The 2021 Rugby European Championship continues this weekend, earning appreciated points on the way to the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Rugby Fans can buy Rugby World Cup 2023 Tickets from our website.

Romania will host the Netherlands in Bucharest on Saturday, which failed to win, in hopes of securing victory and promoting to the top three, while Russia will head to Madrid on Sunday to face Spain.

Romania will host the Netherlands in Bucharest on Saturday
Romania will host the Netherlands in Bucharest on Saturday

Georgia defeated the Netherlands in June to complete the sweep and won the championship for the fourth consecutive year.

However, points accumulated in this year’s Rugby European Championship and the 2022 Championship will count towards eligibility for RWC 2023, meaning there are still many matches to enter.

The top two teams in the combined table for Rugby European Championship 2021 and 2022 will all reserve seats in the four-year tournament in France, and the third-placed team will hopefully see them through the final qualifying round in 2023.

Romania is out to show they are back

After a disappointing 2020, the Oaks have lost three out of four games and Andy Robinson’s Romanian team appeared to have recovered before the Netherlands visited the Stadionul National Arcul de Triumf.

Last weekend’s match against Argentina was encouraging, last weekend they beat Uruguay in good condition 29-14 in Italy.

This means that Romania will go into Saturday’s game with an optimistic mood as they look for additional wins, putting them on an equal footing with second-placed Portugal.

“Uruguay is a team that has qualified for the World Cup because this is a very exciting game. So we are very happy to play against a team there and knowing that we can beat them really gives us more confidence.” Motoc told the World Rugby League.

“Now we are against the Netherlands. So we closed (from the game in Uruguay) very quickly, that’s why I’m happy with these people because we won, we are happy, but now we only focus on the next game. “

Motoc warned his teammates not to be complacent, saying that “the most dangerous thing in this game is we let them relax.”

But the 25-year-old is eager to prove that the Oaks have improved after a few tough years on the pitch, including missing qualifying for RWC 2019 in Japan. Rugby Fans can buy France Rugby World Cup Tickets from our website.

Romania last weekend's match against Argentina was encouraging
Romania last weekend’s match against Argentina was encouraging

“That’s why we are more motivated to return to the World Cup and show the world that our position is still there,” he added.

“We want to show this to others, now that we are back on track.”

Russia faces a tough test in Spain

For the weekend’s match, Russia won two of the two European Rugby Championships in 2021 and lost two, finishing third in terms of points difference.

The most recent was a 35-8 loss over the Orange squad last Saturday in Amsterdam. Lynn Jones’s team has arrived in Spain, hoping to consolidate their position in the top three.

Spain lost each of their three matches in this year’s championship. Before losing to Portugal 43-28, they narrowly defeated Georgia and Romania.

Since the game in March, Los Liones lost to Italy 43-13 in the half match in Madrid last weekend and lead Fiji.

Russia hasn’t beaten Spain since 2015, and they’ve lost their last three games to Madrid, and flanker Vitaly Zhivatov knows that regardless of his recent performances in the continental championships, he can’t take any of the teams lightly.

“Spain is a strong team. Russia has not beaten them in the last five years. It is good to have confidence after beating the Netherlands,” said Zhivatov.

“But we all understand that Spain is a very strong team. Moreover, before our match against Italy A and Fiji, they did two very good tests, which will be a very difficult game for us.”

Zhivatov insisted it is too early to consider qualifiers for the Rugby World Cup, but after experiencing the 2019 RWC, he is eager to return to the Show Championship.

“It’s very remarkable,” he added. “That you are like a person in a fairy tale participating in the Rugby World Cup, I can definitely tell those who have never participated in the game. This is an amazing game, really everyone loves that experience.” is the best website for all sports and Rugby World Cup Tickets. The Rugby fans can buy rwc 2023 tickets from our website at exclusively discountable prices.