Scott Engel is entering his 11th season as the official fantasy football writer and analyst for the Seahawks 2022. He was the inaugural member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Guild Hall of Fame. Scott is a four-time FSWA Award winner and ten-time nominee, including his previous finalist for the 2020 FSWA Fantasy Football Writer of the Year Award. NFL London fans to buy NFL London Tickets from our website.

You can find more Seahawks fantasy football analyses about him on match days this season, including player rankings for early 2022. We are now in the middle of the year when fantasy players begin to seriously think about how they will tackle the upcoming draft. We get you in the right mental state to compile a list of champions.

 Two of them are Seahawks RBs Kenneth Walker III and Rashaad Penny
Two of them are Seahawks RBs Kenneth Walker III and Rashaad Penny

Here are 8 top tips to consult and absorb that will get you fully into winning shape before, during and after the draft.

1. Start Getting Your Reps Involved Now:

When the Seahawks head to training camp, get your mental reps on board as you prepare for the upcoming draft. One of the best ways to prepare for the actual draft is to enter mock drafts on and other fantasy platforms. You get a good idea of where certain players can be drafted and how to plan a real draft day.

Mock drafts also remind you that no two concepts are alike, and will put you in a “ready for anything” mentality on concept day. You have to go with the flow, as every journey has its unpredictable twists and turns.

2. Make a plan, but be willing to adjust:

Because every concept is unique, you can’t have a rigid strategy for dealing with it. There is no “fixed order” for draft players, such as two running backs, then two wide receivers, etc. During the draft process, you need to be flexible as some players may fall into your slot unexpectedly, or a player you expect to have available during your turn. In the first round, focus on choosing the best running back or wide receiver.

In the first few rounds, try to build your starting grid into key skill positions at running back and wide receiver, but remember that you don’t have to pick these players in any particular order. Unless you get an elite tight end, don’t take one for your main RB and WR and wait for the quarterback because the position is deep. You must enter the design with a “shell” of plans, not a set guide to stick to.

3. The RB of the Seahawks 2022 represents the value of the position:

In many checkers, the running back still flies off the board early but has value lately. Two of them are Seahawks RBs Kenneth Walker III and Rashaad Penny.

Penny and Walker were the 33rd and 34th RBs in the early PPR version
Penny and Walker were the 33rd and 34th RBs in the early PPR version

Penny is the best player in fantasy football for weeks 14-17 in 2021. During that all-important fantasy period, he earned 85.2 fantasy points per reception format. Walker should be one of the best rookies in the position this season.

Any RB can be a very efficient fantasy starter if you carry a lot. According to, Penny and Walker were the 33rd and 34th RBs in the early PPR version, making them both strong potential values. Other RBs who could exceed expectations include David Montgomery (RB18), Breece Hall (RB22), Tony Pollard (RB32) and Chase Edmonds (RB35). Once in the top 15, you can find a good potential RB starter. NFL London Seahawks Vs Buccaneers fans to buy Seahawks Vs Buccaneers Tickets from our website.

4. Consistently track your queue:

Good draft picks focus on groups or players in each round, rather than trying to hone specific players in advance. You need to start loading the online draft room queue before the first round and refresh it with more potential choices.

For example, if you pick the eighth pick in the first round, you list the top eight target players in the queue before the draft starts, then just pick the remaining top players when it’s your turn. Then start drafting more players of your choice in the second round and repeat this exercise after each draft.

Assembling the set of players to be drafted in each round ensures that you are prepared for everything that follows during the drafting process. You will not be caught off guard or taken off course.

5. Wide Receivers get more prominence:

The first round used to be dominated by running backs, but now the best wide receivers are on near par early in the Seahawks 2022 draft.

Some seasoned fantasy players prefer to pick WR first and have the confidence
Some seasoned fantasy players prefer to pick WR first and have the confidence

The latest average draft ranking report from shows that five of the top 12 rookies are now wide receivers, with Cooper Kupp in fourth, Justin Jefferson in sixth and Ja’Marr Chase in ninth. Davante Adams (No. 10) and Stephen Diggs (No. 12) were also first-rounder.

Some seasoned fantasy players prefer to pick WR first and have the confidence to get their first RB in the second or third round. For example, if you could start with a combination of Chase and Tyreek Hill, it would be irresistible. Another example, starting the draft with Kupp and Leonard Fournette could be a solid start.

6. Know how to approach QBs, TEs, and Defense:

New fantasy players may want to pick a quarterback early on because this is considered the most important position in real football. But in a fantasy competition where you only need to start a QB, it’s better to wait until rounds 6-9 to determine the position.

When flexing is taken into account, most leagues require players to start with a combination of five or more RBs and WRs. So you should focus on these areas of your starting lineup first. You don’t need to line up the top QB to get a good starter. Kyler Murray’s total ADP is 64.2 and Dak Prescott’s is 76.0. Tom Brady is 85.2. NFL London Seahawks Vs Buccaneers fans to buy Seattle Seahawks Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tickets from our website.

Dalton Schultz (65.2) and Dallas Goedert (84.0) will be two quality starters later on if you don’t have one of the top 5 TEs in the top 45. As for defences, keep in mind that most of us play them on a weekly basis. So instead of choosing the best defence of the season, pick the unit with the strongest match-up early in the season. As most of us will probably rotate defences based on match-up quite often.

DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett should have a clear transition
DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett should have a clear transition

7. Seahawks 2022 wide receivers can be valuable targets, too:

With Drew Lock and Geno Smith vying for the Seahawk’s starting quarterback job,. DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett should have a clear transition. But both are proven All-Star receivers that can still deliver great production as a fantasy starter. Metcalf was the 18th widest pick in the early draft and it certainly has the advantage over the early ADP.

Tyler Lockett could be even more valuable at an ADP of 86.8. He will be a key target in the Seahawks’ passing game. Where he can make important catches and keep the chain moving. If Metcalf or Lockett goes too far in your concept, take advantage of the hesitation others may have.

8. Don’t get bogged down in schedule analysis:

If you’re in the draft, don’t expect a playoff matchup advantage in Weeks 15-17. As a lot can change between fantasy football and the NFL. Your roster will be reviewed regularly throughout the season and many players’ prospects will change significantly. Also, don’t overemphasize the farewell week, as you’ll be adjusting your roster throughout the season. Also, keep in mind that the schedule analysis used to determine who has the better matchup is usually based largely on last year. is the best website to buy NFL London Tickets.