Paris 2024: The Olympic Athletics-Russia doping punishment has been removed. But athletics are still barred from competing because of the war. World Athletics has agreed to lift its eight-year ban on the Russian Athletics Federation (RusAF). But the country’s and Belarus’s Athletics will continue to be barred from international competition due to WA’s separate prohibition on the invasion of Ukraine. The governing body announced on Thursday.

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“Because to the invasion and ongoing crisis in Ukraine, Council approved the suggestion to exclude Athletics and officials from Russia and Belarus from all our world athletics series events for the foreseeable future,” WA President Sebastian Coe said at a remote news conference.

The International Olympic Committee is looking into ways to allow Athletics from those countries to compete as neutrals at the 2024 Paris Olympics, but Coe has stated that they will remain ineligible in athletics.

The Council also advised Diamond League and other Tour organizers to follow suit and exclude Athletics and officials from both countries.

Paris 2024: Russia responded criticism

Russia responded by criticizing the “politicized limits” as unacceptable, but applauding the actions taken to terminate the doping ban.

Coe earlier stated that Russia must “get out of Ukraine” before any reinstatement can be considered. On Thursday, he stated that a working group would be formed to advise Council on the conditions that must be followed for the prohibition to be lifted.

“The unprecedented sanctions placed by countries and businesses all over the world on Russia and Belarus appear to be the only peaceful method to disrupt and disable Russia’s current ambitions and restore peace,” he said.

“The murder and damage we’ve witnessed in Ukraine over the last year, including the lives of 185 Athletics, has only reinforced my stance on this issue.”

The Russian and Belarussian governments’ actions have already significantly harmed the integrity of our main international events, through the misery caused on Ukrainian Athletics and the disintegration of Ukraine’s sports systems. These efforts should not benefit Russian and Belarussian Athletics, many of whom have military ties.”

According to RIA Novosti, Oleg Matytsin, the Russian minister of sports, said: “We find these politicised limits to be unacceptable, especially in light of (IOC President) Thomas Bach’s recent comments against political meddling in sport. International federations should permit all the top Athletics to compete in each sport, and the Olympic Games should maintain their impartiality.”

Paris 2024: Strongly Reiterated 

The end of the doping suspension, which had been at the top of Coe’s agenda since his first year in office in 2015, looked almost meaningless in light of the war ban’s vehement reiteration.

Once widespread, state-sponsored doping and associated cover-ups were uncovered that year, RusAF was banned, and the suspension was upheld due to a lack of significant resolution.

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The head of WA’s Russia Task Force, Rune Andersen, however, reported in November that he was pleased with the “new culture of good governance and zero tolerance for doping throughout the organization.”

Andersen stated on Thursday that “an independent audit team verifies that RusAF has completed all the specific KPIs and other objectives set out in the reinstatement plan.”

“RusAF has agreed to a comprehensive set of post-reinstatement requirements intended to prevent a reversal of the remarkable advances.”

According to Coe, there are 35 unique conditions that must be followed for the following three years, followed by a review.

Numerous Russian Athletics had recently been permitted to compete as neutrals if they could demonstrate a background free of doping, but they too are no longer able to compete as a result of the decision to maintain the “war ban.” The program for neutral Athletics is now over.

The lifting of the 2015 suspension

The lifting of the 2015 suspension, according to Matytsin, “clearly vindicates the success of the system of combatting doping in sports.

He declared, “Russia has put in place a rigorous anti-doping system at all levels.”We keep encouraging Athletics, coaches, and experts to participate in clean sports. I have no doubt that the decision made by World Athletics will give our efforts to advance sports a new boost.”

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Paris 2024: What is the Russia-Belarus Conundrum like in different sports?

An examination of how many sports, many of which are part of the Olympic family. Are addressing the dilemma of whether or not to forbid Russian and Belarusian participants.

Paris: International sports bodies are taking wildly varying stances on allowing Russian and Belarusian Athletics. And teams to compete while the war in Ukraine continues.

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With the Paris Olympics fewer than 500 days away. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) says it intends to extend its ban “on flag, anthem, colors or any other identifications”. From the two countries but is exploring a method to let their Athletics compete.

That strategy will be discussed again this coming week when the IOC executive board meets. Here, AFP Sport looks at how sports are handling the dilemma.

Paris 2024: Olympic Athletics

Russian Athletics are still prohibited from competing while Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine is still going on. Despite World Athletics on Thursday lifting the ban on the Russian track and field federation for state-sponsored doping. Sebastian Coe, the organization’s president, stated that “the unprecedented sanctions”. That have been imposed by nations all over the world on Russia and Belarus. “Appears to be the only peaceful way to disrupt and disable Russia’s current intentions and restore peace”.

Olympic Tennis

On the main ATP and WTA tours, Russian and Belarusian players are permitted to compete. But not with their national flags or names. They are prohibited from the Davis Cup and BJK Cup events. Last year, Wimbledon likewise prohibited players from Russia and Belarus. Despite the fact that Elena Rybakina, a Moscow native who represented Kazakhstan, won the women’s singles title.

Olympic Football

Russia was pulled out of 2022 World Cup qualification and are barred from Euro 2024 qualifying which begins this week. Iran was the location of Russia’s friendly game.

Because its clubs are still eligible to compete in European competitions. Belarus is not barred from qualifying for the Euros but is required to play home matches at locations that are neutral.

Russian Football Federation president Denis Rogachev stated. That “negotiations are underway” for the team to compete in the Central Asian championship. In June and that “a talk process is underway with UEFA and FIFA on a phased comeback.”

Olympic Gymnastics

No Russians or Belarusians have yet qualified for Paris. Or this year’s World Championships in October since the sport has not yet lifted the ban on them. The European Championships in Turkey in April will be the next chance for teams and individuals to secure a spot for the worlds. Where Olympic spots will be up for grabs. The European draw on Tuesday, the deadline for entry, did not include Russians or Belarusians. Russians may be able to enter the Olympics by moving to Asia.

Olympic Boxing

The recent women’s world boxing championships in India enabled Russian boxers to compete. This sparked a boycott from nations like the United States, Ukraine, Canada, Sweden, and Britain.

Olympic Formula One

In Formula One, drivers from Belarus and Russia might theoretically race as “neutral” drivers. Nevertheless, the Haas team released Nikita Mazepin, the only Russian driver, just before the 2022 season began. Additionally, F1 cancelled plans for annual races to be held in St. Petersburg starting this season. And removed the Sochi Grand Prix from its schedule for 2022.

Olympic Ice Hockey

Seven times, Russia and the Soviet Union had won the annual ice hockey world championship. But on Thursday, the International Ice Hockey Federation announced that it would not be safe to allow the Russian and Belarusian teams back into the competition.

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Olympic Fencing

The International Fencing Federation decided to allow Russia and Belarusian competitors to participate on March 10. As its Olympic qualifying process was about to begin. But it stressed it was up to the IOC whether they could compete in Paris. In response, the fencing organizations in Germany, Finland, and Sweden postponed tournaments they were scheduled to host.

Olympic Paris: Ukraine’s Athletics journey to the Paris 2024 is shadowed by war and rage

Olympic Swimming

Russians and Belarusians were banned from the world championships in Budapest last June and July. For now, aquatic sports are among those playing a waiting game. Governing body FINA told AFP in February: “At this time, there are no further updates regarding the participation of Russian. And Belarusian Athletics in World Aquatics competitions.” That means they are still banned from the world championships in Fukuoka in July. But the sport’s Olympic rules means swimmers have until late next June to match the qualifying times.

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