PPA Business School is the leading post-bachelor business and management school in France. Partnering with the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France as an official supporter through internships. The school supports France’s 2023 commitment to education. France will be held the 10th men’s Rugby World Cup in history from September 8 to October 28, 2023. Rugby World Cup Fans can buy Rugby World Cup 2023 Tickets from our website.

PPA Business School shared these values and decided to officially support
PPA Business School shared these values and decided to officially support

After a successful 2007, France aims to make a positive impact by 2023 and set new standards in social accountability. Inclusiveness and sustainability around a movement that was born in a school in 1823.

The PPA Business School trains with the same ambition in the field of event management, especially in sports. As such, the school will be an official supporter of the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France. Dedicated to a rugby showcase event.

For PPA Business School, support for France 2023 translates into existing educational programs. Such as the participation as the main training partner for Campus 2023. An internship program designed to train future French experts in sports events. The program includes the training of 90 assistant ground managers. Who will be fully involved in the Rugby World Cup deliveries through nine host cities?

With PPA Business School as its official supporter. Its students will have the exclusive chance to participate in a major international sporting event. Get from an extensive variety of professionals working on the France 2023 project. They will grow new specialized skills, work on the beginning plans and create content.

PPA business school campuses

Nine PPA business school campuses in France – Paris, Lille, Aix-en-Provence, Nantes, Toulouse. Lyon, Reims, Grenoble and Toulon will support and participate in the Rugby World Cup 2023. France is one of the most admired sporting events in the world.

Erwan Poiraud, Dean of the PPA Business School, said: “Rugby is a uniting team sport based on the values of unity, admiration and desire. The Rugby World Cup 2023 in France is the pinnacle of this spirit. PPA Business School shared these values and decided to officially support this global event.”

Claude Atcher, CEO of France 2023, said: “With Rugby World Cup 2023, we want to re-join with the ancestries of the sport and return to where it all started: a school in 1823. After our teamwork on campus with our 2023 program. We are honoured to partner with PPA Business School and its students to put the next group at the heart of the France 2023 program.”

Claude Atcher, CEO of France 2023
Claude Atcher, CEO of France 2023

About France 2023 Rugby World Cup:

The Rugby World Cup 2023 will take place in France from September 8 to October 28. With matches at nine venues in 10 host cities. The event will be the 10th men’s Rugby World Cup. The second was to be hosted by France after a memorable event in 2007. RWC 2023 happen in the year the sport celebrates its 200th anniversary.

RWC 2023 will set new ethics in social accountability, inclusiveness and sustainability for main rugby tournaments. Focusing on four major supports of the game’s legacy. Action for sustainability and around budget, support for education, preparation and employment. Respect for and defend the atmosphere of protection and inclusion by becoming a champion of gender parity.

The 2023 Rugby World Cup Men’s 15-a-side highlights event will feature 20 teams. With 12 teams finishing in the top three for direct qualification at the 2019 Japan Championship. The 8 teams from the global qualifying rounds in 51 days 48 matches played.

About PPA School of Business:

With above 3,200 students, the PPA Business School is the foremost post-baccalaureate business and management school for internships. The school’s teaching method is to train students to the highest level through primary education or internships. Offering free entrance exams and on-demand training from 3,500 partner companies is crucial. For schools to facilitate access to higher education for as many people as possible.

The school offers nine professionally concerned programs. All of which lead to nationally recognized Level 6 (Bachelor’s) or Level 7 (Master’s) qualifications: communication; digital; sporting goods; purchasing: Marketing;  and supply chain; International Business; Business Management and Commercial Engineering; Consulting, Auditing and Management Control; finance; Asset and Real Estate Management; Human Resources. PPA Business School also offers a state-approved advanced degree in marketing and communications. The school is part of the Reseau GES (Grandes Ecoles Spécialisées) network. With new campuses in Lyon, Lille, Reims, Grenoble, Aix-en-Provence. Nantes and Toulouse from 2020, continued deployment in France.

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