Padraig Harrington exposed that some parents of the European Ryder Cup player Rory McIlroy were crying in the Whistling Straits. In the interview with Rick Broadbent of The Times, Harrington laid out his thoughts on this week. Ryder Cup fans can buy Ryder Cup Tickets from our website.

His European team was defeated with a score of 19-9. This is one of the worst losses in modern history. This is not a good sight.

Padraig Harrington, Parents were weeping Rory McIlroy took on too much
Padraig Harrington, Parents were weeping Rory McIlroy took on too much

Harrington, 50, spoke deliberately about Rory McIlroy’s responsibilities and how Covid affected their preparations. He also talked about how American players finally let go of their personalities when they turned around in Sunday’s singles.

“He takes too much, he wants to be everything,” Harrington told the newspaper when asked about McIlroy. He’s trying to do good things for golf, but he wears too many hats. His personality means he’s the kind of person who always tells you what he thinks.”

After the famed McIlroy’s fate in Europe seemed doomed, he burst into tears on the 16th green.

Harrington added: “I’m happy to see that he cares about him so much, but he needs to realize that he doesn’t owe everyone everything.”

In the recent Ryder Cup game, the incendiary player Rory McIlroy became bitterer.

Ryder Cup player

Shane Lowry exposed that his wife Wendy was “battered by a dog”, which made him very frustrated. This is a pleasing achievement in the team’s history.

Harrington told the newspaper: “I know the players’ parents shed weeping because of what they said.

“Usually there is only one parent present. It should be one of the highlights of their lives to see their son take part in the Ryder Cup match.

Harrington, 50, spoke deliberately about Rory McIlroy's responsibilities
Harrington, 50, spoke deliberately about Rory McIlroy’s responsibilities

“I don’t know how we will deal with this problem.

Padraig Harrington

“I maintained that they put something on the ticket because people will be evicted for bad comportment and they do.

“Overall it’s better than expected, but you can’t change 50,000 fans.

“We will have to change our attitude.”

When asked about Lowry’s wife, Harrington said, “Some things, like Wendy and others, we didn’t hear until later.

“Earlier this week we met with all the people on the ropes and asked them not to put the burden of screaming people on the players.

“I don’t want it to affect them, it’s not a big deal within the team.”

Harrington was disapproved by some members of the golf media and analysts after he changed his game later in the day for a “ball foul”. But he did clarify how the pandemic affected his preparations.

He said: “If I want to walk around with my chips, I have to blame Covid.”

“A year ago we were a different team, and so was she. But they selected the right players for the job, they had statistics and they trained well on what to do.

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