The men’s XV team from Chile RWC players will compete in their first Rugby World Cup 2023 match in France, although they are by no means amateurs. Chile, a country in South America, qualified as Americas 2 and will play in their first Rugby World Cup with an XV this year in France. Rugby World Cup fans can buy Chile Rugby World Cup Tickets from our website.

In July of last year, Los Cóndores made history when they came back from a 19-0 deficit at the half in Glendale, Colorado, to defeat the USA 31-29 and qualify for this year’s championship game with a 52-51 victory overall.

Canada fails to qualify for Rugby World Cup for 1st time ever
Canada fails to qualify for Rugby World Cup for 1st time ever

Since the inception of the competition, Chile RWC players have defeated Canada earlier in the Americas competition, winning 54-46 on aggregate to prevent Canada from doing so.

Chile Rugby World Cup 2023 squad has advanced significantly under the leadership of captain Martin Sigren and dynamic backs like flyhalf Rodrigo Fernandez and winger Santiago Videla, who scored the game-winning penalty in Glendale. Coach Pablo Lemoine, who has made more than 90 appearances for Stade Français and has played for and coached Uruguay in a Rugby World Cup, has also represented Uruguay at a Rugby World Cup 2023.

Since taking over as coach of the Chilean men’s national team in 2018, Lemoine has led los Cóndores to a streak of outstanding victories, including the country’s first-ever victory against Canada.

Therefore, What Do We Know About The Chile RWC players?

The Los Cóndores use red and white uniforms during games. They are now the third-highest-ranked country in South America according to Rugby World Cup 2023 rankings as of May 8, 2023. Chile Rugby World Cup squad played its first international rugby union match against Argentina in Santiago in 1936, becoming the second South American country after that of Argentina to do so.

Along with Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay, Chile is one of the founding nations of CONSUR (now known as Sudamérica Rugby), which was established in 1989. Since 1951, Chile RWC players have competed in the South American Rugby Championship and have frequently ranked third or even second among South American teams. In recent years, they have also consistently competed on the Sevens circuit.

To raise the level of rugby union in the Americas area and achieve the objective of Rugby World Cup qualifying, Chile joined Argentina, Brazil, Canada, the USA, and Uruguay to establish the current edition of the Americas Rugby Championship in 2016.

With the noteworthy exception of Martin Sigren, Chile’s captain, who competes for Doncaster Knights in the RFU Championship, the rest of the current squad plays locally with Selknam, Chile’s Super Rugby Americas franchise.

What Position Do They Hold at the Rugby World Cup?

In addition to facing Argentina in the first-ever all-South American matchup in Rugby World Cup history, Los Cóndores will play England, Japan, and Samoa for the first time in Pool D. They will also play England for the first time.

The following are the debutants’ schedules in case you want to track their progress in this year’s Rugby World Cup:

Chile RWC players will play Japan on September 10 at Toulouse Stadium.

Samoa and Chile will play on September 17 at Bordeaux’s Stade de Bordeaux.

Chile vs. England, Saturday, September 23, Stade Pierre-Mauroy, Lille

Chile will play Argentina on September 30 at Nantes’ Stade de la Beaujoire.

France 2023: Chile Closer than Ever to First Rugby World Cup 2023

Los Cóndores are now closer than ever to winning the Rugby World Cup after their recent two-leg triumph against Canada. As they continue to pursue their goal of traveling to France in 2023, Chile RWC players have never been this near to a Rugby World Cup. Rugby World Cup fans can buy Argentina Vs Chile Tickets from our website.

Chile hopes to build on the feelgood factor in Sevens Challenger Series
Chile hopes to build on the feelgood factor in Sevens Challenger Series

The United States, Canada, Uruguay, and Los Cóndores battled for two spots in the qualifying round for Australia 2003 in 2002, with the third-placed team moving on to the Final Qualification Tournament. After defeating Uruguay at home, Chile went on to drop all of its subsequent games—both at home and abroad—including its last defeat against an Uruguayan team that included Pablo Lemoine.

They encountered the same obstacle during each qualifying round: Los Teros. After 21 years, former prop Lemoine is now in charge of Chilean rugby’s rebirth.

We started to have optimism when Pablo joined in late 2018,” says Chile captain Martn Sigren after his team defeated Canada for the first time in history and advanced to compete for the Americas 2 spot in the Rugby World Cup of 2023.

He was quite clear and got right to the point; he had done something similar in his nation. He warned us that it wouldn’t be a smooth journey. Lemoine originally played professional rugby with Bristol after learning the sport at the Montevideo Cricket Club. He did so first among Uruguayans.

Later, he won the French championship with Valence d’Agen, Montauban, and Stade Français. He oversaw his country’s introduction to high performance after retiring from test rugby following a 48-test, 14-year career.

Total Commitment

He assured us that it would be extremely difficult and that he required the full support of the players, staff, and Chilean Federation,” recalls Sigren. “Two years later, we’ve made a complete 180. Some people were puzzled by Lemoine’s entrance into Chile; could their former oppressor now be their savior?

Lemoine says, “I recall those early days when we had to persuade everyone of the necessary steps to take to compete. Even if there may have been a few awkward encounters with old rivals, the support of the players was essential, and the others quickly joined in.

As a player and coach who had traveled to Chile frequently, I was aware of its potential. Qualification was made possible through the Americas Rugby Championship as things stood out when I arrived. We were aware that we needed to improve in every way. The job was enormous given that the ARC had only managed to win two games in its first four seasons, but Lemoine had the personality to stir things up.

Chile to make debut at the Rugby World Cup Chile to make debut at the Rugby World Cup2023
Chile to make debut at the Rugby World Cup Chile to make debut at the Rugby World Cup2023

Fitness, an aggressive game approach, defense, skills – everything

The idea started to materialize under the leadership of Sigren, the Saavedra brothers, Matas Dittus, the wounded Ignacio Silva, Alfonso Escobar (whose father led Chile against Lemoine), and many more. His first two matches in charge, against Sudamérica XV and the Maori All Blacks in November 2018, ended in crushing defeats; 2019 wasn’t any better.

Wheels in motion

The process had already begun before COVID-19 struck the planet. Players returned to their training facility as soon as it was possible and with official permission. Once they realized they had to put in the arduous effort, our objective was for them to realize their dream of attending an RWC, says Lemoine.

It was a difficult journey with more defeats than successes, but Sigren continues: “It was worth it. Even my relatives questioned our actions. The week before the second test against Canada, families who had traveled the long, difficult route with the squad were asked to join them. Lemoine continued, “They were essential in helping to assist our players.

According to Sigren, “We persuaded ourselves that we had to believe. The body and the intellect were involved. how to function under pressure and in a high-performance setting. The Superliga Americana de Rugby was essential to all of this preparation since it provided match practice. Selknam, one of the six franchises, was created in Chile.

Improve our preparation for each game

Trial and error helped us improve our preparation for each game. Our HP plan was hastened since we had ten games to improve strategically and technically. It was a game of life or death versus Canada after nearly missing the chance to play for Americas 1 against Uruguay.

Fitness, an aggressive game approach, defense, skills – everything
Fitness, an aggressive game approach, defense, skills – everything

Lemoine and his knowledgeable team noticed weaknesses in the Cannucks’ defenses and recognized that defense in Langford would be essential. They were just a few seconds away from achieving their first victory over the Northerners. Chile acted quickly to plan their journey to and from the series’ final match to have players who were as rested as possible.

We updated the brain chip. Sigren claims We learned. Closing the series at home was fantastic. Chile must defeat the United States in a series next year to secure their spot in France Rugby World Cup 2023. The Final Qualification Tournament is available if that doesn’t work out. “We want to win next year and become America’s 2 teams,” Lemoine vows. is the best website to buy Rugby World Cup Tickets. RWC 2023 fans can buy England Vs Chile Tickets from our website.