Olympic Paris: Fencer Maxine Esteban is in a festive mood. The 21-year-old Esteban recently progressed summa cum laude. After finishing her Bachelor of Functional Arts and Sciences. With a Major in Leadership and Communications graduation from the University of Pennsylvania. Soon, Esteban is probable to take care of business and get happy in her new environment. After recently switching Olympic Paris adherence from the Philippines to the West African kingdom of Côte d’Ivoire or Ivory Coast.

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Esteban is undecided about the decision of the world fencing body FIE to surrender her three-year placement period. As an accepted athlete she can already represent the West African country in her proposal. To make it to the Olympic Paris 2024 Games. She wrote the Philippine Fencing Association and asked for her to be unconfined from the list under the FIE. And allowed to be putative by the Ivory Coast Fencing Association some two months ago said. Philippine Federation Association president Richard Gomez in a meeting with the Manila Standard.

Gomez said he has since written to FIE CEO Natalie Rodriguez. And demanded the FIE waive the three-year to-come period. Doing so, according to Gomez, will allow Esteban to endure. Without interruption all training and contribution in all FIE competitions, for her personal development and goal achievement. My instantaneous transfer will allow me to continue with my training and rivalry without interruption.

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Olympic Fencing Points for France Olympic Games qualifications are sought at Kajzerica

The hall at Kajzerica in Zagreb is the multitude of this year’s Croatian Championship in the stop fencing discipline. The rivalry started on Friday and ends today. And the most stimulating fights of the senior category continued as ‘sugar at the end’. The organizers are proud that the number of contestants increases every year. This year we have over 215 presentations, which makes us tremendously happy. Considering that it marks to Olympic Paris the third subsequent year of growth, after the pandemic.

It is imperative to point out that seniors’ performances at this competition will also be scored for the ranking list. And we hopefulness that we will also have representatives. In the training for the Olympic Games in Paris explains the manager of the Championship, Filip Vuković. After celebrating yesterday in groups of juniors and young seniors, Dorja Blažić fortified last year’s national champion title. 

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Paris 2024 Tickets |Olympic Fencing Tickets | Olympic Paris Tickets | Olympic Tickets | France Olympic Tickets|

In the final, she gained 15-8 against Marcela Dajčić, while third place was communal by Tia Sakač and Lorena Požgajčić. The gold in the men’s category went to Petar Fileš, who holds the 40th place in the world ranking. In the final, he was healthier than his club colleague Ivan Komšić with a score of 15-7. Here is what the elder champions told us before the final fights.

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Olympic Fencing Chaos in the fencing world after the EC decides to include Russia in Paris 2024

On Thursday, Swedish Fencing conventional the news that the EC. Which also serves as an Olympic Paris qualifier. But the championship is also transported forward to Paris 2024. Everything is very disordered now. All of a sudden they move the championship forward two weeks. Now we will in its place be in Plovdiv in Bulgaria on the same date. Says national squad captain Maria Elmfeldt Öhrskog.

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Unheard of. It is so foolish of the international federation to do this at such short notice. Elmfeldt Öhrskog continues We are a small association with small resources. We can’t have enough money for this. So the lively have to pay for the trip to Bulgaria themselves. The national team captain further clarifies that at least one active player.

Will miss the EC due to the unexpected logistical change. Another is a question mark. We have a girl who breathes and studies in the USA. It’s going to be insanely expensive. She lands so she can be in the team competition of Olympic Paris.

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