Manager Gareth Southgate said it was “very embarrassment” that some England fans will not be attending the 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup. Homosexuality is unlawful in Qatar and there are severe anti-LGBTQ+ laws. FIFA World Cup 2022 Fans can buy FIFA World Cup Tickets from our website.

Some England fans will not be attending the 2022 Qatar World Cup
Some England fans will not be attending the 2022 Qatar World Cup

“A key driver for many of the positions we’ve taken over the years as a team. We stand for inclusiveness,” said Southgate.

“It would be terrible if some of our fans felt like they couldn’t go. Because they felt endangered or feared for their safety.”

“Especially the rights of the LGBTQ+ community when our fans travel. Especially women’s rights there are issues that can hover them,” Southgate said.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think some of these populations will disappear from the deliberations I’ve had, which is a huge shame.”

Campaign group Parity Kick It Out has set up a working group to investigate inclusion in Qatar.

Human rights situation in Qatar is also worrying

According to a Guardian report last year, 6,500 refugee workers had died in Qatar since the 2010 World Cup.

Qatar did not comment on the numbers but said. “We deeply regret all these disasters and explored every incident to ensure lessons are learned.”

In November, Amnesty International unconfined a report reproachful the country of failing to appliance its laws aimed at improving situations for migrant workers. The government of Qatar has said it “discards” Amnesty International’s claims. Norwegian, Netherlands and German players complained of supposed human rights violations in Qatar.

“The construction of the stadium was the first and now we can do nothing more. They have been constructed.

Southgate, who travels to Doha next month for the World Cup draw
Southgate, who travels to Doha next month for the World Cup draw

“There seems to be a general acceptance. It is clear that there are concerns about workers’ rights. Their living situations and these places that it’s better than it was, but not in the way people think. Perhaps the policies that have been put in place don’t always perform as they could.”

Gareth Southgate

Southgate, who travels to Doha next month for the World Cup draw, is predictable to discuss Qatar with his team ahead of friendlies against Switzerland and Ivory Coast at Wembley on March 26 and 29 respectively.

“We’re not saying it’s not that important, it’s not the same as kneeling. How important we think it is, I don’t think we can make a statement that everything is satisfactory,” Southgate said.

“We see the World Cup as a chance to raise awareness about these issues and we have a stage to do that. We also need to do it responsibly.

“I’m not sure if just wearing a T-shirt will make a difference. I’m not certain exactly what we can do in every possible way to make a difference. We have to be truthful about what is possible.”

“I want to confirm the players are secured. I want them to confirm they can use their voices in the right way. But I also don’t want them to be used for the wider agenda, maybe.

“So it gets complex. And I think there will be some blame for whatsoever we do. But we’ll try to be the best we can be.” is the best website for all sports and Football World Cup Tickets. The FIFA World Cup 2022 fans can buy Qatar Football World Cup Tickets from our website at exclusively discountable prices.