It was at last year’s Australian Open when he made it to the final with Novak Djokovic and experienced a loss. He admitted that the Rafael Nadal magic will not always produce a victory.

Rafael Nadal had said after his 2019 Australian Open final loss to the Serbian. This past season alone the Spaniard has captured two grand slams: the French and the U.S. Open besides from the ATP Finals, the Italian Open and the Rogers Cup.

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Roger Federer Vs Rafael Nadal Cape Town Tickets
Should Rafael Nadal be concerned about the Australian Open ‘Draw?’

He’s had his injuries as well as his happy personal times of getting married. The draw may be Rafael Nadal’s least concern.

On the ’60 minutes’ segment with Jon Wertheim he says that he looks at doubt as being powerful and helpful to keeping his mindset intact to get wins.

Strong mental stability:

He believes in the strong mental stability to stay grounded and be victorious. It’s not only the opponent that dictates the result but the actions of both players’ performances.

Being modest Nadal knows that it’s not only the mental qualities but strategic ones that have helped to name him as the ‘King of Clay.’

It was his performance at the Davis Cup that most had no problem naming him nearly the ‘King of it all’ He’d won all 8 games necessary and with the Spanish team pushing all its gears resulted in being the winner.

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Roger Federer Vs Rafael Nadal Cape Town Tickets
Should Rafael Nadal be concerned about the Australian Open ‘Draw?’

Nadal played the last hand to capture the victory when he defeated Denis Shapovalov to seal the deal and win the title for Spain against Canada. Rafael Nadal has seen a time when the draw was tough and he’s won as was the ATP Finals a few months ago.

He played opposite Daniil Medvedev and after three hard-fought sets, the Spaniard came out the winner. It was even in the same tournament playing opposite Alexander Zverev and he lost.

He takes nothing for granted even going into this Australian Open, which has been compromised by its smoke infiltration due to Bushfire burnings.

Nadal is passing the idea of being anxious over a draw. Jon Wertheim says it perfectly on the ’60 Minutes’ segment as Nadal having a ‘stubborn refusal to surrender.’


The Spaniard looks at defeat as a reason to be more determined to win and he admits it saying “I think over my career I’ve been happier with my victories than I have been upset over my defeats.”

Roger Federer Vs Rafael Nadal Cape Town Tickets
Should Rafael Nadal be concerned about the Australian Open ‘Draw?’

Nadal’s first opponent at this year’s Australian Open is Hugo Dellien from Bolivia. It will be their first meeting and surely Dellien will have the ‘butterflies’ when he enters the court playing Nadal.

There really isn’t any opponent Nadal must face in the draw that will cause anxiety and apprehension for the Spaniard. It just will continue to give him that much more fight and determination to play a gritty game and come out the winner.

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