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Fc Barcelona vs Madrid – Is it game over for Hazard and Philippe?

Two of the most expensive football players are facing a hard time showing their performance for their clubs. Football has become the biggest sport where big prices are paid for the transfer of players. But sometimes, this big money is nothing but a waste. Hazard and Philippe are two examples of these transfers. Fans can buy Madrid vs Barcelona Tickets from our website.

Hazard and Philippe were bought by paying big prices by Real Madrid and Barcelona respectively. But it doesn’t seem like a good decision now as both of the players are not showing performances for their clubs.

Coutinho and Hazard
Coutinho and Hazard

The situation for both players is the same as both left English clubs where they were the finest players of the Premier League. Both moved to LaLiga Santander but failed to impress with their performance. Clubs of both players are paying over 100 million euros for them.

Eden Hazard:

Hazard was brought to Real Madrid in 2019 when Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Juventus in 2018. Real Madrid spent 100 million euros to get Hazard out from Chelsea in his last contract year. But this plan for Madrid doesn’t seem to be going well till now.

Hazard arrived at Real Madrid in 2019. Since then he is suffering from injuries and barely played for the club under Carlo Ancelotti this season. He only appeared for 12 minutes in LaLiga Santander for Madrid and he never played a single El Clasico.

His market value has fallen, now Transfermarkt only valuing him for just 25 million euros.

Philippe Coutinho:

Barcelona spent 120 million euros and 40m in variable to sign Coutinho when Neymar moved to Paris Saint-Germain. Coutinho was supposed to be a replacement for Neymar.

When he moved to F.C Barcelona his market value was 150 million euros but now it has fallen to just 14 million euros. It seems to be an ill-fated move for him.

The arrival of Xavi at Camp Nou doesn’t seem to change the fate of Coutinho because he already had enough time to impress fans and members of the board but couldn’t impress. is the best website to buy tickets for El Clasico. Fans can buy Madrid vs Fc Barcelona Tickets from our website.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona – Chelsea could allow Christian Pulisic to leave

Chelsea can allow Christian Pulisic to leave, The American forward player is linked with F.C Barcelona.

F.c Barcelona is searching for a forward-attacking player to strengthen their attacking strategy. This aim of Barcelona now seems to be completed because Chelsea and their manager Thomas Tuchel have opened the doors of opportunity for Christian Pulisic to leave in January 2022. Fans can buy tickets for El Clasico from our website.

Pulisic was a key player to Chelsea in the beginning when he joined Chelsea. But due to the lack of consistency of Pulisic Chelsea was facing a hard time.

Christian Pulisic
Christian Pulisic

Xavi Hernandez the new boss of Barcelona is eager to make his second signing since he joined Barcelona early this month. Now, if Barcelona wants to sign Pulisic it will depend upon Chelsea how much fee they charge for him.

It is being reported that Tuchel is confirmed to sell Pulisic in January, even though both of them have a strong personal relationship with each other.

Barcelona is facing problems regarding their financial situation because if they want to add a new player to the team, they have to showcase some creative accounting and deal structuring.

F.c Barcelona will offer Raheem a loan deal to strengthen their squad. Barcelona is not in a position to open its wallet. While Sterling seems to be interested in Manchester United.

Pulisic has been struggling with injuries throughout this season as he has only played four games this season 2021/22. The fellow American of Pulisic, Sergio Dest is already playing for Barcelona so possibly Pulisic might move to Barcelona temporarily.

Problems in attack:

The heart problem of Sergio Aguero has increased the urge of F.C Barcelona to add a new forward to the squad in January. Xavi the new boss is only relying on Ansu Fati, Luuk de Jong, Memphis Depay, and Ousmane Dembele.

There’s not enough variety for the strength of the club that’s why Barca wants to add new players in winter.

Pulisic would be the second contract under Xavi’s tenure as a coach. Fc Barcelona signed Dani Alves for his experience and trophy-winning experience under his belt. Pulisic on the other hand is not that experienced despite his stay in London and Borussia Dortmund. is the best website to buy Barcelona vs Real Madrid tickets. Fans can buy El Clasico Tickets from our website.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona – It’s now or never for Pogba and Real Madrid

Paul Pogba is about to reach an important moment in his career. The talent of Pobga is witnessed by everyone and undoubtedly he is an excellent player. Now, he has reached a stage of his career where he is going to sign his big contract for the last time. Fans can buy Fc Barcelona vs Madrid Tickets from our website.

His career curve might be facing downslide after the injury of thigh he suffered during the training drill of his national team France. This is Pogba’s third injury in recent two years and now it seems like this thigh injury has come to a bad time when he is up for the big contract.

Paul Pogba
Paul Pogba

The Manchester United player is expected to play again in January 2022. He has to take some serious decisions for his career as his contract at the Premier League is going to end in June of 2022. He will become a free agent by June 2022 if he doesn’t sign a new deal with Manchester United. His thigh injury seems to convince him to end his time in Manchester Utd.

Paul Pogba was sent to play for Man Utd against Liverpool when they were down by 4-0. Pogba made it worse by playing the game for 16 minutes and getting a red card. He was then set to serve a three-match ban. Manchester United legend Paul Scholes shared a scathing about Pogba.

“It has created havoc in recent years,” said Scholes.

“Everyone knows what talent he has, all the coaches believe in him and everyone has allowed him to be the player he was.

“He didn’t sign a new contract, so he almost holds the club hostage and now he has.”

Real Madrid waiting in the wings:

Real Madrid seems to be interested in Pogba as they have been keeping eye on him for a while. They are considering Pogba for a replacement of some in their team. Now, Real Madrid will see what Pogba and his agent Mino Raiola do in the coming months.

Pogba is also linked to moving into Paris Saint-Germain and his old club Juventus. is the best website to buy tickets for El Clasico. Fans can buy Madrid vs Fc Barcelona Tickets from our website.

El Clasico – The reason Conte will sign Gareth Bale over Hazard

Gareth Bale contract with Real Madrid will come to an end in summer 2022.

The coach of Tottenham Hotspur F.C seems to be interested in bringing Gareth Bale back to his team. Gareth Bale contract with Madrid will come to an end in summer 2022.

It is a question that will Tottenham sign Gareth Bale again because Bale will join Tottenham for the third time. Bale plied his trade and he was loaned out to Tottenham last season before joining Real Madrid. Fans can buy tickets for El Clasico from our website.

Gareth Bale Madrid & Hazard
Bale & Hazard

It is reportedly said that Conte has already turned off the possibilities to sign his former team player Eden Hazard. Conte believes that Eden Hazard lacks a work rate.

“Daniel Levy would like to sign a Real Madrid player, but one who is always injured,” Inda told El Chiringuito.

“He wanted to sign Eden Hazard, but Conte has told him ‘no’ because he knows him from when he coached Chelsea and says that he has little intensity and that he is not a very hard worker.

“The most striking thing is the player that Conte has asked Levy to being to London. That’s Gareth Bale.

“Bale’s contract runs until the end of the season, but in winter he would not be free.”

Gareth Bale scored 16 goals and three assists for Tottenham last season.

Bale is back with Wales:

The national of Wale has played very least for Real Madrid this season. Bale picked an injury in the first stretch of 2021/22 which sidelined him to play for Madrid.

Now, Bale is currently playing for the Wale’s national team in November international break, and he is expected to return to Real Madrid’s camp in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, the future of Bale and Hazard remains uncertain, as Madrid currently has no plans to extend the contract with Bale. is the best website to buy el Clasico tickets. Fans can buy Barcelona vs Real Madrid Tickets from our website.

Tickets for El Clasico – Less and less Hazard for Real Madrid

Eden Hazard is getting fewer minutes to play for Real Madrid. His playing minutes are getting shorter.

The winger for Real Madrid Eden Hazard is getting fewer and fewer minutes to play for his club. He only got 12 minutes to play in the last three games. Fans can buy Barcelona vs Real Madrid Tickets from our website.

The coach of Real Madrid Carlo Ancelotti said before the Madrid match with Vallecano that the winger will get minutes to play. He played but only for seven minutes.

Eden Hazard
Eden Hazard

It seems like the former Chelsea player is losing his place at Real Madrid and it’s clear that Ancelotti is not favourable to him anymore.

Out of the Real Madrid starting XI:

Many had expected that Hazard will be part of the lineup against Vallecano as Rodrygo was out of the game. But Marco Asensio was lined up instead of Hazard. Ancelotti has figured it out that the right-wing is not that suitable for Hazard and the coach’s recent choices show that he sees Hazard as the fourth option.

The coach seems to have decided Hazard’s fate only as a bench player as he only gives Hazard a short run-out. You can’t consider Hazard for a short run out when you have bought him for so much money from Chelsea two years ago.

Vinicius is the main man:

The main reason why Hazard is getting shorter minutes is because of the form of Vinicius Jr. The Brazilian player is playing extremely well this season. While Hazard is out of form and seldom plays the exceptional game.

It means that the minutes are premium on the left and there’s no room for Hazard in Ancelotti’s room.

Belgium is an oasis:

Eden Hazard for Real Madrid seems to be a shadow of the player once he was. But he remains a key player for his national team Belgium. The home team is an oasis for Hazard while he is facing a hard time in Madrid.

Belgium team only need three points to make their spot at Qatar 2022 and Hazard might be playing a leading role against Estonia and Wales. is the best website to buy tickets for El Clasico. Fans can buy Real Madrid vs Barcelona Tickets from our website.

Fc Barcelona vs Madrid Tickets – Xavi’s first task: Therapy for his players

The new coach of F.c Barcelona Xavi has to boost the morale of his squad aside from coaching. The coach of Barcelona team B Sergi Barjuan was appointed coach for team A until the new coach was hired. Sergi tried his best to keep the team motivated and leave them in the best state possible for the upcoming coach. Fans can buy Fc Barcelona vs Madrid Tickets from our website.

But Barcelona’s loss against Vigo on Saturday has left them disheartened and unmotivated. Barcelona managed good results in the Champions League to keep their motivation high for the European season alive. But Barcelona had to face four consecutive losses without a win in Laliga Santander. Their 3-3 draw with Celta Vigo left them even more disheartened.

Fc Barcelona vs Madrid Tickets Xavi Hernandez
Xavi Hernandez

At end of the match with Vigo, the problem with Barcelona players looked to go beyond football. Barcelona players were nervous in the final stretch of the match. It was suggested that even Phillipe Coutinho did not come to replace the injured Ansu Fati on the pitch. When the question about this issue was asked, Sergi refused to explain.

Frenkie de Jong said it was a “Lack of character” between the Barcelona players. It can easily be observed that the Dutch footballer was feeling frustrated in the match against Vigo.

Now new coach Xavi will come to know that he needs his big players to come forward in this difficult situation.

Problems at the Back:

Firstly, Xavi has to resolve the defensive issues of Barcelona. Barca has faced problems in defence all season. Eric Garcia is majorly facing a hard time in defence since he has joined Barcelona from Manchester City.

Marc-André ter Stegen needs special focus of Xavi. Marc has been one of the best goalkeepers of the LaLiga and now he has become the weak point of Barcelona. Marc-Andre’s form is also a major concern of Xavi.

Barcelona players are also having injury issues. A total of 11 players are facing major or minor injuries. Now Xavi will have to resolve the on-field issue as well as off-field issues. Everyone believes that Xavi is the man who can make Barcelona play good football again. is the best website to buy football tickets. Fans can buy Madrid vs Fc Barcelona Tickets from our website.

Madrid vs Barcelona Tickets – Vinicius Jr called to Brazil squad due to Firmino’s injury

The coach of the Brazil Football team Tite has called Vinicius Jr to add him to the squad. Tite recognizes the form of Vinicius Jr for his club Real Madrid. It is never late for the coach to call Vinicius Jr to add Vinicius to the Brazilian squad because Roberto Firmino is outlined due to injury. Fans can buy Fc Barcelona vs Madrid Tickets and Madrid vs Barcelona Tickets from our website.

Firmino was added to the squad as a substitute against Atletico Madrid. Madrid won that game by 2-0. But Firmino suffered a hamstring injury during the match and was not able to play for the team in that match.

Madrid vs Barcelona Tickets Vinicius Jr.
Vinicius Jr.

The medical staff of Liverpool F.C in which Firmino plays has confirmed that the Brazilian national will not be able to play until h recovers from the injury.

Tite did not add Vinicius Jr to the squad instead Firmino, Coutinho, Antony, and Raphinha were added to the squad. Tite faced criticism because everybody knew the face that Vinicius Jr was in best form these days for Real Madrid.

Vinicius Jr’s form:

Vinicius is the most in-form player from the Brazilian team who are playing in the Champions League. He has scored nine goals and seven assists for Madrid. Vinicius is partnering with Karmin Benzema on the same level as Benzema used to do with Cristiano Ronaldo years ago.

The Brazilian coach did not select at the first still knowing his in-form performance. Vinicius was not selected to play against Colombia and Argentina. Although, people criticize Tite and were angry over the non-selection of Vinicius.

Now the Coach has called Vinicius to add him to the national squad because he got no other option. We will see if Vinicius Jr is given enough minutes to play against both teams and he can make up the numbers or not. is the best website to buy football tickets. Fans can buy Madrid vs Fc Barcelona Tickets from our website.

Al Sadd’s anger with Barcelona for treating Xavi as a done deal

Qatari club Al Sadd is angry over Barcelona for treating the deal as done.

Xavi’s departure to Barcelona Camp Nou is taking more time than expected. Joan Laporta the president of F.C Barcelona is trying his best to take place the deal as soon as possible. Xavi is considered to become a new manager to F.C Barcelona as Barcelona has decided to step down manager Ronald Koeman. Fans can buy El Clasico Tickets from our website.

Both parties Xavi and Barcelona want a deal to be done. But Xavi’s current club Al Sadd is hesitant to allow their coach Xavi to depart for Barcelona.

Al Sadd Barcelona Xavi

As per the news, the Qatar-based club Al Sadd is angry at F.C Barcelona for treating the deal as done. While they have not discussed or contracted with Al Sadd directly at least for now. Joan Laporta and the board of members of F.C Barcelona know that they have to negotiate with Al Sadd, to bring him to their club.

Al Sadd was quiet about the departure of Xavi, but now they have posted their side on Twitter.

“In response to news circulating recently about Xavi’s departure, Al Sadd’s management reaffirms that Xavi has a two-year contract with the club and is completely focused on the team’s next game, to keep top spot in the league and defend the title,” the Qatari club posted.

Xavi himself has not given any statement about his departure to Barcelona. Xavi’s team Al Sadd remain unbeaten through this season until now.

“I’m very concentrated on my work with Al Sadd and I don’t want to talk about anything else,” he stated when he asked about departure to Barcelona.

Barcelona is quiet but they are confident about it. But they are not rushing for anything.

They have not yet directly contacted Al Sadd the club of Xavi. As they think Xavi will do it himself. At least for now, Barcelona is waiting to see what happens. is the best website to buy football tickets. Fans can buy FC Barcelona vs Madrid Tickets from our website.

Tite drops Vinicius Jr and recalls Coutinho to Brazil national team

Real Madrid forward player Vinicius Jr is not added to the Brazilian National team for matches against Argentina and Colombia.

The coach of the Brazilian football team Tite did not add Vinicius Jr to the national squad. The Vinicius Jr is in good form. But Tite left him out of the national squad and Tite added Coutinho to the squad.  Fans can buy El Clasico Tickets from our website.

It seems that the tremendous goal of Vinicius against Shakhtar Donetsk was not good enough for national coach Tite to convince him to get Vinicius added to the squad. Now, Real Madrid’s forward will not be added to the squad to play matches against World Cup qualifiers Argentina and Colombia.

Vinicius Jr.
Vinicius Jr.

The selection method of Tite has made it clear that he has some different perspectives of selecting players for the Brazil national football team. As Antony and Raphinha added to the squad ahead of Vinicius. The decision of adding Coutinho to the squad left everyone surprised. Because the Barcelona midfielder Coutinho had done very limited while playing for the Blaugrana.

Coutinho last appeared on October 14, 2020, in an international match against Peru which was a 4-2 victory. However, that match shows how out of the form he was during the match.

Vinicius Jr doesn’t inspire confidence in Tite:

It is a clear point that Real Madrid Vinicius Jr doesn’t meet the criteria of coach Tite for the selection of the squad. While Vinicius Jr has seven goals and five assists in 15 last matches for Los Merengues.

However, there is a minor chance that there is any other Brazillian player would be available that has this type of form at present. Tite only let him play for 27 minutes of football during his last international break.

Moreover, Vinicius Kr only played against Venezuela. Tite left out Vinicius Jr completely against Colombia and only travelled as an unused substitute against Uruguay.

The complete Brazil squad list:

Goalkeepers: Alisson Becker, Ederson Moraes, Gabriel Chapeco

Defenders: Danilo, Emerson Royal, Alex Sandro, Renan Lodi, Eder Militao, Lucas Verissimo, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva is the best website to buy football tickets. Fans can buy Fc Barcelona vs Madrid Tickets from our website.

Karim Benzema is out of the match with Elche

Real Madrid key player and French forward Karim Benzema is not included in the squad of Real Madrid for the match against Elche today. He will miss his first game of the season.

The coach of Real Madrid Carlo Ancelotti has announced the squad of Real Madrid that will play against the Elche F.c in La Liga today. The notable absence of Karim Benzema in the squad has left everyone surprised. Benzema had a minor injury in Real Madrid’s match with Sheriff. Fans can Buy Real Madrid vs Barcelona Tickets from our website.

Benzema suffered a sharp pain in his instep during the matches. Until he recovered fully he is excluded from the squad to rest completely and get recovered.

Real Madrid key player Karim Benzema
Karim Benzema

French player played matches against Osasuna and Barcelona through the pain, but now Ancelotti has decided to give Karim a break so he soon gets recover from this minor problem. Benzema did not score in his last two matches with Barcelona and Osasuna. Benzema did not appear in Friday’s training session of Real Madrid that happened at Valdebebas. While Ancelotti knows that he needs the forward player for this season.

Through 2020/21, Benzema is the third player with the most minutes in Real Madrid’s squad after Thibaut Courtois and Eder Militao. Karim Benzema has played 1158 minutes of possible 1170 minutes. He has scored 11 goals in 13 matches.  Real Madrid will be able to figure out how their attack can be effective without French Player Benzema. It will help Vinicius Jr to show his form in this particular time when Benzema is not playing in forwarding players.

The full Real Madrid squad vs Elche:

Goalkeepers: Thibaut Courtois, Andriy Lunin, Toni Fuidias.

Defenders: Dani Carvajal, Ferland Mendy, Eder Militao, David Alaba, Jesus Vallejo, Nacho, Marcelo. is the best website to buy football tickets. Fans can buy El Clasico Tickets from our website.

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