while Trials and tests World hockey ready to turn off water pitches before Olympic Paris and water continue bedfellows on the pitch at the current World Cup in India. One of the most water-strained nations in the world, the FIH did away with watering the turf.  At half-time momentum is meeting off it for major changes in the artificial turf market. We won’t say from 2024 that all elite Olympic Hockey is to occupy yourself on non-watered grass.  Jon Wyatt of the FIH told The Hockey Paper. There will be a period of eight to 10 years where teams are still playing international hockey on wet turf.

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Olympic Paris Tickets | Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympic 2024 Tickets | France Olympic Tickets| Olympic Hockey Tickets

What we do know is that the Paris Olympics will be the last global FIH event played on a watered turf. The FIH’s preceding aim for the 2024 Games to be held without water. After working with grass constructors and testing labs, scuppered by the pandemic and aggressive their aims back by 18 months. Some continental clubs are now getting ahead of the game. Some Olympic Hockey places have already begun to implement alternative methods for preserving the playing surface. Such as using hybrid turf systems that require less water and maintenance or utilizing recycled or precipitation for irrigation.

In addition, there are continuing efforts to develop new technologies. And materials that could further reduce the need for watering and maintenance. Overall, the upcoming watering pitches in hockey will likely depend on a variety of factors. Counting technological advancements environmental concerns and the preferences of players and fans. However, sustainability and upkeep will be important thoughts in any decisions related to field maintenance in hockey and additional sports.

Sunderland boost with the new home for Olympics packages hockey

Olympic Hockey has a new home in Sunderland, with the opening of a new determination-built hockey pitch at Raich Carter Sports Centre. The new pitch inscriptions the return of hockey to the city as the prior site had been out of use for several years. Meaning the Sunderland Broom Hockey Club had to travel to use pitches in South Tyneside. Now Sunderland City Council capital funds of £215k have allowable for a brand-new pitch in Hendon. As well as better-quality facilities including six new goals and new floodlights.

Matthew Dench, Club Typist for Sunderland Broom Hockey Club said. We’re absolutely happy to have these new pitches and to be talented to play hockey in Sunderland once again. I hope that these fantastic new facilities will hearten more people in the city to come along. And try hockey and allow us to continue the growth we have seen within all pieces of the club over the last few years. Councilor Linda Williams Sunderland City Council’s Cabinet Member for Vibrant City. Said we are delighted to be able to support bringing the Olympic Hockey pitch and amenities.

Olympic Paris Tickets | Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympic 2024 Tickets | France Olympic Tickets| Olympic Hockey Tickets
Olympic Paris Tickets | Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympic 2024 Tickets | France Olympic Tickets| Olympic Hockey Tickets

In line with our Active Sunderland method we always want to make sure there are opportunities. For people to be as active as they can be and take part in sports. Having suitable conveniences like this ensures there is a greater variety of openings on offer in the city. Rainer Meek General Manager of Raich Carter Sports Centre said. The recent advancement to the pitches will allow more playing opportunities for Sunderland inhabitants and will make hockey more accessible.  We are pleased to welcome Sunderland Brooms to the Centre.

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Aare Renews Partnership as USA Field Olympic Hockey

USA Field Olympic Hockey and AAE Aluminum Athletic Equipment Co. A leading sports equipment producer in the United States will endure working together to grow and support the sport of turf hockey. By supplying programs of all levels with dangerous infrastructure equipment and products. A USA Field Hockey partner since 2021, AAE supplies full-size rivalry goals for both outdoor and indoor. As well as boards and other equipment. AAE continues in the title as the Official Equipment Supplier and backer of USA Field Hockey.

It has been a fruitful and creative partnership said Tom Syron AAE Vice President of Sales. USA Field Olympic Hockey has been an enormous partner and has helped us develop relationships with several college and club programs. We are excited to see Team USA’s national-caliber athletes interact with our equipment just as we are thrilled to serve governments. Like the Philadelphia Eagles Penn Relays and countless schools and universities throughout the country.

Olympic Paris Tickets | Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympic 2024 Tickets | France Olympic Tickets| Olympic Hockey Tickets
Olympic Paris Tickets | Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympic 2024 Tickets | France Olympic Tickets| Olympic Hockey Tickets

AAE also lasts to support USA Field Hockey’s Starter Kit Program by offering reduced prices on equipment. To new regeneration club and school programs and new facilities and is chosen as a USA Field Hockey giving sponsor. Most recently AAE has been working on an example for a unique board system for Hockey5s with input and sustenance from USA Field Hockey’s staff. And athletes to determine the best ricochet and functionality. As that style of the game promises to become more general in the United States.

AAE proposes premium high school college and international field hockey goals. Its materials are heavy-duty nets, goal wheels removable bottom board cushioning systems indoor goals. And aluminum sideboards with a unique original angle that keeps the ball in play more than outdated wooden boards. Additionally, AAE sells movable scoring tables team benches and a Ball Stopper safety net for field hockey fields.

Indian Olympics hockey Player who overcame society’s taunts to script history at the Olympics

Like most of the girls who want to make a vocation in sports and come from rural areas. Vandana Katariya too had to face many hecklings from the villagers who told her father ladki hai khilao Nahi. Aage toh roti he banani hai she is girl don’t let her hunt sports. In the future she has to cook. But while the entire village was in contradiction of Vandana playing Olympic Hockey. Her father stood by her and did whatsoever it took to help his daughter’s ‘Dare to Dream’ brashness.

In an exclusive communication with timesnownews.com as a part of a Times Now initiative. Indian Superwomen the Path to Glory’ reinforced by Morpheus Dare to Dream Music Cards. Vandana spoke about how she altered the mindset of the people who once teased her family. About her father’s support in her journey, and more. Vandana, when an athlete does glow the whole country gets to know about them.

Hamburg is the Olympics hockey capital but who cares

Today is Equal Pay Day. The day to honor the wage gap between women and men. Let’s take a look at Hamburg women earn an average of 22.19 euros per hour here, while men earning 27.15 euros. It Alters 18 percent. Converting this value into days. The women in Hamburg have functioned 66 days without a salary since January 1st. So, if you’re a woman, pop your bubbly corks from now on you’ll get paid for your work! Excellent. But if we come here with figures then please differentiate.

Olympic Paris Tickets | Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympic 2024 Tickets | France Olympic Tickets| Olympic Hockey Tickets
Olympic Paris Tickets | Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympic 2024 Tickets | France Olympic Tickets| Olympic Hockey Tickets

Women work more frequently in lower-paid jobs such as in care. They are rarely in managerial locations and often work part-time. All of this is precise all of these reasons for the wage difference are also cited by the Statistics Office North. Which available the figures yesterday. It just sounds like women always have a choice. This imprint would be quite strange: women choose social occupations more often. But they don’t choose bad pay, they get it. Not everyone goes part-time willingly. Many have no other choice because care is still seen as a woman’s job.

The husband earns more nevertheless and our tax system rewards this gap. Stuck constructions in people’s heads are also a problem. The only man in my circle of friends who has been on parental leave for more than a year receives either biased looks or exuberant praise for it. The employer, a Hamburg advertising activity. Threatened another friend who wanted to take parental leave for more than a year with discharge. 

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