Since Miami 2004, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have met no less than 40 times in the official matches, battling across the world for the most significant tennis titles and producing some of the most impressive encounters our sport has ever seen.

Alongside their regular duties on the Tour, two great rivals had the opportunity to arrange eight unofficial meetings from the first one in Seoul on November 2006, offering a chance for a crowd in Mallorca, Zurich, Madrid, Abu Dhabi, Oregon, and New Delhi to enjoy in their magic in a more relaxed way in comparison to those serious official clashes.

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal intended to play a match in Cape Town, South Africa on 07 February 2020 for a Social cause. Tennis fans can get Federer Vs Nadal Tickets from our trusted and reliable online ticketing market place.

Federer Vs Nadal Tickets
Roger Federer: ‘I can’t wait for Cape Town match against Rafael Nadal’

Nadal VS Federer history

After more than four years, the time has come for another intriguing encounter between the players who possess 39 Major singles titles, with the “Roger Federer – Rafael Nadal Match at Cape Town, Africa” in Cape Town prepared to grumble on February 7, 2020, in front of the gathering of some 50,000!

Before the main event, Federer and Nadal will kick off the court in the doubles clash together with Bill Gates and South African comedian Trevor Noah, in what promises to be one of the sporting events of the year in South Africa.

Federer Vs Nadal Tickets
Roger Federer: ‘I can’t wait for Cape Town match against Rafael Nadal’

Federer about charity

“We needed another player for that charity match and Rafael was the one who came through my mind,” Federer said. “I called him and he was thrilled about it. We needed some time to find the right date, as it is always tricky in situations like this but I think it is going to be very special. It should be crazy, the two of us coming to Cape Town, with all my contacts there and his will to help my foundation and compete in front of the South African fans.”

” I have so many childhood memories from South Africa and it will be great to face one of my fiercest rivals there, it means a lot to me, especially with a good cause and charity. We will be playing outdoors and I hope for good weather; can’t wait for it to start.”

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