The Rugby Europe Sevens Championship Series will begin with the Algarve 7’s in 2023, and the host team, Portugal RWC 2023 Leader, is preparing for the 7’s season. The “Lobos” are seeking new heights after successfully qualifying for the Rugby World Cup Sevens in 2022. Rugby World Cup fans can buy Georgia vs Portugal Tickets from our website

So, Rodrigo, are you prepared to perform in front of your family and friends at Vila Real de Santo António? RF. We have bigger expectations for this season not just because of what we accomplished last year (qualifying for the 7s Rugby World Cup), but also because of the way we have been training and preparing for the Rugby Europe Sevens Championship Series.

We work out twice to three times every week.
We work out twice to three times every week.

work out twice to three times every week. In terms of the team, we have a youthful group with some former U18 players on board, and we hope to advance through 2023! Our objectives for the Algarve 7’s are only two: to compete as well as we can at the competition.

Portugal RWC 2023 Leader participated in the Men’s Elite competition of the Algarve 7’s in 2022, and you got the chance to experience it. What details can you provide for us? Is the competition fair? RF. I participated in both the 2022 and the 2019 editions, and I have nothing but praise for both. I have pleasant memories of the 2019 edition because we advanced to the final, and my opinion hasn’t changed even if we lost.

Competition with top teams

It is a competition with cool and top teams that raises the stakes and seeks to teach us new concepts while assisting in the fine-tuning of our plan. If we discuss anything other than the teams, I have to say that everything is excellent: the facilities are top-notch, the surface is smooth, and getting there is quite simple.

I’m hoping that the packed stadium, the neighboring beaches, and the setting will make it a fantastic 7s competition. Let’s briefly discuss this with Portugal RWC 2023 Leader. Could you provide us with an update on “where” you are right now? RF. The squad is performing well, as I previously stated since the core members continue to become better each year and the new players are more than capable. The gameplay and player pool quality of the 2023 team is completely different from that of 2022.

More competition between teams equals more quality, and better performance in the Rugby Europe Sevens Championship Series can help us advance to the World Rugby Challenger Series and the Krakow Olympic Games. Getting to the World Rugby Challenger Series is our aim.

Four Motives for Visiting the Algarve 7s

Do they play differently than in 2022, or should we assume the same formula? RF. Without giving anything away, our attitude toward our gaming has improved. We won’t strive to just get the ball into the wing or be the quickest or strongest team in the game; instead, we’ll use our resourcefulness to surprise the other team with a clever offload or a deft kick.

Are you certain that you can overcome these well-known athletes and get on the podium at the European Games? Ireland, France, Great Britain, Italy, and Spain are just a few of the major names eager to make a statement. RF. Our attention is on what we can accomplish for ourselves. We surprised many last years by defeating Spain and earning a berth in the 7’s World Cup. We respect the other teams, but we have faith in our head coach, so I’m not concerned about how they do.

What other ways might the Algarve 7’s surroundings benefit you and your teammates besides the competition and the frenzy? RF. The beaches are a terrific spot to quickly chill off and prepare for the next warm-up and games, believe it or not. We frequently become either overly serious or overly relaxed, neither of which helps us accomplish our objectives. But when we are permitted to, Vila Real de Santo António is the ideal spot to unwind. There are many things we as players may do without getting out of control, such as going to the beach or simply taking a stroll at night before retiring to our beds. Rugby World Cup fans can buy RWC 2023 Tickets from our website.

Portugal RWC 2023 Leader, is preparing for the 7's season.
Portugal RWC 2023 Leader, is preparing for the 7’s season.

A last message to the fans at home…

Trust us and make plans to attend the Algarve 7s so we can pack the stadium and propel our team to the top. It is one of Europe’s top 7’s competitions and should be treasured!

Storti was completely focused on Portugal’s RWC 2023 Leader’s desire to win the  Rugby World Cup 2023. We spoke with Portugal’s flying winger Raffaele Storti in advance of the Rugby Europe Championship 2022 starting.

It was amazing” – Guedes looks back on Portugal’s RWC biggest moment

Although Lusitanos of Portugal will play Tel-Aviv Heat in the Rugby Europe Super Cup semifinals this coming Sunday, it is understandable that many rugby supporters in the nation are still daydreaming about November 18.

Because on that day, Portugal’s national men’s team won the Final Rugby World Cup Qualifier in Dubai, beating off Hong Kong and Kenya, and advancing the country to the major competition in France in 2023.

The previous time Portugal RWC 2023 Leader made it to that level in men’s XVs rugby was in 2007, therefore the celebrations were enormous on that day and have lasted to this day at home. Many members of the larger Lusitanos team participated in the qualification process, and they are eager to see supporters this weekend at the Car Jamor Stadium in Lisbon.

Nuno Guedes, a 28-year-old fullback who began the encounter against the USA, is one of them. Three minutes before the game’s conclusion, the USA had a five-meter scrum, and we were down by three points, Guedes recalls. At that time, I left the field. My heart stopped as I got off and turned to look at the large screen, and I immediately began to imagine the worst-case scenario.

However, the reality is that I witnessed the most exquisite three minutes in Portuguese Rugby World Cup history not long after. It felt incredible [when Samuel Marques converted a penalty to give them the desired outcome].

RWC squad celebrations

The celebrations were what one would expect from a squad that had just accomplished its primary objective. After the last whistle, it seemed like the movie from the previous three years was playing nonstop in my brain and that all the effort and commitment had been worthwhile. I, for one, couldn’t stop sobbing.

Portugal RWC 2023 Leader Freudenthal Eager for Rugby's Thrilling Showcase
Portugal RWC 2023 Leader Freudenthal Eager for Rugby’s Thrilling Showcase

Since then, returning to ‘regular’ life hasn’t exactly been simple, to be honest. The past few days have been filled with a lot of emotion, excitement, and celebration. Achieving a goal of this significance won’t be quickly forgotten.

We struggled and gave up everything over the 80 minutes of the USA game for a moment that finally materialized at the very end. It was absurd. Portugal merits the chance to perform on the greatest platform once more. I’m hoping it will increase rugby’s awareness among kids and teenagers so they may try it out and play it, similar to what happened to me in 2007.

Returning to the Super Cup, Lusitanos made it to the championship game last year but lost to Georgia’s Black Lion in a thrilling 17-14 game in Lisbon. With five victories out of six this season, Lusitanos finished first in the Western Conference and will host the Heat.

Portugal RWC 2023 Leader participated in the Men's Elite competition
Portugal RWC 2023 Leader participated in the Men’s Elite competition

Youngest Rugby World Cup 2023 players

The objective is the same as last year, but let’s hope that Portugal RWC 2023 Leader keeps the trophy this time around, Guedes added. We have been giving younger players a chance and exposing them to greater demands this year in the Super Cup, and the fact is that we have found that they are up to the challenges, which is excellent for our group. A few of the young players have advanced to the national squad.

Like last year, we anticipate a very challenging game against the Heat. I think they are better structured this year than they were last year [when Lusitanos won 42-26 at the same point].

They are a quick-moving team with great contact and individual skill, but if we follow our principles from beginning to end, I’m confident we can win and go to the final. It would be a significant prize for Portugal if we could go on to win the Super Cup. is the best website to buy Rugby World Cup Tickets. RWC 2023 fans can buy Rugby World Cup Final Tickets from our website.