Equestrian events were initiated in past Greece. Where it was considered that a perfect partnership was required if rider and horse were to survive in battle. They, therefore, formed Dressage as a way of preparing horses for war. Equestrian events happen at the old Olympic Games in the form of carriage racing. It was a daring and breathless spectacle. The art of riding then fell into obscurity until its revival during the Renaissance. Dressage reached its extreme with the conception of the world-famous Spanish Riding School in 1729 in Vienna.

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A brief overview of the rules

Equestrians open up three standards at the Games, with men and women competing on equal terms. Riders and horses are regular as they jump over deterrents, knocking over as few as possible. With punishment for each obstacle toppled. Agility, technique and compatibility between the horse and rider are necessary.

Dressage is the most progressive form of horse training. The horse and rider perform artistically in order of movements to music. Judges measure the easiness and fluidity with which they move around the course of instruction. The third event, eventing, resembles an equestrian triathlon. It pools the two other events dressage and jumping with a third cross country. Which lies in a long course that combines solid and natural obstacles. Drawing on the athletes’ strengths and mental objects. The horse and rider with the most various accomplishment win the three events.

Olympic Equestrian Event: Dressage

Dressage is the systematized preparation of a horse to move a rider with easiness and grace. Dressage competitions demonstrate the level of training a horse and rider team has attained together. During the test, you will see the horse ridden at various paces and different speeds within those paces. The horses will be asked to fluidly move in continuous lines and circles. The horses will also be asked to move smoothly and obediently sideways, slope and in spot.

You will see horses in the collection where the horse is moving with a high lift of back and legs and extension. Where the horse is reaching far with its legs while still carrying its neck and back in an overhead frame. Olympic-level dressage competition highlights the most modern and refined riding skills. It is mostly known as the ballet of horseback riding.

The initial Olympic competition was in 1912  Although the sport is a hundred years old. Olympic dressage is evaluated by five FEI judges. Each sits in a different position around the area. Scores are settled on the accuracy and glare of each required movement of the assigned test. And rated on a scale of 0 to 10. Horses and riders at the Olympics compete at the highest level of dressage accepted by the FEI, Grand Prix. Kur or freestyle is a dressage test created to music. The score is based on the quality of the movements and the creator’s notion. The highest score wins.

Olympic Equestran Tickets |Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympics Packages | Olympics Hospitality | Olympics 2024 Packages | Olympics 2024 Hospitality
Olympic Equestran Tickets |Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympics Packages | Olympics Hospitality |

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Olympic Equestrian Event: Show Jumping

Show jumping tests the quality of the horse and rider to leap ovserieserial of obstructions inside a riding ring. You will see horses and riders jumping over a pre-set course of 10 to 16 jumps that are up to 6ft 6in (2m) high or wide.

The course designers create courses with many slippery turns and colorful obstacles, challenging the mental and physical agility of both horse and rider. The horse and rider teams must finish within a set time, and the judges give penalties for knocking down rails and other faults.

Scores are based on the number of jumps bash down. Which are falls, touches, refusals to jump, and time penalties. The rider with the fewest penalization wins. Ties are broken by jump-offs with penalties and the fastest times used to break the tie. Riders inspect the course before riding to plan the best scheme for jumping these very challenging courses cleanly and quickly.

Olympic Equestrian Three-Day Eventing

Eventing is a test of the skill, skillfulness, courageousness, and capability of horses and riders. Three-day eventing is held over three days and exists in three disciplines. Cross-country jumping, dressage and stadium jumping. The cross-country phase takes place over a course of natural and man-made physical entities. There can be up to 40 obstructions that horses must jump or go through over the course that is up to four miles long. Scores are based on denial, coming in under or over a set time, and falls of the rider.

Rules for Olympic Equestrian Eventing

Eventing is a combined competition that considers phases of stadium jumping, dressing, and cross-country jumping. Rules for the stadium jump and dressage phases of eventing are similar to those used for the singular events. Cross-country jumps are very noble and not designed to fall or come apart when struck by a horse. Although this is slowly changing because of the many deadly mishaps. That has involved both horses and riders. There may be upright and spreads made of natural and man-made materials. And the course can consider ditches, streams, hills and banks. Judges sit at each obstruction and record any infractions.

Olympic Equestran Tickets |Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympics Packages | Olympics Hospitality |
Olympic Equestran Tickets |Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympics Packages | Olympics Hospitality |

Rules for Olympic Equestrian Dressage

Dressage competition considers the dressage event and the dressage phase of the eventing competition. Judging for dressage is possibly the most subjective of all the Olympic equestrian sports. FEI rules outline the regulation for each gait and element of the dressage test.

The Olympic dressage competition has five judges positioned around the outside of the 20m x 60m ring, each giving a score to each element of the performance, with some elements given greater weight by multiplying the score. The ideal score is 100 percent. Rules regarding the type of track and dress that may be used are very hard-and-fast. Competitors are ineligible if all four hooves land outside of the dressage ring. The horse refuses to perform for over 20 seconds, or the horse or rider falls.

The judges give penalties to riders who deviate from the track or do not perform a proper salute. And for other minor infractions. These are the conduit from the overall score. At the Olympic level penalties of this type are rare.

Athletes who will compete in equestrian eventing at Paris 2024

A total of 65 athletes will take part in the equestrian event in Paris in 2024. Let in three from the host country. There will be a maximum of three athletes per National Olympic Committee (NOC).Including a maximum of two persons or a team of three.

Athletes must be born on or before December 31, 2006, to participate in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. All horses must be born on or before 31 December 2016.

Equestrian eventing athletes to watch at Paris 2024

In Paris 2024, Andrew Hoy has the opportunity to compete at his 9th Olympic Games. A feat only four athletes in the Olympic record have achieved. The 63-year-old Australian won a silver medal in Tokyo 2020 in the eventing team competition. And became Australia’s oldest Olympic medal winner with six medals in his publication.

Olympic Equestran Tickets |Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympics Packages | Olympics Hospitality |
Olympic Equestran Tickets |Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympics Packages | Olympics Hospitality |

At Tokyo 2020, German rider Julia Krajewski made history in single eventing by winning a gold medal. She could become the first woman to win gold in the event since women first participated in the Olympics in Tokyo 1964. On the team side, France will look to achieve more at Paris 2024 than they did at Tokyo 2020. They went to Tokyo as defending champions in team eventing. But Great Britain ended a 49-year drought to right the title for the first time since 1972. And the silver medal went to the Australian team . France has the potential to regain the top spot of the podium once again at the Chateau de Versailles.

Olympic History of Equestrian

The Paris 1900 Games featured equestrian sport. Equestrian sports made their official debut in Stockholm in 1912. At the Helsinki Games in 1952, women started taking part in the dressage event for the first time, which became mixed. Women were able to take part in all equestrian events in 1964, making the sport the only entirely mixed discipline at the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games award medals to both individual competitors and teams.

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