The Romanian rugby team has its sights set on the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France. The World Rugby suspension against Russia could cause Romania to strategy a tour to France. Romania Rugby UpdateCurrent Romanian rugby union coach Andy Robinson talks to Ryan Jordan about Russia’s delay, what he saw in Romania when he took the job and what he is trying to do for the team. Rugby Fans can buy Rugby World Cup 2023 Tickets from our website.

Romania's rugby team has its sights set on the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France
Romania’s rugby team has its sights set on the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France

The Impact of Russia’s Shutdown

When asked what the Russian suspension would mean for Romania’s Rugby World Cup qualification, Robinson replied:

“First of all, we must show solidarity with Ukraine. We will all be in a difficult situation if we play a game with a country that has just invaded a neighbouring country. They should be authorized, and they are sanctioned as for the qualifiers they played in, they need to be cleared to give a clear picture of where the remaining teams are in the tournament.”

That means the likely top three will be left to compete for direct entry into the 2023 Rugby World Cup, or eventual qualification. The champions and runners-up of the European division will qualify directly for the competition. The winner advances to Group B, which includes South Africa, Ireland and Asia-Pacific 1. The runners-up will be placed in Group C along with Wales, Australia and the winner of the final qualifying round.

Option to work for the Romanian rugby team

When asked why he chose to coach Romania in September 2019 after failing to qualify for the Rugby World Cup for the first time in its history, he said:

“I see possible in their squad. They have a strong group of young people and some really good old players to support them. All their squads except the three have established through their own structure.

“The strong Romanian teams of the 80s and 90s were based on strong set-pieces. I saw the potential to upgrade that part of their game. However, the way the game is judged now means the umpires are looking at the speed, safety and quality of the game Space to deal with this, teams must be able to grip the increased strength.

When I appropriated over the team, they averaged about 30 minutes. That has now improved to 37 minutes. Rugby Fans can buy rwc 2023 tickets from our website.

Russian suspension would mean for Romania's Rugby World Cup qualifying
Russian suspension would mean for Romania’s Rugby World Cup qualifying

Robinson continuous: “We have to do very much of work on offence and defence. We also have to work on getting the ball, passing the ball and controlling collisions.”

The benefits of coaching a second-rate national team

Robinson was then asked: ‘You coached internationally and in the Premiership. What have you noticed during the past three years coaching International Level 2?

He replied: “There is also a lot of readiness to learn and produce, the desire for the game is like that in the UK. As a coach, it has also increased me. The instructions have to be very clear because of the language barrier in providing coaching.

“Getting sufficient playing time is a problem, though. Europe has a lot of good players, but they don’t always play good rugby at a consistently good level. Romania’s financial situation means that teams don’t travel as often. The Romanian league season doesn’t start until April, so players who have a weekend during the European Rugby Championship have no playing time. This is made worse by the fact that the Romanian league consists of only six teams. Only four of them are really good.”

Closing words from the Romanian head coach

“Romania scared touring Argentina last year. They were put at 17 at home and lost due to late attempts. With enough consistently good rugby to compete with teams higher than them in the world rugby rankings. By playing against each other, they can be a strong team again. The Rugby World Cup 2023 in France gives them the chance to play against the best rugby teams in the world.” is the best website for all sports and Rugby World Cup Tickets. The Rugby fans can buy France Rugby World Cup Tickets from our website at exclusively discountable prices.