After a thrilling win on Saturday, the United States and Canada will both take a narrow lead in the second leg of the France Rugby World Cup qualifiers. Rugby Fans can buy Rugby World Cup 2023 Tickets from our website.

To participate directly in RWC 2023 as Americas 1, the US team played against Uruguay at home in Glendale. This was the first game of the home and away series and topped the list 19-16.

USA and Canada will both take a narrow lead in the second leg of the 2023 Rugby World Cup qualifiers
USA and Canada will both take a narrow lead in the second leg of the Rugby World Cup 2023 qualifiers

But perhaps crucially, Uruguay scored 13 points in the last 20 minutes without a reaction. Giving them hope of getting into the second leg of Estadio Charrúa next Saturday.

Canada lost to the American rugby North America (RAN) 1 playoff last month. At the same time, it hosted Chile at Starlight Stadium and needed a penalty from Rob Povey to take a 22-21 win.

The United States 19-16 Uruguay

The US team lost their first round of the RAN 1 playoff against Canada in September. Trailing an early penalty from Felipe Berchesi at Infinity Park.

However, when Cam Dolan scored on the eighth and Will Magie joined the conversion. The home side united midway through the first half and took the lead for the first time.

That was how the score remained until the end of half-time. Christian Dyer used his strength and speed to beat three Uruguayan defenders and scored in the right corner. Magie added another run to give the home side a 14-3 lead at halftime.

When the Men’s Eagles made their third attempt in more than half an hour of the game, the second half appeared to play out in a similar pattern to the first half.

After a period of American pressure, Dolan and Marcel Brache jointly released Mika Kruse, who finished the game from close range.

However, the subsequent conversion was missed and then Berchesi started to extend the US lead by means of two penalties.

With less than three minutes to go. Uruguay gave itself real hope for the return leg in Montevideo next Saturday when substitute hooker Guillermo Pujadas passed.

Belcesi insisted on substitutions from the outside. Although this was not enough to change the result of the first leg. Before Estadio Charrúa returned to the game, the draw was subtly balanced with a score of 19-16.

“I’m really proud of the hard work we’ve put in today,” said Captain America Bryce Campbell.

Canada 22-21 Chile

Chile led 6-0 at Langford and fullback Santiago Videla scored two penalties.

The hosts used the second row of Corey Thomas’ attempt to fight back, but after the TMO checked the grounding, Peter Nelson missed the conversion, leaving his team still one point behind.

Canada tried their best to bring them back to the previous score
Canada tried their best to bring them back to the previous score

2023 Rugby World Cup qualifiers

Videla reinforced his third penalty at the end of the first half and gave the South American a 9-5 lead at halftime.

The Canadian team had a strong start to the second half and when scrum rest Ross Braude passed the whitewash they took the lead for the first time in the game.

Next, Braude completed a sharp counter-attack from the hosts and grabbed his second try of the evening to help lead his team at 19-9.

Chile counterattacked shortly after Clemente Saavedra was sidelined and re-took the lead after 67 minutes when Videla converted the second row for the second attempt.

Canada tried their best to bring them back to the previous score. But as time went on, they discovered they didn’t have the ball.

Chile did not see the game, however, as the late foul gave the hosts a penalty at the goal post. And Povey, who came on the bench, knocked him down in time.

“We have to go to Chile to win an away game, It’s very easy for us now,” said Canadian coach Kingsley Jones. Thank them, their defense is solid.” is the best website for all sports and Rugby World Cup Tickets. The Rugby fans can buy France Rugby World Cup Tickets from our website at exclusively discountable prices.