Rugby World Cup organizers say they stand by their strategy of selling RWC tickets for 2023. Despite the widespread frustration experienced by many fans eager to buy seats for the tournament in France. The official website crashed twice on the first day of presale, with 300,000 tickets sold within 12 hours on Monday. The Rugby fans can buy Rugby World Cup final tickets from our website at discounted prices.

At one point, 1,000 tickets a minute caught by fans desperately trying to follow their teams or settle in certain cities. Unprecedented demand led to websites crashing twice. But officials argued that the “difficulties” only brief. And that the system of “families” of registered “family members” paying through MasterCard was fairer than public votes.

“We support the choice to use this process,” a tournament spokesman said. We are aware that some of these family members have not able to get tickets and understand that they disappointed. The demand was such that the waiting time was long. And people might not have been able to buy the tickets. They wanted by the time they arrived on the shopping platform.

“We had some problems for seven minutes. They were not servers; it was more the number of people trying to buy the same product at the same time. But this trial was what we considered the fairest. We believe that voting or lotteries are not as fair as rewarding people. Who show motivation to apply in advance.” For Rugby World Cup Final tickets 2023 visit eticketing.

Another opportunity for those who missed it is Thursday. When an additional 300,000 tickets will be available to “family” RWC 2023 members. Another 200,000 tickets will go on sale on Tuesday, April 6.

World Rugby also unveiled an idea to “supercharge up” the women’s game from 2023. Which can include a replacement annual international competition called WXV. And which chairman Bill Beaumont described as a “landmark.” The governing body investing £6.4 million in the tournament. This means that the nations will divide into three tiers. And will be played in September and October in non-World Cup years.

The top competition will feature six teams divided into two groups. With three teams from Australia, Canada, New Zealand. And the United States joining the top three sides in the Six Nations.

Initially, there will be no promotion or relegation to and from the highest level. The new initiative follows the decision to postpone the planned Women’s World Cup. In New Zealand this year until 2022 due to disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. For New Zealand Rugby World cup tickets visit our website. is the best website for Rugby World cup tickets 2023. The Rugby fans can buy World Cup 2023 tickets from our website at massively discounted prices.