Many people think that the leader of this position, Lee Westwood, will not become the captain of the next European Ryder Cup team. When Italy’s most anticipated biennial golf tournament takes place Ryder Cup in 2023, someone other than the 48-year-old Englishman will lead the old world against the Americans. The Ryder Cup fans can buy Ryder Cup Tickets from our website.

As the Daily Telegraph first reported, Westwood, told Golf Digest on Monday that he wanted to focus on his career, which surprised those who believed he was in this position.

Ryder Cup Tickets Lee Westwood will captain the Ryder Cup 2023
Lee Westwood will captain the Ryder Cup 2023

This is fair enough, at least in one aspect. The most recent European captain did not reach Westwood’s level when he took office. Currently, the 11th Ryder Cup veteran is the 38th best golfer in the world. Only six European players were higher.

“I was surprised by the uproar my ‘announcement’ caused,” Westwood told Golf Digest.

“There is no procedure for applying. And if I don’t intend to, why do I have to tell everyone? I have to keep quiet about this.”

Ryder Cup in 2023

Nevertheless, Westwood’s decision also involves other factors. For the past 18 months, if only because his name has always been associated with this position, he has discussed the captain’s role with current DP World Tour (formerly European Tour) officials.

Slightly older than Ian Poulter and Henrik Stenson, but younger than the closest captain, Padraig Harrington, people think Westwood is a good fit for him this time around. But his knowledge of this role was not satisfied with what he was willing to promise.

“They told me Ryder Cup captaincy is a full-time job,” Westwood said.

“But I spoke to Thomas Bjorn (2018 captain) and he told me that if I really became the captain, I would definitely give up my career. Feeling like another year is more suitable for me. Anyway, I asked the tour to answer me in a few weeks and tell me what was really going on. Three weeks went by. So I called [ Ryder Cup Director] Guy Kinnings I asked him if he had a list he didn’t which immediately pissed me off so I told him I wouldn’t consider myself.

“I mean, they told me it was a full-time job, but they couldn’t tell me what the job meant,” Westwood continued.

“That’s not good for me, but now I don’t think I can do it. When I do this job I want to give 100%. It almost feels like the captain is interfering with all the other things I want to do” Not ideal.

Ryder Cup Tickets Westwood 11th Ryder Cup veteran is the 38th best golfer in the world
Westwood 11th Ryder Cup veteran is the 38th best golfer in the world

Lee Westwood

So I told them there must be someone more suited to the job than me, at least for now. Someone who doesn’t play much. I have not completely fired the Ryder Cup captain. Only this time. To a certain extent, the captain admits that you have become a player. I’m not ready yet.”

Of course, Westwood’s name often comes up in a different situation. Like Phil Mickelson, Adam Scott, Poulter, and Stenson, he is one of the most cited players when it comes to pioneering golf leagues.

Not surprisingly, Westwood entered the controversial Saudi international competition in February. It used to be a European Tour event and is now part of the Asian Tour, and the Asian Tour has even been blacklisted by the European Tour and the PGA Tour as part of their recent “strategic alliance”. Therefore, the possibility of conflict of laws is obvious.

“For the past three years, I have played in Saudi Arabia every year. Assuming I am not suspended or suspended,” he will participate in the DP World Tour Saudi Arabia in Abu Dhabi and Dubai two weeks ago event.

“What really annoys me is that the European Tour has actively encouraged us to participate in this event so far. Now it’s on the Asian Tour and we can’t get the release? This is another recognized tour event that has a world ranking. Points, won’t they let us join the competition?” is the best website for all Golf tickets and Ryder Cup Tickets. The Ryder Cup fans can buy Ryder Cup 2023 Tickets from our website at exclusively discountable prices.