Last week was a good week for the Jaguars and the city of Jacksonville. When the organization unveiled some new development plans for the downtown area. Included in those plans was a football performance facility. Which will play a key role in allowing the Jags to build a new stadium. Or take the most likely approach and crackle TIAA Bank Field. The NFL fans can buy Jaguars vs Dolphins tickets 2021 from our website at exclusively discountable prices.

NFL London 2021: Jags might have Dolphins Blueprint in mind as stadium solution

The reason renovations are the most likely scenario. For the Jags and Jacksonville is simply that building new stadiums becomes costly and often exceeds $1 billion. Fortunately, the structure and bones of the city stadium are in good condition if the new stadium is not in the plans. As Jags chairman Mark Lamping announced in a presentation last week.

“We have the opportunity to renovate the existing stadium,” Lamping said Thursday. “There is nothing fatal about the construction that will delay our renovation, unlike the new building, and that’s great news. For Jacksonville Jaguars vs Miami Dolphins tickets 2021 visit our website.

That’s very good news. And the reason it’s good news is that it means you can probably protect the bottom bowl as part of any renovation. And the estimates that have been provided are likely to save between $500 million and $600 million compared to new construction. Which is significant in terms of what it brings.”

These statements are certainly encouraging for taxpayers who want to save money. That said, it looks like the Jags might have a plan, like the Miami Dolphins, to improve their stadium. Especially looking at the must-have list as a shadow for all the wider seats and esplanades.  The fans can also buy Atlanta Falcons vs New York Jets tickets 2021 from our website.

As many remember, the Dolphins started the renovation in 2015 and completed them in 2017 after three phases. The renovations included new improvements to the hall. And the construction of a distinctive feature of a hard rock stadium – an open-air canopy that protects fans from the sun in Florida. Once the process at the 29-year-old stadium has been completed, the price is around the $400-500 million mark. That’s what the Super Bowl will eventually ask them to do. And it was half the cost of the new stadium.

NFL London 2021: Jags might have Dolphins Blueprint in mind as stadium solution

But before we get to the discussion of what renovations would look like and the financial side of things. It seems that the first thing on the table is the development of the Jacksonville Jags center. And the construction of their training facility. But once that happens, they seem to have a good idea of where they want to go. And their AFC colleagues in South Florida may have already shown them the way. is the best website for all sports and NFL tickets. The NFL fans can buy NFL London tickets 2021 from our website at massively discounted prices.