The Swedish heavyweight is seeking another fight despite having competed earlier this year. Anthony Joshua allegedly declined to fight him because he is a southpaw. According to Otto Wallin, who also predicted Joshua will defeat Jermaine Franklin in April. Anthony Joshua fans can buy Anthony Joshua Vs Jermaine Franklin Tickets from our website.

Wallin’s most recent bout was in January against Helaman Olguin in a stay-busy contest, which he won by unanimous decision. Nonetheless, Wallin is well-regarded because of his past performance against Tyson Fury. The Swedish heavyweight is interested in higher-profile matches, and Joshua is scheduled to face Franklin on April 1 live on DAZN.

Otto Wallin Predicts the Winner Of The joshua vs franklin Fight
Otto Wallin Predicts the Winner Of The Joshua vs franklin Fight

He feels he was passed over because of his reputation as a risky fighter southpaw stance. I wanted to fight Anthony Joshua, Wallin said to Canada Sports Betting. I so wish I could do that right now. They may have believed that I would be too much of a risk for him at this time because I am a dangerous southpaw. So they decided to use Franklin.

“I think they decided that I was too big a risk for him and more than what he needed right now,” said Anthony Joshua.

“They probably feel like he’s a little bit more conventional, and a guy that Anthony Joshua should beat and maybe knock out. He has to win a few games and boost his confidence.

Whyte vs Franklin:

A 2021 Dillian Whyte fight previously fell through, which was witnessed by Wallin. Whyte fought last year against Franklin, Joshua’s prospective opponent, winning a tight victory. He said that he is eager to make the fight at last.

“Outside of Fury, Usyk, Joshua, and those guys, of course, Dillian Whyte would likely rank first on his list. But I genuinely want to compete against Dillian Whyte. He pulled out ten days prior to our scheduled bout in October 2021, which was disappointing. Nonetheless, I think that would be a really excellent battle for me and I would really love to fight him.”

“There are many different types of males out there. And if I am unable to secure one of the big names, perhaps we should take a step back and consider individuals like Efe Ajagba, Demsey McKean, Derek Chisora, or others.”

“I’ll simply keep pushing forward and I’m hoping to get another big name or a huge fight soon.”

Anthony Joshua feeling difficulty in accepting that he no longer has the heavyweight world titles
Anthony Joshua feeling difficulty accepting that he no longer has the heavyweight world titles

Anthony Joshua Is “Locked In” Before His Match With Jermaine Franklin

Joshua finds it difficult to accept that he no longer has the heavyweight world title. Oleksandr Usyk usurped the former Olympic gold winner after he had ruled the kingdom of the big men for well over five years. Jermaine Franklin fans can buy Anthony Joshua Tickets from our website.

Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs), who was unable to just sit back and let the Ukrainian take over, impulsively chose to take on his shrewd opponent in a rematch right away. Although he made progress, Joshua wasn’t quite able to answer the difficult conundrum before him, which ultimately led to a decision that was accepted by all defeat.

Now that Joshua has to start from nothing, the 33-year-old will try to set Jermaine Franklin as an example. On April 1st, at the O2 Arena in the United Kingdom, the two will formally square off and fight it out. Although Franklin isn’t the most well-known fighter in the heavyweight division. Joshua won’t automatically rule out Franklin’s chances of pulling off an unexpected victory.

Joshua recently addressed a gathering of reporters during a presser and declared, “I’m serious, focused, and locked in.”

“I respect all of my opponents; this is a serious fight.”

Generally speaking, Franklin’s chance to compete against Joshua is his second opportunity to do so. On November 26, just a few short months ago, the American challenger faced off against Dillian Whyte. Franklin (21-1, 14 KOs) was in shock as Whyte was awarded a somewhat contentious majority decision victory after 12 sweat-inducing rounds.

Joshua Vs Franklin Fight

Nonetheless, Franklin has promised to step it up before his matchup with Joshua in spite of his recent setbacks. Yet the evil puncher from Watford, Hertfordshire, in the United Kingdom, has no plans to lower his guard.

The former unified champion finds his battle with Franklin to be a little strange as he continues to iron out the wrinkles in his technique with new trainer Derrick James. Each of Joshua’s fights since 2016 has at least one heavyweight championship on the line. This time, none of the coveted prizes in the heavyweight division will be up for grabs.

On April 1st, at the O2 Arena in the UK, the two will formally square off and fight it out
On April 1st, at the O2 Arena in the UK, the two will formally square off and fight it out

But, Joshua will not let Franklin’s lack of a heavyweight belt determine how motivated he is on fight night, regardless of where he stands right now.

“I would take him the same manner if he had the belts. He fights well.

Eddie Hearn Discloses Joshua vs Franklin Ticket Sales After Internet Concern

Eddie Hearn has replied to inquiries about the purchase of aj vs franklin tickets for the April 1st fight between Anthony Joshua and Jermaine Franklin. Social media images revealed there would still be a large number of Aj vs Jermaine Franklin tickets available for the event. Despite them being on sale for more than a week, prompting questions.

Hearn, though, told Boxing King Media that he was unconcerned about the numbers and anticipated that the event will be sold out in a couple of weeks.

“With more than a month to go, we’re returning to the 02, and it will be absolutely full.”

It will be ‘AJ’s’ first fight at the 02 since defending his world title against Dominic Breazeale all the way back in 2017. Tyson Fury’s involvement in the reason for the trainer switch, according to Lawrence Okolie

Aj vs Jermaine Franklin

Joshua is expected to win the bout in six weeks because a loss would kill any hopes he had of winning the heavyweight world championship a third time. Joshua cannot afford to ignore the American, who had a strong performance despite losing to Dillian Whyte last November, even when bigger battles appear to be on the horizon for later in the year.

If he defeats Franklin, he will likely face Whyte in a stadium rematch this summer, eight years after their epic title fight for the British title. If “The Gypsy King” is unable to come to terms with a deal to face Oleksandr Usyk for all four heavyweight world championships, Hearn has sensationally put Joshua forward with a match with Tyson Fury.

Before the fight with Jennifer Franklin, Anthony Joshua is learning from the United Champion, according to new trainer Derrick James. The formerly crowned world champion is preparing a comeback.

With his relocation to the United States for training, Derrick James has stated that Anthony Joshua is drawing inspiration from Errol Spence Jr. Joshua’s new trainer is James as he is ready to bounce back from two straight losses to Oleksandr Usyk.

On April 1, live on DAZN, he will compete for the first time this year against Jermaine Franklin. In an interview with DAZN, James revealed that Spence and Joshua had been talking while working out at the gym. They’re good, James said, and they converse.

“Errol questions him a few times. AJ is observing Errol while he works out by hitting the bag.

Anthony Joshua Vs Jermaine Franklin

It resembles mutual respect, The majority of males require that to advance or regain their previous status. He observes Errol performing some things as well, and the two of them complement one another. No gym has had two united champions in the past four years. Let alone an indisputable champion or two champions overall in the same gym.

Usyk defeated joshua twice in previous year
Usyk defeated Joshua twice in the previous year

“Everyone believes they can assist him. It all comes down to tactics. It’s about the strategy to get him in his space where he can do what he needs to do and not get hit until he gets used to everything till we can get everything down.

James believes that if there were to be a trilogy rematch. He could assist Joshua in devising a strategy to face Usyk. He responded, “Yes, since I coach two left-hand fighters.

“When I first saw him in the Usyk fight, I questioned what the hell he was doing. I’m chuckling.

“The things you work on are things you originally cannot see. Your early projects aren’t even physical when you start them. That isn’t even visible. You start with things that are quite small and work your way up. Everything behind what you work on grows when you focus on one subject in particular.” is the best website to buy all Joshua vs Franklin Tickets. Jermaine Franklin fans can buy Aj vs Jermaine Franklin Tickets from our website.