Notwithstanding a modest season, Luka Zahovic remains in contention for a spot at Euro Cup 2024. The forward is on coach Matjaz Kek’s broader list. Although he played only once in 24 matches this season and was not present last time when the Slovenian national team met, Luka Zahović can still hope for an entrance at Euro 2024.

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Slovenia vs Serbia: Luka Zahovic’s Potential Inclusion Sparks Debate in Slovenian Euro Cup 2024 Football Circles
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As revealed by the Skill club Pogon Szczecin, the former Maribor striker has joined the wider list of players under coach Matjaž Kek’s collection. Kek is evidently already sending offers for Euro 2024, primarily for friendly games against Armenia and Bulgaria.

It will certainly be exciting to see how many players Matjaž Kek will truly call up for the provisions, definitely more than initially planned. UEFA has prolonged the squads for the competition in Germany from 23 to 26 players.

Which is respectable news for some who may not have been included then. Whether this applies to Luka Zahović is too premature to say, but just being on the wider list is undeniably encouraging news for him since his form this season.

Slovenia vs Serbia: UEFA Euro 2024 Squad Extension to 26 Players Opens Doors for Hopefuls like Luka Zahovic

Natural in Portugal, the 28-year-old Luka Zahović has played 15 contests for the Slovenian national club so far, without scoring a goal. His role in the general team has actually been somewhat marginal, but Matjaž Kek has virtually kept him by his side all along.

Aleksander Ceferin isn’t mainly euphoric about Slovenia’s recital at Euro 2024: “Whatever we achieve to achieve will be good”

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Time flies, and there are – rely on it or not – only 38 days left until Euro 2024. When it starts, it will truly be in the limelight, undoubtedly also including Aleksander Ceferin, primarily due to his role as the premier of the Union of European Football Relatives (UEFA). This European Championship will be predominantly special for him because Slovenia will also be joining.

Slovenia vs Serbia: Luka Zahovic’s Potential Inclusion Sparks Debate in Slovenian Euro Cup 2024 Football Circles
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Slovenia will be playing in the mainland tournament for the first while in a long 24 years, and Aleksander Ceferin isn’t principally euphoric about the chances of Matjaž Kek’s squad, who will be live in a group with Denmark, Serbia, and England. He vigilantly emphasizes the group’s trouble, suggesting the need to remain truthful.

Slovenia vs Serbia: Slovenia Euro Cup Anticipation and Aleksander Ceferin’s Pragmatic Outlook

This is a rough group. Whatever we accomplish to achieve will be good. It’s already good that we are skilled for the Euro Cup 2024 Championship after 24 years. We need to seek chances against Denmark and Serbia because I fear England is too stout,” said the lawyer from Grosuplje in a dialog with Delo.

Aleksander Ceferin, formerly the leading of the Football Association of Slovenia, added: “During a small problem game, which also intricate several former Slovenian games, we recently debated this very topic.

They all trust that England has never been as sturdy as it is now, the French and Portuguese are also of special quality. Belgians and Dutch could wonder, but I don’t see Italians at the top. All of the above-mentioned teams have excellent attackers, which is decisive.”

This week, the kids on whom the future of Slovenian football relies grouped. Well, before they reach the main stage, they will have to undertake countless trainings, play several matches, and there will be plenty of successes and losses. Nevertheless, Slovenia U14 joked their second friendly match beside North Macedonia in Radenci and drew for the second time. The first bout ended 2:2, the second 1:1.

Slovenia vs Serbia: Matjaz Kek’s Strategy Under Scrutiny Ahead of Slovenia’s Return to the Euro Cup Germany Tournament

The Slovenians took the central after eighteen minutes of play when Gasper Jesenko, a player from Aluminij, scored. Despite frolicking with one man down in the second half, the family team led until the end of the inclined, but they conceded a goal deep into walkout time. As said, it ended 1:1.

Slovenia vs Serbia: Luka Zahovic’s Potential Inclusion Sparks Debate in Slovenian Euro Cup 2024 Football Circles
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“In the second competition against Macedonia, we gave playing time to all the players. Until the firing of our player in the next half, we played a good game and showed great improvement in all phases of the inclined.

Compared to Tuesday’s tie, we created many opportunities and even took the prime from one, but regrettably, the opponent equalized in the last minute of the contest. I would like to congratulate the boys for their progress and thank my staff for the excellent work done. Thanks also go to the weapons and coaches who care for the daily development of the troupes,” said Bostjan Kreft, the U14 Slovenia national team instructor, for the NZS website.

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