European qualification for the Rugby World Cup 2023 finally ends this Saturday in Amsterdam. Where the Romania team hopes for a victory. That will enable them to take the next step on their trip to France. The win over the Netherlands secures them third in the combined standings for the 2021 and 2022 European Rugby Championships. Rugby Fans can buy Rugby World Cup 2023 Tickets from our website.

Romania hopes for a victory that will enable them to take the next step
Romania hopes for a victory that will enable them to take the next step

Behind Georgia and Spain, as the Oaks advance to the final qualifying rounds in November. The Africa Cup runner-up, the Asia/Pacific play-off losers. The America 2 (US/Chile) play-off losers will then compete with European. Representatives for the 20th and final ticket to France in 2023.

Romania defeated Russia (34-25) and Portugal (37-27) in the 2022 tournament while losing to Spain (38-21) and Georgia (36-23).

Romania team head coach Andy Robinson said. “We went to Amsterdam and were fully focused on playing well. Against a young Netherlands team that has improved a lot.”

“The Netherlands produced a lot of problems for the defence of the opponent with a smooth attack. But only missed execution in the last third of the field.

“Last weekend against Georgia was our greatest performance of the year. So although the unsatisfactory loss, the team entered the final with sureness.

“Our RWC 2023 qualifying targets remain in place, so there is a lot for the team to aim for.”

Romania World Rugby Men’s Ranking

Romania will retake the United States to 17th place in the Capgemini-backed World Rugby Men’s Ranking, beating the Netherlands.

Robinson made six personnel and two-position changes for the starting lineup en route to Amsterdam.

Vasile Balan turned a loosehead and Costel Burtila was promoted. The bench with a narrow lead. Elsewhere, Captain Mihai Macovei is eighth with Andre Gorin.

At the back, striker Daniel Plai is paired with centre-back Gabriel Rupanu. Vladut Popa and Hinckley Vaovasa to form a new centre-forward duo

With Marius Simionescu injured, Paul Popoaia appeared on the left-wing, joining Ionut Dumitru and Ionel Melinte in the back three. Rugby Fans can buy France Rugby World Cup Tickets from our website.

Robinson made six personnel and two-position changes for the starting lineup
Robinson made six personnel and two-position changes for the lineup

The Netherlands set up a swan song for another Storm Carroll veteran. After the Netherlands recently said goodbye to former national coach Dirk Danen a few weeks ago.

The 37-year-old will earn his 38th and final cap for the Netherlands. If he is called off the bench. He will become the Netherlands’ second-most capped player, behind Hugo Langelaan alone.

Netherlands coach Zane Gardiner

Dutch boss Zane Gardiner has kept just six players from their last starting line-up. Including a back three from Daan van der Avoird, Jordy Hop and Te Campbell.

Props Hugo Langelaan is back on the pitch, with brothers Mark and Andrew Darlington in the front row.

Marijn Huis and Koen Bloemen join Louis Bruinsma. And Niels van der Ven in the second row and join Spike Salman in the back row

David Weersma and Caleb Korteweg start under central defenders Bart Wierenga and Daily Limmen.

Blake Nightingale and Kieran Hogg will both make their debut in the 2022 Championship. With the former last playing for the Netherlands in March 2019.

Romania team has won an average of 37 points in their previous eight encounters with the Netherlands. So anything other than an away win would be a huge shock. However, if the Dutch break their duck and win. They rise to 25th in the ranking, at the expense of Russia.

The Netherlands have lost all eight games after returning to the 2021 Rugby European Championship after a 19-year absence. Only to be placed bottom of the rankings by Russia. is the best website for all sports and Rugby World Cup Tickets. The Rugby fans can buy rwc 2023 tickets from our website at exclusively discountable prices.