Olympic Tickets: In an ongoing saga. The deep-seated discord and the protracted legal feud between the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The International Boxing Association (IBA), and the Summer Games 2024. Which was ousted earlier this year. And may potentially extend to Switzerland’s Supreme Court. Umar Kremlev, the Russian president of the IBA. Declared on Thursday that the association intends to pursue further. Appeals should the Court of Arbitration for Sport uphold the IOC’s expulsion ruling in June.

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This announcement came during a press conference held in Paris. The host city for the upcoming Olympics in July. The IOC is set to oversee boxing tournaments for the second consecutive Summer Games 2024. Meanwhile, the IBA’s appeal is currently under consideration at the sport’s highest court in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Expressing a lack of significant apprehension. Umar Kremlev conveyed his primary concern lies with the well-being of the boxers associated with the International Boxing Association (IBA). Speaking through a translator, he stated, “We’re not very worried about that, we’re more concerned for our boxers.” Kremlev asserted the belief that the expulsion decision handed down by the International Olympic Games Committee (IOC) was unjust. Emphasizing the IBA’s engagement with legal experts to address the matter.

Summer Games 2024: IBA’s Legal Battle and Commitment to Defense

In the face of the ongoing proceedings at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Kremlev affirmed the association’s commitment to defending its rights. Should the CAS ruling prove unfavorable, he noted the option of further recourse at a Swiss court. The protracted conflict leading to the derecognition of the IBA stemmed from a multi-year dispute characterized. By the defiance of advice and instructions from the IOC. The IOC had consistently expressed concerns regarding boxing governance, and financial dependence on the Russian state energy firm Gazprom. And the overall integrity of boxing matches.

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Umar Kremlev, at 41 years old. Underscored that the decision to expel the International Boxing Association (IBA) from the Paris Olympic 2024. Family wasn’t a collective move by the entire Olympic community. But rather the result of actions taken by specific Olympic officials. Emphasizing the significance of athletes in drawing viewership, Kremlev stated. The Olympic Games is a huge draw, and it is the athletes who draw viewers, not the IOC.

Paris 2024 Tickets: Legal Battles and Future Aspirations

While boxing retained its status as an Olympic sport for the 2024 Paris Games. The International Olympic Paris Committee (IOC) assumed control over the qualifying and medal tournaments. Excluding the involvement of the IBA—similar to the arrangement for the Tokyo Games in 2021. Anticipated in early next year, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) is expected to deliver its verdict.

In the event that the CAS judges uphold the IOC’s decision. Kremlev retains the option to appeal to the Swiss Federal Tribunal, the country’s Supreme Court. However, such appeals can only be made on limited procedural grounds, and historically, federal judges seldom overturn CAS rulings.

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Expressing future plans, Umar Kremlev disclosed that the International Boxing Association (IBA).

Aspires to host its world championships in France in 2026. In a bid to secure boxers’ allegiance, the IBA has committed to offering substantial prize money. Reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars, for medalists—an incentive not matched by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which does not provide cash rewards to Olympic medalists.

As part of their ongoing initiatives, the IBA is organizing a congress and boxing competition on December 9 in Dubai. Kremlev is hopeful that approximately 200 national federations will participate in this event. Emphasizing the IBA’s independence and dedication to athlete advocacy, Kremlev stated, “We are an independent organization that defends athletes,” and expressed the belief that others could adopt their model for the sport’s development.

Kremlev consistently asserts that the challenges in Olympic boxing precede his leadership, tracing them back to the tenure of long-time IOC member C.K. Wu of Taiwan, who ran the sport until his ousting in 2017. Following Wu’s departure, the issues between the sport and the IOC reportedly escalated. Prior to the 2012 London Olympics, there were allegations of planned cash deals to manipulate medal outcomes, and doubts regarding the integrity of bouts surfaced among fighters during the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games.

IBA’s Turbulent Journey and Leadership Transition
In a notable defiance of International Olympic Committee (IOC) warnings in 2018, national federations elected Gafur Rakhimov as president of the International Boxing Association (IBA). Rakhimov, a businessman from Uzbekistan, faced allegations of connections to organized crime and heroin trafficking. However, under the leadership of Umar Kremlev, who assumed the presidency in 2020, also the IBA managed to clear its debts, amounting to nearly $20 million.

Kremlev took a decisive step in May, during the men’s world championships in Uzbekistan, by announcing the termination of the IBA’s sponsorship by Gazprom. Simultaneously, his rhetoric against Olympic officials escalated, adopting a more confrontational tone.

This upcoming Boxam Elite Tournament holds particular significance as it may serve as a crucial preparatory event for the 1st World Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event. Scheduled to take place in Busto Arsizio, Italy, starting on February 29. Known for its beautiful seafront, favorable weather, and a plethora of top-notch hotels.

France Olympic Tickets: Forthcoming Events and Strategic Preparation

Mr. Felipe Martinez, the President of the Royal Spanish Boxing Federation. Eagerly awaits the participation of the best teams from various Confederations in this forthcoming competition. Murcia region, aimed at thorough preparation for the 1st World Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event.

Spanning from February 4 to the 28th. The strategic timing of these events provides an excellent opportunity. For participating teams to fine-tune their skills and strategies ahead of the crucial qualifying event.

Several countries from the Americas, including Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, and others, have already expressed keen interest in the upcoming Boxam Elite Tournament and the subsequent training camp in Spain for acclimatization ahead of the main competition.

In their organizational efforts, the Boxam Elite Tournament planners aim to enhance the event’s scale by hosting matches in two rings over the course of the five dynamic competition days. The Royal Spanish Boxing Federation has ambitious plans for 2024, intending to organize three international tournaments, with the Boxam Elite Tournament serving as the inaugural event.

The recent Boxam Elite Tournament held just a few days ago, saw Hungary, Italy, Morocco, Spain, and England securing gold medals in the male categories. A diverse array of countries participated in the event held in La Nucia this November, including Belgium, Croatia, England, France, Hungary, Italy, Morocco, Netherlands, Spain, and Wales, contributing to the tournament’s international and competitive flavor.

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