This year will be an eventful one on the way to the Rugby World Cup 2023. As the final rosters for the quadrennial 20 teams have been set. Following the historic RWC 2019 in Japan, next year’s tournament in France will celebrate the 200th anniversary of rugby. Rugby Fans can buy France Rugby World Cup Tickets from our website.

Justifiably, countries around the world are eager to join the party and qualify for RWC 2023 until this point is fiercely contested.

Nations around the world are eager to join the party and qualify for RWC 2023
Nations around the world are eager to join the party and qualify for RWC 2023 

With European qualifying starting again on Saturday. We’ll keep you updated on who received the French invite and who can enter.

Which teams have progressed?

The 12 teams qualified directly for France thanks to their performances at the last Rugby World Cup in Japan three years ago.

The top three teams of the four groups at RWC 2019 have booked tickets to France. These include champions South Africa, runner-up England and the teams they defeated in the semi-finals, Wales and New Zealand.

Defeated quarter-finalists Australia, Ireland, Japan and host country France will also participate in RWC 2023. As well as Scotland, Italy, Argentina and Fiji, who each finished third in their respective pools.

Samoa protected a place in RWC 2023 last July, defeating Tonga by two legs for the Oceania 1 qualifier. Three months advanced, Uruguay defeated the United States in the home and away playoffs. Becoming the 14th team to enter France as the No. 1 team in America.

How are the other qualifications determined?

Qualifications will continue through 2022 to determine the status of the remaining six countries that will participate in RWC 2023.

The 2022 European Rugby Championship starts on February 5 and is also the second leg of the RWC 2023 qualifying round for teams from the continent.

The top two teams in the European Rugby Championship standings in 2021 and 2022 will qualify for Euro 1 and Euro 2 places in France.

Tonga has beaten the Cook Islands since the Oceania 1 play-off defeat to Samoa and will face the Asian Rugby Championship winners in two games in July to decide.

The United States, temporarily, will get a second chance at the ninth Rugby World Cup when they face Chile again in a two-game playoff in America in July. Chile thus ends Canada’s record.

It was established this week that the Rugby Africa Cup 2022 will take place in the south of France from July 1-10. Wwith the winner of the eight-team knockout stage qualifying for Africa 1 at RWC 2023.

Samoa protected a place in RWC 2023 last July, defeating Tonga
Samoa protected a place in RWC 2023 last July, defeating Tonga

Are there other routes for RWC 2023?

Yes, a route to France is still open to teams that narrowly missed qualifying for RWC 2023 through a national competition.

The RWC 2023 final qualifier will contain four countries. The third-placed team in the combined 2021 and 2022 European Rugby Championships. As well as the loser of the 2022 African Rugby Cup final. And the team was defeated in the Asia-Pacific region, and 2 play-offs for America.

The competition will be played in a round-robin format. With the best team in the final qualifying standings taking last place at RWC 2023.

When will the final qualifiers be held?

As the name suggests, the Final Qualifier is the final stage of qualifying for RWC 2023.

It is planned to be held in November and the venue will be determined in due course.

When will the RWC 2023 Qualifiers take place?

Qualifiers for RWC 2023 are underway. And the 2022 European Rugby Championship kicks off on Saturday when Romania hosts Russia in Bucharest.

The six participating countries will play against each other over the next six weeks. And combine last year’s results to decide who qualifies for RWC Europe 2023.

In July, the 2022 African Cup of Rugby will take place in Aix-en-Provence and Marseille. With eight teams arriving in hopes of returning to France. The Asia-Pacific and Americas 2 competitions are also planned for July. is the best website for all sports and Rugby World Cup 2023 Tickets. The Rugby fans can buy rwc 2023 tickets from our website at exclusively discountable prices.