. Then I said: ‘There’s perhaps a fair accidental New Zealand’s successful to victory this game.

What’s your favourite memory of being a Black?

Existence is designated for the first period. I’d played a lot of experimental competitions besides had stood underneath. The stands eavesdropping on a portion of All Black line-up messages. I’d hear A R read out and grow my confidence. But it would continuously be A R Sutherland. Equal initials, similar location. But in ‘74, after they supposed A R Leslie. I didn’t hear anything after that. Then [Ian] Liquid Stevens gave me a prod and supposed even captain. Rugby World Cup fans can buy Rugby world cup Tickets from our website.

Rugby World Cup   New Zealand v South Africa
Rugby World Cup New Zealand v South Africa

Ian Kirkpatrick who’d remained released as the head was the next being to commend me. And the primary wire I got came after his domestic. That thought a lot around the gentleman. I supposed he was the greatest RWC player in the world.

Was it scary captaining the All Blacks on debut?

I originate the view as extremely problematic. After the side was called. I met Lesley for a banquet at the guesthouse then we originated home to stay. Subsequent pre-lunch was when I comprehended the heinousness of the chore at the arrow.

I can still ponder eating banquets and moneymaking and actuality sadistically ill. I understood anything’s the opposite of me. It stayed all eagerness and enjoyment on the nightly. I think the currency was released. It was better than being the Major Minister, I’ll tell you. You’ve got far additional detractors.

What was it like leading on the field?

I continuously touched the calmest sports. We will play remained for the All Blacks since of the excellence of the players everywhere. I got countless sustenance from the All Blacks team.

We obligated a lot of county leaders on the side – people like Kirky and Tane Norton.  We remained practised. I was 28, and 29 and required played 99 cups for Wellington at that step.

Do you think your All Blacks team would have won that series with neutral referees?

That was New Zealand’s choice. They selected to go with home-based refs, and nonetheless we had the excellent. I think we might have won the previous test with a neutral ref.

 Once here could have remained a twosome of drawback tries. Nonetheless, we needed chances in other sports and played some bloody upright RWC 2023 there. Peter Whiting and others obligated superb tours.

You played in the amateur era when all Blacks had day jobs, so what did you do?

I functioned with 1946 to 1954 All Blacks fullback Bob Scott in a sportswear workshop in Petone. It started as Bob Scott Sportswear formerly I accepted into the commercial and it developed Scott and Leslie. Bob needed to remain a great softballer during his period.

Rugby World Cup  Formidable All Blacks await Ireland
Rugby World Cup Formidable All Blacks await Ireland

We didn’t do abundant effort, but we communicated a dreadful lot. If I complete a twosome of errors on the RWC field, I saw all about it! I was near for 25 centuries. Till I locked the workshop in 2000 after the commercial got so firm for solitary dealers. I reserved the extensive side profitable.  Became into Gilbert Rugby world cup 2023 balls and developed our rugby kind.

How do you think the All Blacks will go at the 2023 Rugby World Cup?

We stand successful to be gory hard to tired. We’ve got approximately countless companies, I’m just eager they stay injury-free. Other sides are infectious up and there’s a lot of weight now.

Then we’ve seen in what way foul that can be by the new sacking of trainers. Such as the Wallabies’ Kiwi coach Dave Rennie. Nonetheless, I contemplate the All Blacks stand emerging well and I’ve grown a share of optimism for them. is the best website to buy Rugby World Cup Tickets. RWC 2023 fans can buy Rugby world cup 2023 Tickets from our website.