Tottenham Hotspur stadium missed NFL games last year thanks to an epidemic, but the game will return to north London this autumn. The Atlanta Falcons have confirmed that they will play as a home team at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium during the upcoming NFL International Series season. The NFL fans can buy Atlanta Falcons vs New York Jets tickets from our website at exclusively discounted prices.

NFL London 2021: Atlanta Falcons Confirms Tottenham Hotspur stadium set to host NFL games again in October

The Spurs signed a 10-year contract with the NFL that alleged to start within the 2018-19 season. Just for their new stadium to open the subsequent year. Tottenham’s first two experiences as host of the sport in 2019 proved to great achievements, earning praise from Players, Coaches, fans, and the American media with images of the Tottenham Hotspur stadium lit up around the world. For Atlanta Falcons vs New York Jets tickets visit our website.

Both games brought more than 60,000 spectators. And brought a lot of drama, first with a close game between the Oakland Raiders and Chicago Bears. And then a game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers.

Tottenham Stadium the only NFL stadium built specifically outside the United States. With its retracted lawn “football” pitch revealing the artificial surface beneath it for NFL games. And providing perfect views for the sport. The NFL pays a fixed stadium rental fee for each game. But all net food and drink revenue plus marketing revenue goes to the football club.

Bottoms up Beer, which provides technology that allows every pint of beer to fill from below. And claimed in 2019 that the Spurs had set a new European record for beer sales in the first match. The match between the Raiders and Bears with £1 million taken from those drinks sales.

Last year’s postponement of international matches in London was a major financial blow for Tottenham.

However, the Falcons revealed this week. That they will be coming to north London as a home team in the autumn. “The Atlanta Falcons will function the house team in an October game at London’s Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. As a part of the NFL International Series this season,” they said during a statement. The NFL fans can also buy Jaguars vs Dolphins tickets from our website.

NFL London 2021: Atlanta Falcons Confirms Tottenham Hotspur stadium set to host NFL games again in October

“The exact date of the game, as well as the Falcons’ non-divisional rival, will be announced. When the NFL releases its 2021 schedule in May. The final programming of the game is subject to COVID status, travel restrictions, and game participation contributions.” is the best website for all sports and NFL tickets. The fans can buy NFL London tickets from our website at massively discounted prices.