He has been included in the team and has made all the preparations for his virginal Welsh Rugby cap only for fate to give him the cruelest blow. This should be the most memorable day in WillGriff John’s rugby career. Rugby fans can buy Six Nations Tickets from our website at discounted prices.

WillGriff John's Wales player  rugby during training
WillGriff John’s Wales player rugby during training

However, to borrow a word from PG Wodehouse, invisible in the background, fate quietly slips the lead in the boxing gloves.

Wales’ 2020 Six Nations match with Scotland was postponed amid the coronavirus pandemic and rightly so, with the giant’s first front-row test cap taken. When international competition resumed the following fall, the big man wasn’t even on the team.

Anyone who has questions about the highs and lows of sport should ask 28-year-old John. He’s not capitulated yet.

As he attended a press conference for his new club Scarlets this week, he was faced with a host of questions about what his fate was like when it closed 18 months ago. One of the problems is how difficult it is to deal with this situation.

“Then it’s much easier to understand. It really helps to go back to my partner and have her by my side.”

This is very unsatisfactory, but it is true, over the summer was to improve his Test capabilities, one of the reasons John switched from Sale Sharks to Scarlets.

Some believe this very strong spirit could win a call in June when Wales has no injured Tomas Francis. But instead of summoning the former salesman, they used Dillon Lewis and Leon Brown in Tests in Canada and Argentina. In the game against the Pumas, the scrums’ performance was not particularly good. In fact, sometimes in the second test, especially the Welsh Rugby locator, made a creaking noise.

 one of the reasons John switched from Sale Sharks to Scarlets
one of the reasons John switched from Sale Sharks to Scarlets

Suppose someone from the Welsh organization answered the phone and said to John, “Welcome back to Wales, man. We understand your frustration and we have you in our hearts.”

Has there ever been such a call?

“No, that’s not true,” John said. “They knew I’d be here. But not recently, no.’

Many people believe that calls should be made as soon as possible. But Wales did not perform well with diehards.

In the fall, Searle’s then-team boss Steve Diamond said he was “astounded” that Wales had not selected John from their line-up for the test last fall. He also criticized the lack of contact between the camps in Wales Six Nations at the time. This is life.

John need only present an irrefutable argument for Welsh’s choice. Of course, he has a physical condition.

Last year, he topped the bench press list of 47 elite rugby players. The most important is the osprey prop Gheorge Gajion, it can of course lift 230 kilograms.

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