England’s 23-19 Six Nations win over Wales on Saturday after Rugby’s head injury procedures have been criticized again, what is called a “methodical failure” in the process, with player welfare group Liberal Rugby highlighting. Six Nations 2022 fans can buy England Vs Ireland Tickets from our website.

Two Welsh players Thomas Francis and Owen Watkin collided with England’s Charlie Ewels when attempting a line charge in Twickenham after 19 minutes.

Rugby's head injury procedures have been criticized again
Rugby’s head injury procedures have been criticized again

The contact showed Francis mainly signs of a concussion. He is apparently dizzy and suffers from ataxia, symptoms that cause the player to directly and forever withdraw from the game, according to the rules of World Rugby. But he kept playing.

The foyer group Advanced Rugby, a group of current and former players, medical staff, coaches and researchers working to improve the wellbeing of players, has referred an open letter to World Rugby, the Welsh Rugby Union and the Six Nations about the event.

Watkin was haemorrhaging deeply from a wound on his forehead, he went to treat the wound and came back 10 minutes later. Players requiring a Head Injury Assessment (HIA) must rest for at least 12 minutes. Francis initially stayed and was about to take a front-row position in the ensuing brawl, when referee Mike Adamson asked him to do an HIA, he passed. The two were then replaced in the second half. But Francis didn’t need an HIA at all. He fell once while trying to get up from contact, folded his head and then tripped back to the pole to find support.

World Rugby refers to these as “standard 1 metrics”. If the Welsh Physician or the Independent Match Day Doctor (MDD) sees them, Francis can and must withdraw immediately. The only way Francis will end up needing an HIA is if the two doctors disagree (it’s not clear from the video footage what they disagree with).

Even if Francis approved the HIA, Rugby’s head injury the MDD has the right to maintain that Francis will not leave. Obviously in this case the system does not work as expected. World Rugby’s individual research displays that 20 per cent of players with Criterion 1 symptoms still pass the assessment, which in their words means “the attendance of Criterion 1 signs is sometimes the only needle of a concussion diagnosis.”, and ” We see a lot of late concussions . It’s actually missed or misunderstood in Criterion 1 cases”. Six Nations 2022 fans can buy England Six Nations Tickets from our website.

Players requiring a Head Injury Assessment (HIA) must rest for at least 12 minutes
Players requiring a Head Injury Assessment (HIA) must rest for at least 12 minutes

After the game, head coach Wayne Pivac said the players “had some tests behind the scenes and they all passed so they could keep playing.” Francis shouldn’t have had that chance. This is not the first time he has been involved in such incidents. Last year, former Dragons striker Adam Hughes, who was discharged with a brain injury, said he “told” Francis when he was hit in the head by Peter O’Mahony in Wales’ game against Ireland, but he had no HIA to do continue Play. 

Liberal Rugby’s letter states: “We believe that the above incidents validate a clear violation of HIA protocols that could endanger the health of elite athletes in the short and long term. Our primary concern is the public observation that in rugby league, individuals suffer brain injury and play is allowed to continue. Until acceptable clarifications are given, we still cannot accept World Rugby’s claim that the player’s well-being is the highest priority of the game.”

They also pointed out that they are also awaiting a similar defeat in England’s game against Italy on February 13 and England’s U20 game two days earlier.

A World Rugby spokesperson said the Six Nations would be required to appraisal the Francis event and confirmed they were still working on the other two mentioned by Progress Rugby. They also have their chief of medical officers hold a “dedicated educational supplement” with all race officials involved in the titles.

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