Scotland captain Jamie Ritchie is confident of his chances at the upcoming Rugby World Cup after a positive Six Nations result. They beat England, Wales and Italy in a recent tournament. Finishing third behind Ireland and France, the world’s number one and two teams. RWC 2023 fans can buy Scotland Vs Tonga Tickets from our website.

Gregor Townsend’s men have been competitive with teams above them in the table. Which suggests the Scots could be competitive later in the year, but they were handed the group of death. In the pool, which includes Ireland and South Africa, as well as a Tongan team that will be reinforced by several former All Blacks.There will be strong demand to reach the quarter-finals.

Scotland Vs Tonga Tickets | RWC Tickets
Scotland Vs Tonga Tickets | RWC Tickets

Building from the Six Nations

We had a pretty successful Six Nations,” Richie told The Scotsman. Moreover, if you had asked anyone in the group beforehand whether they would have finished third, potentially behind the top two teams in the world, they would probably have said yes.

The game against France hurt the most because maybe we were the best team that day. We just didn’t quite get it at the beginning of the game and at the end. We need to put on a full performance. Full performance. We have shown over the last couple of seasons that these days if we play our best rugby we can beat anyone in the world and be the best team in the world.

“You saw it against France when we were against them for the full 60 minutes of the game. If we can turn this into an 80 minute performance, we’re going to give these teams that are supposedly some of the best in the world a lot of trouble.”

Richie also trusts Townsend and the rest of the coaches to prepare them for the global tournament. According to him, the coaching team around Gregor is probably one of the best in the world. Steve Tandy is probably the best trainer I have ever worked with in terms of his details. The way he shaped our defense was outstanding.

Scotland Vs Tonga Tickets | RWC Tickets
Scotland Vs Tonga Tickets | RWC Tickets

“If you went into our team and asked what our defense is, what her personality is, all people would give very similar answers, and this is a sign that we are on the same wavelength. Steve’s job is to get our defense right and part of our defense is trying to get the ball back so we can attack. The moments he’s had to adapt to is looking for areas where we can put pressure on teams to get the ball back. It’s the one thing he thinks about the most.”

Tough start

Scotland begin their preparation on the pitch with a warm-up against Italy before a double header against hosts France. After these matches, they end up clashing with Georgia, but by this point, all their eyes will eventually be on the first match of the Rugby World Cup.

The Scots won’t be able to dampen the competition as they face Springboks on 10 September in a game that will make a huge difference to whoever advances from Group B. We haven’t started talking about the games yet, but everyone knows the day will come. firstly, this is our goal (the match in South Africa), this is what we are striving for, he added. Rugby World Cup fans can buy Tonga Rugby World Cup Tickets from our website.

Scotland Rugby World Cup Squad Prediction

In this week’s exclusive Patreon podcast, we chat about our Rugby World Cup Predicted Lineups and come up with the final Scottish Rugby Blog Predicted Roster. The final line-up is not who we take, but who we think Gregor Townsend will pick after the RWC warm-ups.

To find out all the reasons for our choices and omissions, you can subscribe to our Patreon podcast. We will be releasing more Patreon-exclusive episodes ahead of the Rugby World Cup warm-up.

Scotland Vs Tonga Tickets | RWC Tickets
Scotland Vs Tonga Tickets | RWC Tickets


Z Fagerson, P Schoeman, WP Nel, R Sutherland, M Walker, Jamie Bhatti.


G Turner, E Ashman, D Cherry.

Second row

R Gray, S Cummings, Grant Gilchrist, C Henderson**

Back row

J Ritchie, H Watson, M Fagerson, J Dempsey, R Darge, A Christie**

Scrum half

A Price, B White, G Horne.

Fly half

F Russell, B Kinghorn, B Healy.


H Jones, S Tuipolotu, C Harris, C Redpath.

Back three

D Graham, D van der Merwe, K Steyn, S Hogg.

Scotland Vs Tonga Tickets | RWC Tickets
Scotland Vs Tonga Tickets | RWC Tickets

Disciplinary Team for Rugby World Cup 2023 Confirmed

World Rugby has announced the formation of a Disciplinary Panel, consisting of Commissioners, Referee Chairs, and Commissioners. This panel will work together to develop a unified team approach to refereeing and discipline at the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France.

Fans are fervently hoping that the judging committees appointed for RWC 2023 won’t have much to deliberate on. However, the increased occurrence of yellow and red cards in international Test Rugby suggests that they are likely to be involved and, by chance, potentially have an impact on the Rugby World Cup.

The governing body says a consistent approach to officiating, quoting and refereeing will be applied during the match in France 2023. This is reinforced by regular joint calibration sessions between the respective teams, often involving coaches and players.

World Rugby chairman, Sir Bill Beaumont, further emphasized, “The disciplinary team was chosen on merit, with clear, consistent, and precise decisions as a key consideration.” Additionally, he highlighted that they are an extremely talented and experienced team, effectively representing the global game. Working closely with match officials and continuing to do so throughout France in 2023 to improve consistency.

The selection of former international players, referees, and coaches for the disciplinary process in international rugby is central to ensuring empathy for rugby affairs. Furthermore, it serves to enhance understanding and insight into the intricacies of the game. Moreover, it is great to have individuals with significant testing experience. Both on the pitch and off, as valued members of our disciplinary team.

Among the elected officials is Shao-Ying Wang (Singapore), who will preside over the court as the Asian representative. However, it is notable that no Asian match officials were selected for RWC 2023.

Scotland Vs Tonga Tickets | RWC Tickets
Scotland Vs Tonga Tickets | RWC Tickets

Disciplinary Team – Rugby World Cup 2023

There are 13 countries represented on the disciplinary panel and World Rugby stated that the choice was made on merit and highlights the paths and processes. But implemented under the leadership of Independent Judicial Chair Christopher Quinlan C.S. and Managing Citation Commissioner Steve Hinds to expand representation and deepen the talent pool.

World Rugby Independent Judicial Panel Chairman, Christopher Quinlan KC, further emphasized. The Independent Judicial Team is made up of dedicated and fantastic people representing the world game. With a wealth of experience in and out of rugby and other relevant backgrounds. Additionally, he expressed gratitude to all team members for their contributions to the disciplinary process and expressed pride in leading them during the Rugby World Cup in France 2023.

  • The RWC 2023 Disciplinary Team is made up of six women, including four referees who will preside over 48 tournament matches.

Citing Commissioners

The group of eight Commissioners has significant international rugby experience. It is a notable fact that five members of the group have previously selected to play in the Rugby World Cup.

Shaun Gallagher (England)*, Deker Govender (South Africa), Adrien Menez (France), Michael O’Leary (New Zealand)*, David Pelton (USA)*, James Sherriff (Australia), Murray Whyte (Ireland)* and Danae Zamboulis (England).

Judicial Chairs

Adam Casselden SC (Australia)*, Jean-Noël Couraud (France)*, Sir James Dingemans (England)*, Jennifer Donovan (Ireland), Roddy Dunlop KC (Scotland), Mike Hamlin (England)*. Brenda Heather-Latu (Samoa), Nigel Hampton KC (New Zealand)*, Shao-Ing Wang (Singapore)*, and Rhian Williams (Wales)

Scotland Vs Tonga Tickets | RWC Tickets
Scotland Vs Tonga Tickets | RWC Tickets

Judicial Panel Members for Rugby World Cup

  • Donal Courtney (Ireland, former international referee)*
  • Jamie Corsi (Wales, former player)
  • Becky Essex (England, played at Rugby World Cup 2010 and 2014)
  • Frank Hadden (Scotland, head coach at Rugby World Cup 2007)*
  • Olly Kohn (former Wales international)*
  • John Langford (former Australia international)*
  • Leon Lloyd (former England international)*
  • Mike Mika (New Zealand, played at Rugby World Cup 1995 and 1999 for Samoa)
  • Juan Pablo Spirandelli (Argentina, former international referee)
  • Stefan Terblanche (South Africa, played at Rugby World Cup 1999 and 2003)*
  • Valeriu Toma (Romania, former international assistant referee)*
  • Aiolupotea Tonu’u Ofisa Junior Tonu’u (New Zealand, former Samoa dual international rugby and cricket and former New Zealand international)

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