When Brazil and Paraguay kick off on Saturday, June 26. The journey to the 2023 Rugby World Cup in America will begin. For South American teams already qualified with Argentina. It is a clear opportunity to have up to three representatives on rugby’s biggest stage. The fans can also buy rwc 2023 tickets from our website.

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Unlike previous qualifying roads, Rugby Americas North representatives – only Canada. And the US entered the 2023 race – will not have a direct place this time; instead, continental teams from both sides of the equator will decide the U.S. 1 and 2 locations.

Brazil’s Tupis and Paraguay’s Yacarés, and a week later Chile. And Colombia will play the host nation for the chance to advance to the triangular tournament in Montevideo, Uruguay. The fans can also buy Rugby World Cup 2023 tickets from our website.

While the Cannucks and Eagles determine their regional rankings. The tournament at Charrúa Stadium will decide the champion to play against the best team in the north.

This series between the top two sides from the north and south. And scheduled for the first two weekends of October, will determine the Americas 1 qualifier. Which will play in Pool A on January 1 with hosts France, New Zealand, Italy, and Africa.

The team that finishes in second place in the tournament will play the loser in the series. Between Canada and the U.S. on a date to determined. The winner of this competition is Americas 2, which joins Pool D in France, with the finalists. And hosts of RWC 2019, England and Japan, as well as Los Pumas and Oceania 1.

For the loser, there is still a chance to qualify in the form of a final tournament. This team plays in Pool C with Wales, Australia, Fiji, and Europe 1. The fans can also buy rwc 2023 tickets from our website.

On this road to the Rugby World Cup the first-time players from South America involved in a regional. And professional competition, having recently completed the second edition of the Superliga Americana de Rugby. The first canceled when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in the region.

The five countries involved in this qualification process for France 2023 entered into franchises in SLAR. And every match heading into RWC 2023 is expected to highly competitive.

RWC 2023 tickets

Os Tupis, the Brazilian national team, will co-opted by former Test full-back Fernando Portugal. And will have 25 players involved in Cobras Brasil XV in SLAR. This experience will help enormously in a game that will really show where Brazilian rugby is currently position. Even more so after a hard tournament.

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