Welsh players refused to play in England before the RWC 2023 if the pay line continues. The meeting between the two countries has been called into question as the Welsh players consider going on strike to extend their contract. England meet Wales in Cardiff next Saturday but many players are unhappy with their financial situation and a goal remains a serious option. Rugby World Cup fans can buy Wales Vs Georgia Tickets from our website.

The Welsh Rugby World Cup team has failed to agree on budgets for next season for four of the Welsh regional teams, preventing players from signing contracts. Many Welsh players face an uncertain future with many big deals just four months away. The Mail quoted an unnamed Welsh player as saying: I can’t get a mortgage and I’m on anti-depressants. I’m also one major injury away from being out of a job in July, but I start for Country Wales every week and WRU makes tens of millions from caps.

Netflix cameras 'thrown out' by Wales players as strike action planned before England matc
Netflix cameras ‘thrown out’ by Wales players as strike action planned before England matc

Two games and now The Times reports that senior members of the squad met with Nigel Walker, WRU’s interim CEO, on Wednesday to frame demands they want to meet or take action to include felling tools for a Test in England. The demands were as follows: Abolition of the 60-game rule that prevents under-scored players from representing their country when going abroad. Eliminate the proposed contract structure where only 80% of salaries are guaranteed and 20% are unlocked with unrealistic bonuses.

This is having a profound impact on players

Secure a seat at the negotiating table for the Welsh RWC Players Association. On the same day, however, the WRU stated that there was no budgetary room for maneuvering. The WRPA then issued a statement: This is having a profound impact on players, particularly those not under contract, and is taking a toll on mental health and general well-being, the statement said.

A strike is something we as a players’ union would like to avoid and our members want to be on the field as always, but it seems the fear caused by the situation is now affecting players’ lives and professions. The players have had enough. This is not a Championship Manager game. Again, players should clean up someone else’s mess. We understand that the negotiations are complex, but this particular issue has been going on for a long time, with deadlines set and missed, and promises made and broken.

Wales introduced the 60 caps rule in 2017, under which players who subsequently signed deals to trade outside of Wales were deemed ineligible for Test selection unless they won 60 or more caps. That would deter several players from representing them at September’s Rugby World Cup, including Will Rowlands, who has played 23 games and will join French club Racing 92 next season. ‘s ex-captain Sam Warburton explained the bonuses to the Times.

Wales name team to play Argentina
Wales name team to play Argentina

Players think that because the overall budget

The big problem is that only 80% of the contract is guaranteed and the rest is based on win bonuses. Players think that because the overall budget is severely reduced, the chances of winning will, of course, be much less. They feel as if they have been told to write paper contracts that will surely be 30 or 40% cheaper than they are now, and they are quite irritated that none of the trainers or staff (in the Regions or WRU) are on this type of contract.

Gatland would not support Wales’s players if they strike for the England fixture

Warren Gatland has said he will not support his Welsh players if they threaten to go on strike as England has had to travel to Cardiff in the Six Nations every week on Saturday. The row between the players and the governing body escalated on Tuesday when the Wales RWC Players’ Association raised the possibility of an unprecedented strike in protest at a proposed six-day deal between the regions and the Welsh Rugby Union.

The new contract terms would mean a lower base salary for players and the introduction of a new bonus structure, but players are determined not to accept the terms. On Wednesday, the Professional Rugby World Cup Board said there was no room for negotiations, prompting an angry backlash from the WRPA. The deadline for completing the deal was set for February 28, 3 days after the England meeting. Rugby World Cup fans can buy Wales Vs Australia Tickets from our website.

He would support a player’s strike

But after players took a 20% pay cut during the Covid-19 pandemic, it seems unlikely they will accept another cut. When asked if he would support a players’ strike, Gatland replied no. I fully support their position in terms of willingness to solve their problems. But there’s so much more at stake, there’s a lot at stake when it comes to making sure the game runs. I support the players and the things they’re trying to do. My role is just to get the team ready for next week.

We've got work to do Alun Wyn Jones
We’ve got work to do Alun Wyn Jones

In a clear sign of distress among the Welsh players, former captain Alun Wyn Jones refused to speak to the media at the team’s base near Cardiff until the cameras filming the Netflix documentary were aloof. Jones said the strike is the last option but players feel stuck by the offer and the restrictions it will bring. The regulations state that players signed by clubs outside of Wales can only be included in the national selection if they have won more than 60, caps, severely limiting opportunities for young players.

This should have been fixed a long time ago, he said. It’s disappointing that we’ve been playing RWC for 20 years and we keep repeating the same things. On the possibility of a players’ strike, he said: It’s hard to deny, but it’s the last option. If you treat people badly long enough, you will end up where we are at the end of the day. We know what we do and how happy we are with it. But if it were a different type of job or a different industry.

You’re stuck as a player with no options

About the fact that one feels regret and sadness that it has gotten so much worse, he said: a lot. But you don’t want to see 20-year-old players who don’t know where their careers are headed. You’re stuck as a player with no options, which isn’t ideal for anyone. There is pressure to settle the dispute ahead of next week’s Six Nations game. Particularly given the revenue raised for the union. To avoid a strike, Jones said. We also want a voice and a discussion on the abolition of the 60-cap rule.

We are aware that we have to restore financial balance, but again this is about players. Gatland, who returned to Wales as head coach in December. After Wayne Pivac was sacked aged less than a year to prepare for the World Cup in France. Said: The players have been fantastic in recent days. They have a problem with the split they want to remedy that. But as far as Rugby World Cup is concerned they have been fantastic with the way they prepared.

Saying that players win too much is a bit hypocritical, I don’t see how this can be their fault. We have been spending in Wales for many years and some areas are experiencing financial difficulties. We have a small request for a favor. Since we began publishing 200 years ago, millions of people have trusted us. The Guardian’s courageous journalism turned to us in times of crisis, uncertainty, solidarity, and hope.

Warren Gatland returns as Wales head coach after Wayne Pivac sacking
Warren Gatland returns as Wales head coach after Wayne Pivac sacking

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