The 2023 Rugby World Cup in France could potentially break the tournament visit record if organizers achieve their goal. Most current attendance records tracked by the 2015 Rugby World Cup, including the total number of tickets sold. A total of 2,477,805 tickets collected by enthusiastic punters in this tournament. The World Cup 2023 fans can buy France Rugby World Cup tickets 2023 from our website at exclusively discounted prices.

In theory, France could surpass this amount by more than 130,000. If it meets its target of more than 2.6 million ticket sales. While 100 percent is not impossible, the French should get relatively close.  More than 99 percent of tickets sold at the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan – more than 1,718,000 tickets.

Four years ago, 98 percent of tickets sold in the UK edition. If France sells the same percentage of Rugby World Cup 2023 tickets. It should reach a total of around 2,548,000 tickets, breaking the record.

However, it will not beat the RWC 2023 individual gaming record. This seems to stick to the 2015 iteration of September 27, 2015. The 89,267 fans attended Ireland’s match against Romania at Wembley Stadium. Surpassing the previous record crowd of 89,019 at the Rugby World Cup. Who took part in New Zealand’s match against Argentina the previous weekend of the same tournament.

The biggest stadium in France – the Stade de France – has a capacity of 80,698 people for the rugby union. Tickets for the 2023 Rugby World Cup go on sale from 15 March 2021 at 12:00 CET (12:00 CET). After the France 2023 Organizing Committee announced details of the tournament ticket program.

Tournament organizers say: “A total of two .6 million tickets are going to be available for the 10th edition of the men’s event. Which starts on September 8, 2023. And making France the foremost accessible Rugby World Cup ever, and fans can now start planning their experiences.”

In the first phase of sales from 15 March. Tickets will sell in two formats, per city or per team. The Follow My Team package includes all four pool matches of a qualified team. With the option to add an optional quarter-final if the team is in the knockout phase. Twelve Follow My Team packages are available, one for each qualified country.

The City Pack includes three or all pool matches in each of the nine host cities. In the “three games” format, fans must select two matches in addition to one mandatory one. It is not only an initial match that is available in this format. is the best website for World Cup 2023 tickets. The fans can buy Rugby World Cup tickets 2023 from our website at massively discountable prices.