Portugal couldn’t have asked for a harder start, which they hope will be a qualifier for the Rugby World Cup 2023, but Jorge Abecasis, who flew into the half, said they will enjoy the challenge ahead. Rugby Fans can buy Rugby World Cup 2023 Tickets from our website.

Portugal can't wait to begin Rugby World Cup 2023 mission
Portugal can’t wait to begin Rugby World Cup 2023 mission

As the third-placed team halfway through qualifying for the Rugby European Championship. Portugal is well-positioned for one of the region’s two automatic qualifying spots.

But with consecutive away games against the top two teams Georgia and Romania in the first two rounds of the 2022 European Rugby Championship, Os Lobos (“Wolves”) will have to lead from the start if they make it to the 2023 Olympics in France. Don’t delay in the competition for Group C Euro 1 or Group B Euro 2.

“We play against some of the toughest teams and it’s good to play first and also play against Spain and it’s going to be a really good game,” said senior medical student Abecasis. Our best even if the away game is Georgia or Romania, we just focus on game by game and organize.

Targeting to do one better

Romania and Georgia are the only teams to beat them at Euro 2021. Abecasis says they have a fresh look at the team coached by former French winger Patrice Lagisquet Confidence. As they hope to play their first game in 16 years.

“Compete with supposedly bigger one’s teams such as Georgia, Romania and Spain compete. We are eager to start and put in some good performances, maybe even better than last year.”

A rugby-crazed youngster back home in Lisbon. Abecasis recalls disbanding the sport when Portugal played its last and only game in 2007.

Portugal hope will be a qualifier for the Rugby World Cup 2023
Portugal hope will be a qualifier for the Rugby World Cup 2023

“Then suddenly 50 to 60 children showed up after the World Cup. We had 20 to 25 children in training at our club.”

A clear path to the top

The U20 track has served the country well in developing players ready for exams, with the recent addition of Rugby’s European Super Cup for an extra layer of experience.

Abecasis is part of a group of talented young players who have graduated from the Portuguese age rating system to the Test squad.

With the participation of players like Abecasis. The Portuguese Lusitanos team completed the group stage of the first Super Cup undefeated.

“Well done developing the U16, U18 and U20,” said Abecasis.

“We have more playing time with the national team players. The Lusitanos team has allowed us to train and play at an upper level and more training with the national team coaches, so it was everything a good experience.”

Jeronimo Portela replaced Abecasis as the U20 half-timer and is now a rival for his Test No. 10. Abecasis made his entrance against Brazil in June 2017, winning 13 games. Portela soon caught up, three years younger but only one game behind.

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