Wallabies best Phil Kearns trusts it would be a massive boon for the Australian rugby team if England coach Eddie Jones back home after the Rugby World Cup 2023. Jones took ownership of the Wallabies in 2001 and helped them reach the World Championship finals in 2003, but left in 2005. Rugby World Cup Fans can buy Rugby World Cup 2023 Tickets from our website.

Phil Kearns wants Eddie Jones to be back home ahead of the 2027 Rugby World Cup
Phil Kearns wants Eddie Jones to be back home ahead of the 2027 Rugby World Cup

Kearns trusts the time has whole those wounds and maintains the 62-year-old can help them get back on top of the sport, even if not as their head coach.

A Great Coach

“I think Eddie will be great dealing with our country’s rugby youth. Eddie Jones is a very good person and a great head coach and emerging players,” he told rugby.com.au.

“I think he develops toughness with the players. He’s not easy for them, I hope we all distinguish that. He’s difficult.

“He strains brilliance and that’s only good for the players who experience it. I think it would be fantastic if Eddie played a part in the future of Australian rugby.”

“Clear the way for Eddie to play some role again. I think those wrecked bonds need to be recreated very well.”

Jones will take his England squad to Australia in July for the highly expected series of three tests. Despite calls to fire him, Kearns disagreed after an impressive Six Nations campaign.

“I’m looking forward to what happens between Eddie and wallaby coach Dave Rennie. It’s going to be a fight with the Brits and Eddie will definitely throw the bait out.”

Kearns is currently the men’s 2027 World Cup bid executive director. While Australia has also come up with its own name for the women’s 2029 World Cup.

Jones will take his England squad to Australia in July
Jones will take his England squad to Australia in July

They enjoy having both events at the same time. Kearns identifies the importance of having their home ready for these events.

Phil Kearns

“Our legacy of bidding for the 2027 World Cup does not start in 2027 we are very keen to ensure. We want it to start now, to inspire children and maintain the important impetus around what the bid resources, “he said.

“I don’t see what could go mistaken. We were 20 points ahead with five minutes to go. Now we are 20 opinions ahead with one minute to go. Throw the ball to the loud winger,” Phil Kearns joked.

Before this week, Reds manager Brad Thorn set a new target for himself, advising.

“If the chance comes on the court at the right time, I’d be honoured to coach the Wallabies.”

Dan McKellar has been named as Australia’s next manager. While current head coach Dave Rennie is likely to stay after the next Rugby World Cup.

With the two men and Thorn possibly vying for the role. Kearns sees this as a positive for the Wallabies looking before 2027.

“Dave has done a good work renovation the team and the culture, and he is not ready to give up,” he added.

“I think Dave has rebuilt the culture and the style of play is better than what we’ve played in years.”

“Perhaps it’s a little too early to talk about Thorn. Great, he raised his hand. Brad has done a great job with the Queensland Reds and I like his seriousness.”

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