When Falcons Arthur Smith said on Wednesday that he kept telling the team that none of them was a victim. Sometimes there is a comment, a quote that comes to mind. You heard it. You consider it. You return to it. Then you come back to it again and again repeatedly. Fans can buy NFL London Tickets and Falcons vs Jets Tickets from our website.

It lingered in my mind for 24 hours. Even if I leave Flowery Branch on Wednesday and come back Thursday, it lingers.

A comment from Arthur Smith I can't let it go
A comment from Arthur Smith I can’t let it go

I think this is because, throughout the year about the Falcons (and the years before I joined the beat, like an Atlanta native to keep up with the Falcons), I don’t think this is a comment. I really remember listening. That is, until now.

All Smith was quoting was that after the Eagles lost in the first game last Sunday, someone asked if he had spoken to anyone. Smith said, of course, someone spoke to him, yes, someone reached out, but he quickly added an echo to the statement.

This is professional football. I have a job to do. This is the purpose of my signing and the players are the same. This is our opinion: there is no weak soul here.”

Falcons Arthur Smith went on to say that he was troubled by people who held these leadership roles within the organization and “acted like they were some kind of victim.”

“You’re well-compensated,” Smith said. “Players and coaches, we have work to do… this is the challenge. This is what you want. If you don’t think it, your mindset is wrong for me.”

There was a time when the Falcons seemed to be victims of the story, the situation, and the moment. They are old ghosts and victims of old ghosts. A victim. Out of control, how the story penetrates the victim’s identity. Think of the way Smith checks on the victim at the door.

All Smith was quoting was that after the Eagles lost in the first game last Sunday
All Smith was quoting was that after the Eagles lost in the first game last Sunday

Frankly, in 2021, this comment may make little sense. Someone might see it as throwing out the dust of old transcripts. If the team underperforms in the coming weeks or is far from reaching the .500 record at the end of the season, some may say, “Oh, but you just think the Falcons might be different.”

However, I stand by this offer. It may leave me nowhere to go, but I’ll lock it up in the little house in my head. Because one day, if the Falcons actually reverse this, it will be a sign of why I did it.

So maybe it won’t happen this year. Maybe there are too many things to do, too many things to solve. Of course, we have written and noticed that some people believe that the Falcons can now be competitive. But I tend to think that Smith’s comments are more important to the Falcons in 2024 or 2025 than the current lineup for 2021. I won’t use the word “rebuild”, but I would say that what the Falcons are trying to do is a lengthy process.

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