It appears that Gatland might have easily accepted another Six Nations position before he departed for Wales. Scottish coach Gregor Townsend went back to take the Wales position at the end of the previous year, it is said that Scotland spoke with him. Rugby World Cup fans can buy Scotland Rugby World Cup Tickets from our website.

Scottish coach Gregor Townsend
Scottish coach Gregor Townsend

Gatland returned to leading Wales in December after quitting the position three years earlier due to Wayne Pivac’s firing. At the time, rumours abounded around the three-time Lions head coach’s decision between Wales and England.

The Rugby World Cup had fired Eddie Jones following a dismal fall season, thus that position was also open. Gatland ultimately decided to go back to Wales, and Steve Borthwick accepted the England position.

Nevertheless, according to a new report in The Times, before making a choice, Gatland spoke with Scottish Rugby Union chief executive Mark Dodson about leading their national squad after this year’s RWC 2023 in addition to being courted by Wales and England.

Scottish coach Gregor Townsend

This information was revealed along with the news that Scottish coach Gregor Townsend, the current head coach of Scotland, is expected to receive a two-year contract extension through 2025. He had to look at other choices because his contract was set to expire after this year’s Rugby World Cup, especially as he had officially accepted an offer to coach France after the Rugby World Cup 2023.

Leon MacDonald, the head coach of the Auckland Blues, had long been mentioned as a possibility. Gatland collaborated with Townsend on the 2021 British and Irish Lions tour of South Africa, but the rumours that he is in negotiations with Scotland Rugby are undoubtedly fresh.

Given that he was first employed by previous Welsh Rugby Union CEO Steve Phillips until this year’s Rugby World Cup 2023 in France, the New Zealander’s future is still somewhat uncertain. It’s not quite guaranteed, though, given that Phillips resigned earlier this year amid claims of a “toxic” culture at the WRU.

That he will exercise the option of continuing to the Rugby World Cup 2027, especially following a challenging Six Nations season. Gatland mentioned a division in the team when players threatened to go on strike before the England game.

Later this year, the Scotland Rugby World Cup team will compete in their ninth match in France.

After being defeated by both Japan and Ireland in 2019, the country will be seeking retribution against Ireland. Scotland will have a difficult time winning because their group includes both South Africa, the current global No. 1, and the defending champions.

After historic triumphs over Warren Gatland’s Wales and Steve Borthwick’s England in the 2023 Six Nations, Scottish coach Gregor Townsend team will approach this RWC 2023 on the offensive.

Gregor Townsend future with Scotland: Mark Dodson on coach’s future

According to chief executive Mark Dodson, Scotland Rugby World Cup would only give Scottish coach Gregor Townsend a new contract if they believe he can elevate the side. The 49-year-contract old’s expires later this year, so the two are scheduled to meet this week to talk about his future.

Townsend is keen to stay 

The Six Nations after guiding Scotland to third place. For the union, this is an important choice, Dodson said on the BBC Scotland RWC 2023 Podcast. We’ve been working on it since last autumn. As CEO, you’d expect me to put in a tonne of effort on it. We’re currently in the home stretch. Rugby World Cup 2023 fans can buy Ireland Vs Scotland Tickets from our website.

Scotland defeated England at Twickenham under the former stand-off
Scotland defeated England at Twickenham under the former stand-off

Leon MacDonald of the Auckland Blues is one of the coaches Dodson has spoken to over the possibilities of succeeding the former British and Irish Lions star following this year’s Rugby World Cup 2023.

This time, Gregor was made aware of a process in which we looked at who would be the best voice to lead us moving forward starting in 2023. That has less to do with Gregor’s past performance in competitions leading up to the Six Nations and more to do with what is best for this group of players, who will be transitioning from the ’23s to the ’27s. What voice is appropriate?

We have conducted a significant amount of research as part of that. We’ve talked to coaches from all over the world about their perspectives on Scotland and how they would approach the job if they were qualified. That due diligence procedure is now complete.

I made it very clear to Gregor from the beginning that this is what we would do. We would speak with coaches all across the world. Additionally, he was free to discuss his future with others, and some details of those conversations surfaced.

That has occurred in France and perhaps elsewhere else as well. This is very reasonable. Both he and I are experienced; we know that this is how the world operates.

We’ll see where things go after my conversation with Gregor this week.

Townsend assumed leadership in 2017, and his six years in command already rank him as Scotland’s longest-tenured head coach in the modern era of professional sports. For the first time since 1983, Scotland defeated England at Twickenham under the former stand-off, who had 82 caps.

In the RWC 2023 rankings, they have ascended to their greatest position of fifth. After repeating the success from earlier this year. But, they were eliminated from the RWC in the group stage four years ago. And Finn Russell’s tenure has occasionally been marred by a tense relationship with the superstar stand-off.

Dodson expressed satisfaction with the 2023 Six Nations campaign, noting that Scotland defeated England. Wales, and Italy while losing to the top two teams in the world, Ireland and France.

Scotland vs Ireland RWC match
Scotland vs Ireland RWC match

Stuart Hogg has stated publicly 

While Dodson acknowledges the head coach has the backing of the squad’s players. He must first decide if Townsend is the right person to lead the team to greater heights. If he wants Townsend to stay after the Rugby World Cup. Dodson stated, “We are aware of the athletes’ emotions.

Supporters were divided about who should have replaced popular New Zealander Vern Cotter with Townsend. The athletes support Gregory strongly. We are aware that under Gregor, the players have flourished.

What I must do, and what [performance director] Jim Millender must do, is to block out all of that – what the fans feel, what the websites feel, almost what the players feel – and instead take a comprehensive picture, coolly and impartially, and look at the numbers on paper. What voice will move us ahead the best?

The Scotland Rugby World Cup team will compete in their ninth match in France.
The Scotland Rugby World Cup team will compete in their ninth match in France.

Improvement in Rugby World Cup

How can we get RWC better? How can we avoid having a glass ceiling here? Do we advance to the next stage? It is my responsibility to determine whether we think that is Gregor or someone else. That’s quite obvious in terms of the camp’s support for Gregor.

Although we have been friends for a while, we haven’t always agreed on everything. Although we get along well at work, he is his guy, and I am mine. The trust and confidence that we will handle things properly are what matters most. is the best website to buy Rugby World Cup Tickets. RWC 2023 fans can buy RWC 2023 Tickets from our website.