Hong Kong’s Olympic Fencing are motionless looking for the third man for the men’s foil team. Before the qualification date for the Olympics Paris 2024 gets underway in a month. The squad returns home this week after packaging up a two-month training. And rivalry stretch in Europe with a sixth-place finish in the World Cup event in Cairo on Sunday. Hong Kong was barely beaten 45-41 by Italy the top side in the world. In the quarter-finals before misery another close defeat to the United States 45-42 in the fifth apartment play-off.

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Japan, Hong Kong’s main rivals on their road to Paris 2024 topped the champions after beating Italy 45 43 in the final. Head coach Zhang Kangzhao however was not too disillusioned with the result. But said he would be better off if they could find the final piece to the squad for Olympic Fencing qualification. They have two excellent members in the squad who can take on any top fencer but unfortunately. We always lose opinions in the third one said the coach. We have been trying to fix that unruly but it seems we still need more solid work on that.

With the Olympic Paris 2024 qualification due to twitch in April we hope those who are dashing for that position can put in extra time. And effort and raise their standard as required. In the match against Italy world No 13 Ryan Choi Chun-yin put in a great effort in the opening bout. When he led 5-4 over world No 1 Tommaso Marini and scored another outstanding 13-4 win over Filippo Macchi in the fourth bout.

Kazakh Olympic Fencing wins medal Before Paris 2024

Kazakhstani fencer Ruslan Kurbanov won a figurine medal at the World Cup in fencing. On swords among men El.kz reports with position to the Sports. More than 350 athletes took part in the brawl for leads. Ruslan Kurbanov came to the start already 9th in the world ranking. In the fight for bronze in Heidenheim. He beat the athlete from Korea Taejin Son in 1/64 with a score of 15:8. As a result of an anxious fight he beat the Hungarian world champion David Nagy in 1/32 with a score of 15:12. A difficult fight expected Kurbanov in 1/16 with the Olympic champion Di Veroli Davide.

 Which he accomplished with a score of 15:11. Before the medal there was one fight with multiple world champion Olympic Fencing medalists from Hungary Gergely Siklosi. Kurbanov won with a slash of 15:12. In the semifinals he had a summit with the Olympic champion from Japan Koki Kano. As an outcome of which Kurbanov won a bronze medal and took proper third place. In March, the men’s Olympic Fencing team of Kazakhstan will take portion in two starts. At once the Grand Prix in Budapest and the World Cup in Buenos Aires.

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Olympic Paris Tickets | Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympic 2024 Tickets | France Olympic Tickets| Olympic Fencing Tickets

Japan and Italy Olympic Fencing secure team foil titles at FIE World Cup in Cairo

Japan won the men’s team foil event with Italy securing the women’s team foil gold medal. At the International Fencing Confederation Foil World Cup in Cairo. Japan’s team entailed Kazuki Iimura Kyosuke Matsuyama Takahiro Shikine and Kenta Suzumura who defeated Italy 45-43 in the final. This was Japan’s first-ever gold medal in the men’s team thwart event. Despite being ranked 15th in the men’s team foil world rankings. They came up with the goods in contradiction of an Italian team ranked second behind South Korea. Third-ranked France got the improved fourth-ranked Poland 45-37 to prerogative the bronze medal.

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Among women the Italian team containing Erica Cipressa Martina Favaretto Francesca Palumbo. And Alice Volpo overpowered the United States 45-29 to win another title believably. Italy had a run of dominance in the past. As they won the women’s team foil World Cup six uninterrupted times from 2009 to 2014. Japan was able to protect another medal as the women’s team was able to overthrow the French women’s side 31-30 for the bronze medal.

Fencing Teams Conclude Strong Day at Temple Invitational

The Penn State men’s and women’s Olympic Fencing teams contended at the Temple Invitational with the men finishing 5-1 and the women finishing 4-2. Senior skipper Ryan Griffiths named Penn State Student Athlete of the Week on Feb. 16 was reigning on the day and ended 14-0. The men’s team commenced the morning with a dominant 25-2 win over Stevens Tech. While the women were scarcely defeated by Temple, 15-12. Both teams fell to No. 2 Princeton in the second round of deed 15-12 for the men and 14-13 for the women. For two bounce-back wins the men’s team beat Penn 20-7 with the women topping them 14-13.

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Olympic Paris Tickets | Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympic 2024 Tickets | France Olympic Tickets| Olympic Fencing Tickets

They kept the impetus going against Saint Joseph’s University as the men won 15-12 and the women won 20-7. Both teams draped up the day with a pair of wins counter to Johns Hopkins 18-9 for the men and 16-11 for the women. Many team associates had standout presentations as we near the end of the regular period. In foil Samantha Catantan went 10-1 on the day with Aidan Johnson nearby behind at 9-2. Kateryna Chorniy led in epee as she went 10-4. And Ola Strzalkowski outdid the sabre squad finishing 13-2 in Philadelphia.

Belgian Olympic Fencing Stef Van Campenhout reaches final draw of 64 in Cairo

Out of the three Belgian Olympic Fencing opposing in the Foil World Cup, only Stef Van Campenhout was able to make it into the 64-man draw. In the subsequent match-up, he will be duelling against the world’s seventh-ranked American Alexander Massialias on Friday. The 24-year-old is presently ranked 53rd in the world by the FIE. The International Fencing Federation oversees the sport of fencing worldwide and is recognised by the International Olympic Committee. The Foil World Cup is the yearly international fencing rivalry which this year took place in Cairo United Arab Republic.

Stef De Greef ranked 137th fast of 21-year-old Mathieu Nijs 138th. Who was unable to reach the preliminary draw with four dead and two wins in the passing pool.25-year-old Stef De Greef FIE 91 also made it through the qualifiers in-extremis with two wins to four losses. But was then beaten in the first round of the 128-opening draw by 29-year-old Kristjan Archer FIE 48 of Turkey 15 strokes to eight. Stef Van Campenhout four wins two injured in qualifying beat 23-year-old. Nicolas Marino FIE 84 of Argentina in the first round of the preliminary draw 15 strokes to 6.

Montinola shines after a podium finish in UAAP Fencing Day 2

Fencing Teams end the second day of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines UAAP Fencing Tournament with one medal in the Men’s Discrete Foil event. As of Day, 2 of their Season 85 campaign the Men’s Olympic Fencing Team currently holds two figurine medals and a silver medal. The Women’s Fencing Team has yet to lock in a medal. Matches for both the Men’s and Women’s divisions were held former today at the University of Santo Tomas Quadricentennial Building.

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Olympic Paris Tickets | Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympic 2024 Tickets | France Olympic Tickets| Olympic Fencing Tickets

It was a rocky start for the Women’s Team after arresting out in the Individual Epee event. Blue Eagle fencers Lucia Montinola and Robyn Lim were unsuccessful to qualify for the elimination rounds. With the pair failing to secure a win in the pooling sessions. However, National Team affiliate Kaikaku Dela Serna and fellow Blue Eagle colleague Alyanna Hernandez pierced. Through the pooling meetings of the Individual Sabre event but would finally exit the tournament in the quarterfinals. Hernandez bowed down to SEA Games medalist Monarch Denise Dalmacio of the University of the East 9-16.

While Dela Serna was disastrous to mount a retort against UST’s Kim Shaznee Tuy, 13-15. In the Men’s Distinct Foil event it was Trino Montinola and Seth Curcio who trained the blades for Ateneo. Curcio curved out of the event early after ending the assembling sittings without a win. While Montinola found himself in the semifinal round contrary to UE’s Shawn Felipe. While their bout started with back-and-forth action Montinola would end his journey at the needles of the SEA Games Olympic Fencing medalist Felipe, 9-15.

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