The Scottish fiasco over South Africa at Murrayfield on Saturday is a reality check. This is making the wave of unbridled optimism sparked by the win over Australia in recent weeks frightening most rugby fans in these regions, but assistant Scotland coach AB Zondagh said he was more important. Rugby Fans can buy Rugby World Cup 2023 Tickets from our website.

The next time the two sides meet in the first round of the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France, the team is more confident than ever to topple the Springboks.

Scotland coach AB Zondagh eyes vengeance over Springboks
Scotland coach AB Zondagh eyes vengeance over Springboks

Not only that, but he also backed them to defeat the mighty All Blacks conqueror Ireland in another big billiards match on Saturday.

“I believe we can beat either one, in fact, we can beat them both,” said Zondagh.

He was originally from South Africa and joined the Scottish coaching team in late August to assist in the attack. “We still have time. Scotland have learned a lot from the weekend. but we can also gain a lot of confidence in the good things we have done.

“Scottish will continue to learn, improve and develop in every match we play, I don’t think South Africa will change the way they play, but as a team. “This is a da Vinci code that is slowly cracking, the ball is in our court and we have to prepare for these games.

“I think it took how to beat South Africa World Rugby two years to figure out, but the Australians have shown that it is possible to beat them.” (when they win back-back) back to September’s Rugby Championship],” the 35-year-old added.

Scotland coach AB Zondagh

“Because they’re too rigid, they have some weaknesses, but there are also some things that you can’t get rid of. Set pieces and physical fitness are two things that will always be around, and they will always have a huge impact on “Every game they participate in. So this is an area where any team that wants to play has to at least match. This is the challenge that any team that plays against a team as South Africa faces.”

Zondagh added that he believes Scotland will be able to match the physical fitness of South Africa and Ireland, although this is a key difference in previous matches with these teams. Rugby Fans can buy France Rugby World Cup Tickets from our website.

“I think we have a great forward package,” he insisted. “South Africa’s Scrum is one of the strongest in the world. Of course, we can work in many ways, I don’t think we are being bullied off the ball. But I believe that if we participate in these competitions again, I believe we’ll do a good job. We will be able to kick our Scrum Ball which might not be the best shot that day.

Zondagh believes Scotland will be able to match the physical fitness of South Africa and Ireland
Zondagh believes Scotland will be able to match the physical fitness of South Africa and Ireland

“We have a plan and it worked and the guys came forward, they will talk about it. I think if a team thinks they can have an advantage in set kicks, they will be prepared for it. Of course, but it’s up to us to cancel it,” he continued.

“As I said, it’s 80 minutes and it has to cover all aspects of the game, a good example is a game against South Africa this weekend”.

Rugby World Cup 2019

First, Scotland needs to refocus on closing the fall season with a positive attitude. Performing well on Saturday, and taking the win against Japan. Brave Blossoms was in poor form this autumn. Losing 60-5 to Ireland two weekends ago and beating the Portuguese fishermen 38-25 last Saturday night. But the memory of the 2019 World Cup defeat is still in Scotland’s squad.

“So we should expect surprises for them. Tthey have a very smart coaching team. This weekend it will be a different threat, but it is still a threat,” said Zondagh. We should not underestimate them, because they are a very strong team.”

“It’s going to be a very tough battle, they didn’t go full into the weekend. If we want to win. We have to concentrate for 80 minutes. So I won’t read too much about that game”.

“Scotland can confuse it. If we have to we can box, but if we have to we can throw the ball too. So this weekend we have a new plan. The goal is to win the match while playing for us real football I hope you can see this over the weekend.”

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